Масленица Spring walk-holiday pancakes Yekaterinburg

Today Maslenitsa I am with my wife and son I went to the celebration of Shrovetide is on stone tents this is our mountain in the city She looks like pancakes my son and wife go there go to the top Fedor Hi !!! First time on stone tents mom in a backpack carries tea with pancakes and pies she is good These are such mountains they are small we also have big mountains in our area but this is the attraction of our city Shrovetide festivities soon it will be fun, auto show something else, well let’s see Mother! wow here … is my son screaming dad I go my son How did you get here? I! So, and so here then jumped on this stone Many people this is just the beginning Great, I already like it here. well done at the end of the holiday, burn a scarecrow oh bear! are you all ready to start Felt boots throw who are further and bags who is faster, many different games for children there is a danger zone everyone can take a photo In Russian style All wooden drying, bagels, samovar well how How do you like I will go and ask my wife and son to come and take a picture together here they are running, my good ones! here they are! Why did you take so long? Fedya! This place has a lot of interesting Oh! such a shrovetide is small !!! This is my beautiful wife Oh! what is going on here now? Buffoons The buffoons are up to something! coin minting Uncle closed the view! His baby minting coins, various sledgehammer Presenter: We have contests, various games of Shrovetide! Who wants! They offer to make a coin themselves Host: I ask you to go to Shrovetide Leading:
Take part in different games! Come on
bam Mom stood in line to make a coin Now Fedya and I will mint Host: I had a team of animators Where are my buffoons? where are you guys? could not eat much in the morning Alexander Morozov our radio and TV presenter on the radio pilot fm Good guy Children’s entertainment organized by entertainers The guys from the leisure center are doing games there My good advice to everyone, then run with the child later together normal good saturday, heat You are shooting a video? Yes This is for my channel on YouTube! Do you have a channel? This is a cool guy. I and he are old friends I think the word “old” is the main thing here! Cool guy Relaxing with your family here? Yes! Well, let’s have some fun! Wow! Shrovetide is super! the class I talked with Alexander! Here is my beautiful wife this is my child Fedya This is the porridge of our soldier. How is it without her Good Good I really like sdes Sing: a lot of summer, a lot of summer! There is no food crisis in the country to put it mildly And do it carefully Loving each other! to kill Without taking the last pancake out of your mouth we will ! More energy added, my gold They jumped a lot the phone froze a little Now reborn (warmed in the corman) Look how cute! the name of the cafe for small birds is- “fine grain” the grain is laid in a bird feeder Don’t worry, they’ll arrange for you now Three cars today will be a test all are not familiar to me and have not been tried There is a big queue for porridge I will not take risks standing in her It’s a long time, we have to rest With wife and child run Jump and in the near future there will be a test drive of the car I signed up, I have to try While I walked, my son disappeared Ah, there he is! Hid in a hole It happens. children can hide well in different pits My son and I want to ride a Chinese car Attracts attention! It is noteworthy that everything is on electronics. it
new model … well let’s see Do you like the Fedya crossover? Yes! Good then we will buy a taller car in the future Yes? Yes Well, these already change right here Uncle will instruct us and we will ride Guys decent car nice to ride in it The Chinese have learned to do, for a lot of money especially Thanks! Tested such a device Well great ride in a car It’s all! winter leave us! Burnt out Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye Shrovetide! My wife also connected to my blogs! I hope, I hope that the summer will be! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! goodbye! goodbye! Happy holiday This is our Ural Cossacks Brave Cossacks with us! Wow! Happy holiday to all! Sings: that everyone was healthy and rich! Thanks to everyone who watched so we meet spring in Russia And say goodbye to winter!

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