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[Music] all women want to have radiant and healthy skin now when summer is coming the desire to have beautiful and moisturized skin is even stronger you know what can happen if you have exposed your skin under the sun for a long time premature aging dryness burns and deep tissue damage that can cause diseases as serious as cancer however there are many ways to have healthy skin even in very sunny seasons with the next five tips you will be able to enjoy a great summer without worrying about the damages that your skin might suffer thanks to widespread education and reports it’s well known that the majority of sunscreens on the market contain questionable chemical ingredients some names you’ll see on bottle labels include oxybenzone avobenzone octa salivate octocrylene homosalate and octinozate zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are also often found in products made with mineral oil these chemicals have been linked to health concerns over the years leading many people to seek other more natural options with skin cancer risks and rates increasing over the years many companies have increased the sun protection factor spf of their products and expanded their lines to offer many different types of sun protection products but with these options come more questions and sometimes more questionable ingredients when browsing selections of sunscreens you might think should i go for the highest spf is a spray lotion or stick better are there better natural alternatives is any sun exposure actually good for me these are just some of the most common questions the nutritionist get from women so we’d like to share nine of our best skin saving summer tips to help you avoid unwanted chemical exposure while staying safe in the sun 1. sleep more if you want to start taking good care of yourself you must start with the basics how much you sleep is of great importance for all human beings since in this way you will avoid signs of tiredness on your face and dryness of your skin in addition to that sleeping enough and during the hours you’re accustomed to helps you avoid the increase in fat because lack of sleep changes your metabolism and your body’s cortisol is increased by the stress of not having slept always remember that before sleeping you must remove all of your makeup in order to avoid premature aging and your face will thus not look stressed and you will be able to sleep like a baby all night two apply facial masks easy and practical natural face masks that can be applied at home save many women by giving them a healthy and smooth skin in a matter of minutes there are masks for those who have oily skin and dry skin and masks that treat either kind of skin like the masks made out of strawberries plus olive oil and sugar which serve to exfoliate and moisturize the skin another very recommended way to take care of your skin is to periodically make moisturizing masks that is also highly recommended if you have oily skin undergo professional exfoliations to remove impurities and show off a clean and smooth skin in the summer 3. undergo deep facial cleansing deep facial cleansing is performed in specialized centers this method as its name suggests is a cleansing that purifies and revitalizes the skin this type of treatment manages to delay the appearance of wrinkles on the face and also lighten tone and smooth your skin eliminate blackheads close your pores revitalize your face decrease the appearance of tiredness of your skin and reduce acne 4. undergo express facial cleansing the difference between this treatment and the previous one is that it is more used to hydrate and give that shine that all healthy skin must have this treatment will help improve the appearance of your facial skin remove dead cells promote the generation of new cells heighten the ph balance of your skin and help you keep it healthy and radiant 5. get a double chin reducer a lot of people try to look sensational during the summer and here is a procedure that should not be ignored if you have an undesirable double chin chin reducer in addition to reducing the localized fat on your neck helps make your skin firm and eliminates toxins through the lymphatic drainage offered by the treatment not only will you relax through the massages but you will also improve your health and your skin remember summer skin care it is that time of the year when piping hot beverages and foods become less favored in chilled ice cream and nimbu pani is available almost everywhere it is summer time with it comes along a lot of skincare issues too oily skin tends to get oilier and dry skin gets patchy and rough you get prone to breakouts and pimples rashes and roughness and acne wouldn’t leave your side however making simple changes in your summer skincare regime can actually help deal with the sweltering summers while one of the ways to get away with a rough and dehydrated skin as to drink a lot of water we suggest more interesting ways to make your skin glow we will suggest some summer skin care tips that will come handy to you according to prominent skin expert shannaz hussein cleansing and refreshing the skin are important during summer to remove sweat and oil deposits in fact this is the time of year when the skin is prone to clogged pores blackheads pimples and acne rose water as one of the best known natural skin toners it is also a natural coolant and ideal during summer keep a small bowl of rose water in the refrigerator this way it is chilled and ready for use wipe the skin several times a day with it using cotton wool your skin is exposed to extreme heat then blasts of cold air conditioning and excessive humidity basically it goes through everything problematic do not fret as we help you with some summer skin care tips that may come handy to you let’s continue six sunscreen you need more than you think look for a sunscreen with an spf 30 to 50 which is the recommendation from the american academy of dermatology if you usually purchase only one to two bottles of sunscreen a summer you’re not applying enough sunscreen bottles are typically three to five ounces couple that with re-application every two to four hours and you should be going through a bottle rather quickly pharmacies don’t just help patients with drugs often we play a vital role in beauty and self-care strategies especially when it comes to seasonal skin concerns with summertime just around the corner skin symptoms are ramping up including sunburns wind burns dryness over production of oil and blemishes luckily we’ve put together a list of seven summer skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer for as much as the sun can heal your skin in small doses it can also cause serious symptoms and damage in excess too moderation is the key to preventing skin cancers and ensuring your skin looks its best but staying out of the sun altogether that’s neither fair nor fun 7. wear sun protective clothing you’ll stay cooler when your skin is covered and be protected against harmful ultraviolet rays plus you won’t have to apply sunscreen to those covered areas look for long pants long sleeve shirts hats with a wide brim or swim shirts which work especially well for kids if you are spending time outside during the day being able to retreat to a shady area is often enough to prevent nasty sunburns if you going to the beach bring an umbrella if you’re sitting beside the pool situate your chair under an awning if you’re just relaxing outside be sure to retreat to the shade at least once or twice an hour to cool down moreover try your best to be aware when you’re overheating if you experience symptoms like redness irritation or blistering it’s a warning sign you’re spending too much time in the sun eight drink plenty of water here’s the most important summer skin care tip you’ll ever get about healthy glowing skin it’s all about hydration hydration influences skin function including how it looks how it feels and how much it glows if you’re dehydrated your skin can’t function correctly it will become dry cracked or even develop blemishes and or a lackluster appearance getting that dewy glow back regardless of your age starts with drinking more water regularly throughout the day there’s no fixed rule for how much water someone should drink throughout the day most experts recommend aiming for around eight eight ounce glasses of water in a 24-hour period you may need to drink more if you’re hard at work or playing outside or less if you’re spending the day inside most patients do best if they watch thirst levels and respond to them as needed 9. soothe your skin if you do have overexposed skin take care to treat the sun damage most sunburns can be treated with vaseline or a gentle moisturizer to ease the sting or burn take care of your body and your skin will reflect it lifestyle choices really do make a difference in the health of your skin not smoking and staying out of the sun those are the most important follow a healthy skin routine your skin care routine depends on your goals if you’re looking for healthy skin use a mild non-drying soap along with a moisturizer and sunscreen cleansers tend to be less harsh than soap if your goal is anti-aging a moisturizer sunscreen and retinoid have the most science behind them don’t forget that natural sunlight is the best source of vitamin d which is essential to a healthy colon a healthy brain a healthy heart and the maintenance of healthy bones so try not to be so concerned with spf factors and skin protectants that you forget mother nature’s natural gift to us through sunlight too much sun can be a harmful thing but a little sun on your skin and face will go a long way towards enhancing your health and keeping you feeling great these nine tips will help make the skin on your face look smoother and more beautiful each treatment will also require proper daily nutrition and hydration as those will help any treatment work much faster feel refreshed and ready for the summer with the best care for your skin say hello to natural beautiful and protected skin this summer it’s easier than you think do you want to know more about health and wellness would you like to know how to live a healthy and natural lifestyle you have reached the right place the natural healthy lifestyle channel we really would love you subscribe and activate the bell it would be very appreciated and remember we love you so we will help you to have a natural and healthy lifestyle take care of your health and enjoy life

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