10 Casual Summer Outfit Ideas | 2017 Summer Lookbook

What’s up guys? My name is Brock. You’re watching, The Modest Man and today, I’m going to show you some of my favorite casual outfits for summer time. Before we dive into the outfits, I want you to pay attention to a couple of things. First, these outfits are pretty simple, nothing flashy here. Just classic kind of muted colors that work for pretty much any type of person. Now, these outfits don’t work because
they’re fashion-forward or flashy, they work for two reasons. Because the clothes fit well and because
the colors work well together. Second, everything I’m wearing, the shirts,
pants, shorts, shoes and accessories, it’s all interchangeable and this is because it’s all part of the same basic color palette; olive, navy, light blue, brown, khaki, grey and white. This is great because it makes getting dressed super easy and it means you can change the whole vibe of an outfit,
just by swapping out your shoes and accessories. Speaking of an interchangeable wardrobe,
huge thanks to today’s video sponsor Anson Belt & Buckle. You guys know, I’m a huge fan of Anson belts. I love how you can swap out the straps and buckles in just a few seconds and I personally think that their canvas belts
are perfect for summertime. If you haven’t tried Anson yet, I highly recommend checking out the link down in the description. All right, in no particular order, let’s look at the outfits. Call me basic but I love this getup. Light grey, crew neck t-shirt from Gap, size, extra small. Blue linen shorts from Jimmy Au’s in Los Angeles. Reeboks Classics, all white kicks. A sporty dive watch and my favorite shades from Warby Parker. It’s cool, fitted and fresh and I don’t know why but this outfit always makes me feel fantastic. If you want to set things up in terms of formality, you can swap the t-shirt for a short sleeve button up like this floral print button up from Peter Manning and swap the sneakers out for boat shoes, like these navy Sperry top-siders. Furthermore, you could replace the shorts with the pair of khaki chinos, cuffed acouple of times, of course to show some ankle and assuming, they fit well and have a nice gentle taper, they’re gonna look awesome. This getup kind of has that classy nautical sort of vibe, like, “Hmm… do you think, he owns a boat? I don’t… I don’t own a boat. I Drive a Santro. Anyway, if it gets cool at night, like if you’re at the beach, you can throw on a lightweight jacket. I personally think that this super light nylon windbreaker from J. Crew, checks all the right boxes. Now, one thing I’ve been doing with
my old worn-out button-up shirts, is cutting off the sleeves and a collar to turn
them into short sleeve band collar shirts. It’s a super casual, super cool look and I mean that literally, it’s really cool because it lets your neck breathe and obviously, it lets your arms breathe a little bit and it’s perfect for those hot and humid summer days. Now, if this outfit is a little too,
“My dad owns a dealership” for you, you can change the whole vibe by
switching the belt, watch and shoes. This variation of what’s basically the same outfit,
feels a little more clean and modern. It’s by no means a street style look
but it does have a slightly younger, more urban vibe with the classic Reeboks and retro Casio watch. And of course, you could take this get up
in an even more casual direction by swapping the button-up shirt for a plain old crew neck t-shirt as long as it fits properly. Grey and brown work really well together. In fact, this is one of my favorite color combinations and I think it’s vastly underutilized. You can even play up this combo by swapping the
all-white sneaks for a pair of leather Birkenstocks. Go ahead. Make your jokes. I’ll see you down in the comment section. And I’ve also swapped the black Casio digital watch for a Seiko SNK805, on a camo NATO strap. I actually love this outfit, its fitted and comfortable and it has a very
earthy natural vibe to it. Wanna go on hiking later? Could I start a fire with my bare hands? Who knows? Maybe. Going back to the idea of re-purposing your old clothes that you’re not wearing anymore,
this outfit is full of DIY details. I converted the shirt from long sleeves to short sleeves and the shorts were an old pair of olive chinos
that I hadn’t been wearing. Dark blue and olive is such a great color combination. It works well for casual get-ups, just as well as it works for formal wear. I could have worn boat shoes but these perforated loafers from Jay Butler,
helped to dress this outfit up a bit. They’re also super cool because they have those tiny holes to let a little bit of air get in and out. Now, you can take the same color combo
in a more casual direction by opting for a Polo shirt over the button-up and sneakers over the loafers. This is a slightly more sporty feel but it’s still pretty classic and easy to pull off. Moving on, these linen pants are actually
kind of a new look for me. They’re cut quite a bit fuller than
most of the pants in my closet, which takes a little bit of getting used to. It’s a different Silhouette. And I got to tell you, it’s really, really comfortable between the
extra room through the leg and the lightweight breathable nature of linen, I feel like I could wear these in 100 degree weather without breaking a sweat. These pants were a bit of an experiment for me. So, rather than going high-end, I
got them for like 20 bucks at H&M and if I get a lot of wear out of
them and really enjoy them, I’ll try to replace them with something higher-quality, when they eventually wear out. Now if you’re wondering, whether or not, I wear tank tops, the answer is, yes, but really just around the house, in the backyard or within a reasonable proximity to a body of water, large enough to swim in. I actually only have one tank top
that I wear regularly. I got it at a street market in Laos, after several
beers and some intense negotiations. I love the color palette of this tank top, I love that it’s so worn in and soft. I love how the skinny shoulder straps, make me
look more muscular than I really am but mostly, I love the memories that this shirt holds. Every time I wear it, I feel a tiny urge to crack open an ice-cold Beerlao and eat some sticky rice. All right my friend, I hope this look-book helps you put together some awesome casual outfits this summer. I’d love to hear from you so,
if you had any favorite outfits, let me know which ones they were, down in the comments. If you have any questions, of course, feel free to ask and until next time, stay stylish!

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