3 HOLIDAY KOMBUCHA RECIPES πŸŽ… How to make Kombucha! (Eating Healthy DiY)

oh yeah that’s magic free like some
holiday kombucha today we don’t love kombucha right Brooklyn yeah we kind of
sit we’re going to make a candy cane kombucha and a pomegranate kombucha so
if you want to learn how to make your own kombucha it’s so simple I have a
whole blog post for you so check out the link below makes the snow come alive
with all kombucha is is fermented credo be this is a snow beef and all you need
is green tea sugar and a stoie sugar feeds the scoby so after its fermented
for a couple weeks there’s hardly any sugar left because it must go because
you beat all the sugar so removes the scoby and you save two cups save just
two cups for your next batch so set this aside so your next batch and find the
instructions on my blog on how to make it it’s super simple I got these cute
bottles from Ikea all you need is funnel and a little strainer making a big mess walk real close hold look at that nice
and carbonated gonna use is the Sevilla root beer and I’m gonna add I’m gonna
add the root beer to fill up the rest of so you don’t need a lot to flavor your
kombucha and I will let sit on my counter for
another two days to continue to ferment it’s gonna taste like a root beer
flavored now all I need is a mine a little one it’s fine
what spice in are you gonna turn this little spice now I’m just gonna break up
the candy cane a little bit no that one’s good put the candy canes in and
close it up and let it dissolve and let it dissolve and ferment again for just
about two or three days pomegranate flavor yeah
sparkling is a sparkling pomegranate yeah you can even just use regular sour
I regret it juice but I wanted to try the easy one what I love so much about
making your own kombucha is it can be so creative and make all kinds of different
flavors it’s the city sing
come on take your Christmas stroll with me that’s the current can make these
lies that’s really delicious you want to taste the kimchi one sour
yeah it’s our that one fermented for a long time oh you like it though you kind
of like it’s our not get out with me get live with me I’m song quiqui like hey
mr. William Jay I’m videoing Sean can you go change your pants they smell like
pee go change your pants okay oh because you’re talking too much in my video you
know every time I talk then you don’t hit me all right
I’m gonna get you your own okay


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