[018] Galletas de Shin Chan y huevo de Detective Conan. Working Holiday Japón.

I’m gonna show you
the snacks I just bought! Five hundred and eighteen yens. Look, Shin Chan. The cookies that Shin Chan ate. A hundred and ten yen. So cheap. These are delicious. I tried them in Spain. It was a present from my sister. They are incredible. So good.
Perfect for 110 yen. Another one, just in case. Craft Boss Coffee. I wanted some coffee. Sixty yen. It’s actually cheap.
It’s usually 110 on the vending machines. I think it must be past it’s use date. What’s this?! A Case Closed chocolate egg. Two hundred yen. Too much I think. Actually too expensive but let’s try it. Let’s see. Before opening it
I should take a photo for the thumbnail. One moment.
Get ready for the thumbnail. Like this. Thumbnail done. Okey. With that out of the way… …let’s open this. This is the same chocolate I opened… …for Animal Crossing. I think it’s the same company. How can I open this with one hand? Carlos, when are you buying a tripod? I should really buy a tripod. Because… if I don’t… Let’s break this with the wrapping. God, impossible. Too much faith on humanity. Here, here, here, here, here. Shit, I wanted to record a short video. It’s been at least two minutes. C’mon, Carlos, man. Oh for fuck’s sake, Carlos. Freaking… A hole! It’s the same as a Kinder Surprise. Dude, that looks nasty. The table full of chocolate…
And opened! Wait, gotta lick my fingers. Ready. Let’s see what I get.
I don’t know what’s inside. It says there’s eighteen.
Who’s that?! No, don’t message me.
I forgot to mute my phone. Who’s that?
Oh, it’s Conan! It’s Conan dressed as Sherlock Holmes. That’s cool. Can I do it looking through the camera? Get your head in. (inaudible mumble) I can’t see shit. Ok, now the legs, where are the legs? Yeah, I got Conan! So cool! It’s so cool!!
I don’t know if the hat is on. Let’s see which ones there are. I got number two. Look what you can get. Conan, Conan, Shinichi, Ran.
Mouri sleeping… Shit, I don’t remember this one’s name. Nor this one, or this one. That’s great. A secret one. And this one that I don’t know either. So there are these ones. And I got… Conan. This can be a thumbnail too. Conan. It has a base. I didn’t notice before. It’s perfect! I’ll put it next to the other ones. Can you imagine
if Spain had those surprise eggs? Not a chance, right? There’s Conan next to the Animal Crossing one. I just opened the Shin Chan cookies… …and I didn’t notice but there is a sticker… …to teach kids English. See, you have the letters… E… …there is an egg. And I got… Sister, Himawari. Himawari in Japanese… …means sunflower.
That’s why there are some around her. And she is so cute! You know, subscribe, like it.
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