【Holiday Vlog #2】北海道でスキー、スノーボード。新型コロナで緊急事態宣言の前週 | Japow Teine Hokkaido Japan

Well ~ Yes everyone Following on from the last time, videos of ski and snowboard holidays We will deliver. Until before my home During the snowboarding holiday in Hokkaido Located in Annupuri Resort in Niseko Hotels with ski-in and ski-out Was used. This time, change the taste a little Using AirB & B In Sapporo Near Teine Station Book an apartment In addition, I did a rental car. Previously, the Northern Resort (hotel) I used Everything is in the hotel For families with small children I highly recommend it, During peak season, prices are quite high. So we always During the Easter holiday season I was skiing in the spring. Well, this time of February Schools in European countries, including the UK, One week half term This is a so-called middle holiday. So I have a child of school age Everyone with a family I went all the way to European ski resorts that week, That week European ski resorts Not only soaring prices It gets really crowded. We first I’m thinking of skiing in Europe Too expensive My eyes really popped out As a result, I decided to check it out for Japan. Then I was really surprised Than to go to Europe It seemed to be cheap. However, The difficulty of going to Japan is The length of travel time It will be a fight against jet lag after arriving Of course, if it ’s a resort night like Niseko Because it ’s expensive This time in Sapporo city Near the ski area called Teine We looked for accommodation. Anyway, the ski area was empty, Look at the amount of snow every day I can decide which mountain to go to Very flexible I thought it was good. The video you are watching now Although it is a mountain path on the way to Teine ski area This year, the story is that snowfall is very low I’ve been listening all the time Well, I think it was small On the first day Because it was Sunday If you are a family member, Many local people came. Preparing for the first slide ~ Daddy is already slipping in the morning. Masaki went to eat Kenta (KFC) in the meantime. I’m starting around my finger.
(Gloves are too big?) And a selfie. Shooting with DJI OSMO ACTION. Bye-bye Yes, one more time It’s really empty on Sunday! I didn’t have to go to Europe ~ Now Masaki’s first slip Dad is slipping on his proud board. Isn’t it good for the first day? I also shoot while sliding Masaki’s colorful fashion is too great! No matter how far away you can see immediately ((´∀ `)) This group is like during a snowboarding lesson. This belt conveyor is a habit Good or bad? . . Everyone on the snowboard was about to fall ((´∀ `)) I haven’t started yet I have to make a snow ball Snowboarding with snowboard vertical! Hello, everyone I’m going to eat dinner outside tonight I need to chuck the jacket It’s snowing outside and it’s cold I’m in Japan right now. Dig School is closed Look, it’s snowing a lot Hey Daddy Hi Guys Hi Guys Now to Teine. It’s Sapporo’s Teine. Guess What? Yes, have this Masaki I did it ~ It’s snowing ~ ♪ This camera is my eyes You see, the traffic light is red, can you see it? I can see it ~ Uh, how about? That’s Masaki’s favorite? Chizu I love You Yeah, but pretty hot Hot (Hot) Can I use chopsticks? Of course Dangerous! (Let’s beat the drink with your elbow) Oh, you’re good I went by hand great I’m good Now you can do it well. Bye-bye Dad: I thought this was rice Mom: Oh, go solder! Dad: It ’s not just rice

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