4 Summer Vacation Hairstyles Hair Tutorial- KayleyMelissa

– [Kayley] Hey everyone, Kayley here. Today I’m gonna show you some hairstyles that you can wear on vacation. I love pulling out braids and maybe taking a little bit more of a chance on these vacation
hairstyles because it’s fun! You get to dress up, you
get to go to a new place. Have some fun with your
hair in the process. These are easy, these are fun, you’re gonna love ’em, let’s get into it. We’re gonna start off
with this bubbly top knot. First you’re gonna separate
a three inch section of hair at the nape of your neck. And then secure the rest of it up on top of your head in a clip. With the hair that we left down, go ahead and secure that
into a clear elastic. And optionally, if you
want, you or a friend can wrap this elastic in
some embroidery thread. This is the kinda stuff you use for like best friend bracelets. It adds a little bit
of color and festivity to the hairstyle if you want to do it. Next we’re gonna let the rest of the hair from the clip down. Separate three inches
of hair from that again, and clip all of the rest up. With that three inches that we left down, bring it all together into a pony tail, including the tail from the
first pony tail that we made, and secure all of that with an elastic. Once you’ve got everything
together into that hair elastic, gently pull apart the hair
between the two elastics that we have in the hair
now to create that bubble. And then if you opted for the thread, go ahead and wrap the thread
around this one as well. And finally we’re gonna
do that one more time. So let the hair from the clip down. Separate three more inches, and then take the hair
from that three inches, your extra pony tail, tie it all together. Pull apart the hair in between
those next two elastics. Wrap it up with thread, and
that is it for the bubbles. We’re gonna go on to making this high bun. So bring all the rest of the hair together into a very high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic, and then make a bun on top of your head. I back comb just a little
bit with my fingers, and then wrap my hair loosely into a bun. Pin it in place, and that
was it for this hairstyle. Honestly, if you love the look
of that like braided top knot but you’ve always
struggled with the braid, this is a great way to kind of get that same interest in the back without having to be
awesome at Dutch braiding. Alright and now on to our pig tails. First you’re just gonna put
your hair into two low pigtails. And then in each pigtail,
you’re gonna make a little, tiny braid that goes
all the way down your hair. Secure each of those with an elastic and then finally, add one
more elastic to each pigtail. And go ahead and pull apart the hair just between the elastics for
a little bit of bubbliness. And once that’s done, you’ve
got these really cute pigtails. Now you can see that I
paired this with a hat, and a crochet shirt, I just
really wanted to bring out like the bohemian like Vanessa
Hudgens-ness of this entire look. Really love these pigtails,
they’re super easy to do. And they can even be done if your hair is like
medium length as well. What would this video be without
a super braided hairstyle? We’re gonna start by
taking two pieces of hair from either side of your face, and bringing them to the back of your head and securing it with an elastic. Then, flip the tail from
that little ponytail up in towards your head
to create a topsy tail. I twisted mine around twice,
and then pull apart the twist to make it a little bit looser. Then you’re gonna repeat that again. Take a section of hair from
either side of your face. Pull them together in the back and flip it to create a twist. Now you’re going to braid
one section of the hair that you have left down. Once you get to the end of that, go ahead and secure it with an elastic and then pull it apart
for some extra texture. Now using that braid as
one of your sections, braid the rest of the hair normally. And once you get to the end, secure it with an elastic
and pull it apart. And that’s it for this super
layered and braided hairstyle. I thought that it was very romantic so I paired it with this peach dress that still was very
bohemian but also romantic and pulled out my Cult Gaia bag as well because I love this bag. And altogether, I think it’s
very feminine but modern and definitely vacation ready. And finally I have one that’s
slightly edgier for you guys. You’re gonna start by making a Dutch braid with a Mohawk section of
hair on top of your head. Once you’ve got that done, go ahead and secure it with an elastic
and pull that braid apart. Then you’re going to
braid a section of hair on either side of your head. Once you’ve done that,
pull together the braids and the ponytail from our first braid and secure those with an elastic, leaving the hair looped on the
last rotation of the elastic. Once that’s done, you can pull apart the hair
between the two elastics, mess around with the
loop as much as you want, but this hairstyle’s done. I paired this one with
a nice bright romper and some statement sunglasses. This hairstyle to me feels very fun, a little bit edgier and
definitely something that you can use to play up your look while you’re on vacation. And that’s it for my vacation hairstyles. I hope that you guys try this out, whether you’re going on vacation or you’re just in a
vacation state of mind. There’s always a good reason
to play with your hair and have fun with it. So I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I will be back next Saturday
with another hair tutorial, so I’ll see you then, mwah, bye! (light music)


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