2, 4 & 6 people Picnic Baskets available from Holden Vintage & Classic

– Hi it’s Kate from Holdens in Bromyard, today I’m speaking to you
about our picnic baskets which are in stock and available to order over the phone, via our
website, or come in an see us and collect one at the counter
from immediate availability. This particular example
here is for six people but they also come in twos and fours. So with the picnic basket
that can accommodate four people, it would have the same layout but rather than having
three and three it would have two and two. And with the picnic basket
for two people it’s smaller and it would just have
one area for two plates. This particular one is
my favourite of course because it’s actually Morgans on it. But they can be available
and tailored for customers that might be interested in
a picnic basket that features often heelies and jaguars. So as I said this particular example is if you’re going out with
friends, six of you, fine bone china plates and cups here which are fantastic, dishwasher safe. And you know really good durability. You have two Tupperware
boxes which personally I find are not only good
for when you’re packing the lunch to go out, but
actually when you’re finished and you don’t always want
to chuck in the bin there and then maybe there’s not a bin, but you don’t want anything spilling in the basket it’s perfect. Put them in the Tupperware, seal them up, and then you can empty
everything out when you get home. Again their dishwasher
safe and you can use them not just when you’re having a
picnic but for other things. We’ve also got a Thermos
flask and everybody knows that that’s a fantastic brand. Really speaks for itself. In addition to the six
cups, six plates, there are six glasses here which
just add a little bit more elegance than having plastic. But again the little
additions in the basket of the separate wicker
areas to store the glasses are great because they make
a little bit more safer, bit more durable. We’ve got miniature salt
and pepper grinders here which are very, very handy because these are the sorts of things you
don’t think to take with you. And of course in addition to
that we have the normal cutlery there. So everything you need. The only thing that’s missing
is a nice bottle of bubbly, the food, and good company. So as I said come and see us. Over the counter, you can
walk away with one that very day, order online, or over the phone. And we hope you enjoy. Thank you very much for watching, bye.

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