2020 Summer DIY Headpiece/Necklace IDEA. Fantastic 2 in 1 Accessory With Flowers! 💜Jewelry Tutorial

Hello, my dear subscribers and new guests, who came for the first time to the channel Gilda Workshop! Who doesn’t know, my name is Alice and I love to create handmade accessories!:) You can find different tutorials for both beginners and experienced professionals on my channel. Among them are hair accessories earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, rings and other works:) You can buy accessories from my online store as well as order custom jewelry for your special day! The link will be in the description below So, in this video, I’ll show you how to make the 2in1 accessory which you can wear as a necklace and like a hair vine I will appreciate if you will share this video and put your thumbs up! Don’t forget to press the bell below to see the new videos on the Gilda Workshop Channel Well, are you ready to watch? Let’s begin! 🙂 Materials: Bugle beads seed beads crystal beads 6 mm 8 mm 4 mm square crystals 0.4 mm wires any textile flowers Bend the wires in half and twist the loop Twist a 4 mm bead on the right side Twist the wires Do the same on the left side Place the elements on both sides as you like more Gradually increase the length of the branches Feel free to fantasize and your work will be unique! Attach the flowers in the selected order Connect the two parts Twist side branches if it is necessary:) Attach a lobster clasp and a chain Write in the comments about this idea and watch other videos with the cute decoration on our channel! Look forward to see you next time LOVE you!!! Bye!:) Watch other DIY Tutorials on Gilda Workshop!


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