⚽ Newcastle vs Sunderland – St James’ Park & Stadium of Light – Stadium Tour

Newcastle and Sunderland these two
northeastern teams absolutely hate each other and they’ve got some of the most
passionate fans in the country but also some of the most violent trouble between
these two sets of fans is certainly well-documented and almost guaranteed
but which team has the better stadium let’s find out these two teams have been
at each other’s throats for well over a hundred years and their records against
each other are pretty much identical all their stadiums identical as well I
decided to find out I’ve driven 150 miles to my first destination st.
James’s Park home to Newcastle United one of the best supported teams in the
country and their fan base is certainly well famous the Jory’s the Magpies the
Toonami their ground here at st. James’s Park built in 1892 holds just over
52,000 and it’s slap-bang in the middle of the
city center so it’s incredibly easy to find it also has its own metro stop
so getting here is fairly straightforward when you walk around the
ground you’ll notice some cool things like lack of Joe Harvey this row of
listed buildings that’s behind the football stadium and you can also buy
tickets to the next game if you want to but to start the tour you’ll need to go
into the main reception so through the double doors you go and into the lift
where you’ll need to get to level 2 of the building
this stadium towards reception is literally right as you get out to the
lift and this place is pretty sizeable whilst you’re waiting for the tour to
begin check out some of the relics that have got dotted around the walls and
stuff Wow a trophy really the tour actually begins at this spot and it’s at
this point that the tour guide tells us that because there’s a match on tomorrow
that will be doing the tour completely backwards so we actually go to the place
entrance first of all this is where the players enter the stadium it’s actually
a very nicely decorated part of the building business of interesting facts
and relics that you can look at whilst you’re here and the tour guide gives you
a nice educational talk about some of the things that’s hanging around this
particular place entrance you can also have pictures taken with the sponsor
boards if you want to the next port of call is the awaiting dressing room to be
honest actually not bad okay it’s a little small yes there’s a perfectly
good shirt it’s small but it’s nowhere near the worst away team dressing room
that I’ve ever been in every wall this is not bad and you certainly get some
cool talks as to what goes on in here but it’s nothing compared to the home
team’s dressing room which as you can imagine is a damn sight better now
because the plain Crystal Palace tomorrow all of their kits are pretty
much set up ready to go so unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures
actually sat on these seats when there’s actual play or paraphernalia on display
but it’s kind of cool to see what it actually looks like on a typical game
day ordinarily though you do get to sit in
the seats and take pictures of these etc but the inside of the stadium itself is
actually very nicely presented and it’s very well branded pretty much throughout
the entire stadium so the next stop is the play a press conference area this is
where the press conference is happened and you can even climb up onto the stage
and have your picture taken and do a fake press conference if we want to
obviously I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of these nice people so
all I did was clamp on the stage just to film this damn thing but overall this is
a cool photo opportunity especially if you’ve got kids after walking out of the
press conference area you down led towards the place a tunnel and yes you
do a tunnel walk to Newcastle United’s theme tune so that’s nice when you walk out onto
the pitch you can actually tell that this stadium does indeed hold 52,000
people especially from two sides of the stadium it’s fairly imposing there’s
lots of photo opportunities out here especially along the pitch and of the
dugout seats and the entrance of the tunnel so take plenty of pictures whilst
you’re here the tour guide tells you a lot of
interesting information about Newcastle United and the actual pitch itself feel
free to ask questions because obviously this is what these guys are here for
after you’ve done that it’s time to walk back down the place tunnel and into the
lift well we’ll go up several levels above the ground interestingly enough
they actually carve MUFC into the bushes here which you’ll never know unless you
actually see it from up high at this top level you’ll actually get to learn about
the history of Newcastle United Football Club how they were formed believe or not
there were actually two teams that joined together
and originally wore red and white they now wear the black and white because of
Magpies which is denoted in some of their former logos at this point I’d
like to talk about our tour guide Ricky he was an excellent tour guide who was
very educational and has a wicked dry sense of humor so I got shamed for being
a Manchester nettle fan several times and the discrimination doesn’t stop
there so yeah he was a funny guy but Ricky
why didn’t you castle on something and hate each other so much and then there
was the shipbuilding movie of the battleships three for land mappings and
it comes from there that we’re slightly differently they to me eat so they would
see I’m sure I’m saying I can’t believe them would momentum thanks Ricky
that was a very educational I actually didn’t know that but anyway walk through
the double doors and you’ll get towards the Suites such as the Tsubaki Robson
Suites and you’ll learn a little bit more about history of Newcastle United
Football Club now if you’re as they’re setting up for tomorrow’s game so
unfortunately we can go into any of the Suites and as you can tell there’s lots
of people’s for working around here but they do leave this out into the pitch
and into some of the NASA states of the stadium from here once again you’ve got
some excellent sight lines and some good photo opportunities and it’s course kara
from yonder around the nice expensive sees you know stuff that I can’t
possibly afford but anyway take your time and take some pictures from here
because it’s probably the best view of the pitch you’re going to get you’ll
actually go up a level whereby you get to exceed what the view is like from the
cheap seats ie the seats that I usually buy and you can actually see the Newcastle
skyline from the book the stadium not really a bad view to really get the
experience of what the students actually like climb the stairs all the way to the
back where you’ll find this rather interesting sign huh fair enough
so guys I’m right to the back of thinking Spock here after this rather
interesting sign and the view from up here
so it’s time to climb back down the stairs then you get to go into the
executive boxes area this one belongs to a guy called cup C which apparently is
Jonjo Shelvey the player this suite is actually pretty damn swanky it’s one of
the nicer Suites that I’ve been in and it would be a cool place to watch a
football game from if you can afford this sort of thing as you can imagine
these things aren’t cheap but I suppose if you’ve got the money holy crap 35
pounds for a glass of white are you guys serious Jesus man you’re killing it you
get to see what the view is like from these nice executive boxes and you’ve
got some really push seating up here which is kind of nice and the view from
up here is not bad but it’s probably better from slightly lower once you have
a walk around some of the lobby areas it’s pretty much the end of the tour and
if you didn’t want to do a bit of shopping I highly recommend you go into
the official foot store which is located on the side of the stadium and you can
buy lots of interesting stuff while they still sell those Jesus so just on the
tour here at st. James’s Park and honestly pretty damn good the facilities
are soft pretty good presentation pretty good and Ricky fantastic so definitely
if we get Ricky’s part of Utah you’re in for a good time but let’s see what the
other stadiums like so it’s time to step back into the
and drive 30 miles from st. james’s all the way through the other Stadium right
guys I’m no longer in Newcastle and now here in Sunland it’s now time to go into
the light the stadium of whites home to Sunderland AFC the mackins the Black
Cats the roca men their ground here at the stadium of lights
holds exactly 49 thousand fans it’s a relatively modern stadium built in 1997
and when you walk around the ground you’ll notice that this has remnants of
the former coal mine that it’s built on walking around the stadium is actually
kind of interesting once you get bored of us walk towards the saloon case and
you’ll need to go into the main reception because this is where your
tour begins so whilst you’re waiting for the tour to begin have a look at some of
the relics that are displayed on the shelves admittedly not much in the way
of trophies this seems to be the only trophy that they’ve got on display not
entirely sure what that is but once you get checked in by the tour guide it’s
now time to officially stop the tour you go into the inner workings of the
stadium which is completely decked out in red white and gold at this point the
tour guide will give you a little bit of a history lesson as to Sunderland
football club if you don’t know what it is all away around these stairs you’ll
see various historical artifacts that describe the culture and the history of
the club seriously it’s red white and gold literally everywhere there’s lots
of interesting history especially of their former ground local park and the
fact that it’s built on a former coal mine
right over there in the distance is the Montgomery Suites this is one of the
suites that you can hire if you want to or watch a football game from it looks
like a pretty decent place to eat drink etc huh dirty dancing well at least
you’ll be entertained here if the football team doesn’t this is the Magic
Moments bar this is a private bar but also houses the Sunderland all the fame
I’d must admit I didn’t really know who these people were but I certainly
recognized this man this guy’s now Quinn more on him later here is a picture of
arguably the best goal in Sunderland’s history the beach ball cold if you don’t
know what I mean lock it up hahaha anyway walk along the
corridors and you’ll see a whole corridor wide width now Quinn’s playing
shirts that lead to a bar thus named after him and I tell you what this bar
is actually pretty swanky it’s nicer than some of the bars that I hang around
in da turnarounds are some of the relics that they’ve rescued from their old
ground Roka park I reckon this will be a good
place to chill out eat and drink etc before or after game oh wait wait a
minute and I see right someone has its own brand of champagne oh wow anyway you
get to walk up the stairs and into some of the executive boxes now admittedly
the lobby for the executive boxes kind of looks like a little bit of a hotel
but when you actually go into one of them it’s very very swanky this is a
great place to entertain and be entertained or whilst you’re watching a
football game when you walk out into the nice expensive seats you actually get to
see the pitch for the first time this is a very very nice stadium the sight lines
are pretty damn good here as you can imagine it’s not exactly a cheap shinde
to come and watch the game from the executive boxes
well definitely I would do if I have the money
there’s plenty of photo or video opportunities here so I highly recommend
that you take that and this interesting camera here this could keep an eye out
for trouble all the way across the stadium so as a man in that control box
over there and if you’re causing trouble they can
actually see you pick out your seat number and literally send the cops to
come and kick you out of the stadium so they’re pretty security conscious here
at Sunderland but taking the views from here guys because it’s a pretty damn
decent view and BC sir pretty damn comfortable so you briefly get to see
the boardroom but admittedly there’s not that much there from the directors level
you get the nicer seats in the stadium it’s a little bit higher up but the view
is still pretty fantastic and once again take lots of photos and videos here
really really decent place to view at the football game if you want to you can
climb up to the top and see the view from the nosebleeds but I didn’t bother
you then gets a go into the James Herriot suite which is kind of like a
little bit of a boardroom /function room and it even comes with its own garden
patio which is kind of Awesome it’s in the shadow of the stadium but also you
get this lovely view of well okay it’s not exactly a lovely view but the fact
that you actually get your own garden patio it’s pretty damn good
it’s now time to go down several levels and into the players area it’s at this
point that you get to see the area just before the tunnel but before you go down
the tunnel the first stop is the visiting teams dressing room and as you
can imagine it’s wait a minute what’s that kid doing that kid planking no he’s
just getting a massage on one of the massage tables now it’s fair enough but
the way T was dressing group as you can imagine is nothing to shouts home about
and the facilities are fairly basic but at least it was still not the worst a
way to use dressing room you’re then go past the doping control room which you
don’t actually get to go in and you actually go into the referees room
this is actually quite nice it actually has its own toilets and shower
facilities but it’s nothing compared to the whole team’s dressing room you’ll
get to go through the rehab and womp area before going into the actual
dressing room itself as you can imagine it’s a damn sight nicer than the away
teams dressing room there’s plenty of photo and video opportunities here so I
highly recommend you take advantage of that once we’re here I’d like to talk
about our tour guide John he was fantastic he actually takes care of the
mascots and children on match days and you could tell that he’s really good
with the kids I actually learned a lot from John and
if you do get John as your tour guide you’re in for an excellent time he
really was an excellent tour guide and I decided to ask John when did it get so
bad between you guys and Newcastle in the 1950s football was all there was
here thread the team and Department in a jam jar with the pictures and you used
to save their farm score the Sun dunk in one week and the Newcastle game the next
and then in that 60s mid-60s football hooliganism so I’ve got a horde and ever
since then there’s real hostility between the two teams so back to the
dressing room and remember to take lots of photos and videos especially with the
shirts on display you’ll get to see the cryo facilities and the basic shower
facilities but this dressing room also has one cool feature
Loie you’ll even get to go into the manager’s office which I must admit is
actually nicer than my living room seriously this is a cool place to chill
out can I can I live here but anyway once you’re done looking at the managers
grew it’s now time to go down the tunnel before you do take pictures of yourself
in the sponsor walk and yes they also play their theme song when you go down
the tunnel so once again you get some fantastic
views of the pitch from down here at pitch level you’re not allowed to go on
the grass obviously but you can take some excellent pictures from down here
they even uncover the seats so that you can take pictures with some actual
sunderland seating which I totally did what’s overall this is a good place to
ask tour guide questions and take lots of pictures etc you’re led back upstairs
and a nice last view of the pitch before they lead you into the player press
conference area this is what all the press conferences happen and admittedly
I didn’t actually do any press conferences but I decided to sit there
anyway no no the last port of call is the players lounge this is where the
players congregate after a match and once again actually pretty nice this is
the end of the tour and you get given a certificate to show that you’ve actually
done the tour and not died and you also get some free swag before they show you
back to reception and out of the dog go was before you go home check out the SAF
CD store this is where you can buy some land merchandise and there’s quite a lot
of it to buy lots of replica shirts and other little things and souvenirs but
definitely check out the replica shirts because there I don’t know I think
they’re quite nice Sony if I’ve only got time to do one stadium tour do I go to
st. James’s Park or the Stadium of Lights
honestly flip a coin it’s 5050 literally just like their records the stadium
tours were pretty much not identical but kind of both on an even par Newcastle’s
obviously has the more finished product but here at Sunderland you actually get
to see a lot more if you’re in Newcastle I highly recommend that you go and see
st. James’s Park definitely and if you’re here in Sunderland come to the
Stadium of Light but if you’ve only got time to do
one of them Sunderland edges it only just and I think the reason why is
because you got to see a lot more stuff and you get to take a lot more time in
places so that you can take your photos videos etc that’s no slant on Newcastle
of course because you get plenty of photo and video opportunities there but
Sunderland edges it just sewn in whereabouts in the hierarchy of your
stadium tours through these to rank well pretty much there
these team tours are actually pretty good and for the price definitely value
for money okay Nate I’m sold what do I do well you need to either
come to st. James’s Park or here to the Stadium of Light
both stadiums are conveniently located right in the city centre so they are
incredibly easy to find the cost of these tours st. James’s Park was 15
pounds and here at Sunderland it was just a tenner seriously I think this is
actually the cheapest tour I’ve actually done and for what you get for the money
including the free swag of course definitely value for money is there
anything else I need to know yes I highly recommend that you put these
tours in advance and if you are booking the Sunderland stadium tour they might
actually block out the days so you can’t actually booked it but there will always
be spaces available so always ring the box office just in case you can’t
actually get on one of the tours they do allow you to photograph and video
everything so that’s great and there’s no restrictions on either and both of
the tour guides I had Ricky at Newcastle and John here at Sunderland they were
fantastic tour guides as well so I think if you get one of those too you’re in
for a decent time so once again overall guys these two Stadium tours are
literally 50/50 Sunderland edges it only by your nose for me but you might think
differently if you have enjoyed this episode please be sure to like share and
subscribe comments on the comment section below and suggest to make some
more bucket list ideas and if I get enough suggestions I’ll go ahead and do
that so guys thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next
episode just finished another day at work
working in a grid job for a great football club for a great community Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

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