3 LinkedIn Actions to Launch Your Summer Job Search

Hi This is Lisa Rangel with Chameleon Resumes the premier executive resume writing company and I’m coming to you today from Asbury Park it’s my happy place so you know at the beginning of the summer I wanted to talk today about How to Use LinkedIn to Launch Your Summer Job Search and you know there’s a common misconception that the summer can be slow and it’s definitely a different type of job search if you’re going to continue your job search during the summer but I would honestly say that it’s not slow not only at Chameleon Resumes the beginning of the summer the last couple of weeks we’ve had six offers for six-figure job interviews with our clients but even when I was a recruiter I often said that the summer and December were some of my busiest months because what happens when it’s perceived to be slow the amount of candidates that apply for jobs go down and yes while there are fewer jobs to apply to just because recruiters take off companies take off I’m telling you when a job is open during the summer it is bona fide genuinely open they are not shopping for candidates so combined with a genuinely open job and now fewer candidates applying you really have some hiring traction that happens as evidenced by our beginning of the summer with our clients and having six offers just before the Fourth of July holiday so if your job searching I wanted to give you three LinkedIn tactics that you can do to jumpstart your summer job search and the first is reach out to your college connections reach out go do a search look for people that graduated from your college not even just your year but other years and do a search for individuals from your alumni and reach out to them I mean it’s the summer people would be more likely to reach – to go out for a drink go out for coffee go out for a walk you know I know last year actually I had I saw a college perk at college a fellow college alumni from Cornell pop up here
in Asbury Park that she was here and I reached out to her and I said hey we haven’t seen each other in like 27 years but you’re here I’m here if you have time why don’t we reach out for coffee and we actually had coffee and that building right there so you know people are more likely to reach out and that was somebody I reconnected with and haven’t seen in like over 20 years so go do a college alumni search and reach out to people you know reach out to people you don’t know and make that happen next is to reach out to you old former co-workers old employers that used to work at look for people that that you used to work with and reach out to them same reasoning people are more flexible more open to meeting conversing phone calls in-person meetings phone chats skypes zooms there’s so many ways to meet and just make that happen and then the third thing to do is to sync your resume and your profile together make sure that if together I just mean information we make sure the information supports each other you want to make sure that they are supporting each other you don’t want somebody to look at your resume and then go on your profile and see that it’s saying you’re a different kind of person or a different profession you know make sure that you’re the level of what you’re at what you’re doing is all in alignment between your resume and your profile and if you’re unsure how to do that I’m going to be having a training session and you can register right down below underneath this video you’ll be able to see the link to register for the next LinkedIn training session I’m gonna have how to write your LinkedIn profile tool and six-figure job interviews training session and you’ll be able to register for that and this way you can see how to write your profile it will also help you how to write your resume to make sure those both of those documents are in sync so again this is Lisa Rangel Chameleon Resumes is the premier executive resume
writing company so three things I’m going to ask you to do at the end of this video if you’d like register for that LinkedIn training session – Two make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and three is to like and share this video so have a great summer do not give up your job search during the summer if you really want to still continue looking because there’s so much
that can still be happening for you so good luck and have a great summer have a great day! Bye!

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