60L Happy Weekend Sale – Second Life 08/09/19

Hiya girls and guys:D That’s fake, that’s not real Basque. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for joining us today. He is never gonna say it right. What’s wrong? It moves, didn’t you see it? It’s crying, oh now it smiles. It’s not you how make it move, it’s Luka using a hud. So cute. Me, personally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend this outfit for women with large breast. Because Elocuencia doesn’t have a big size right now and I see it strange. I would combine it different, but I mean It’s a good outfit, the textures are well made the denim looks right It’s really reasonable for this price because as we said it before for this price you have many items to combine. So you mean to use the basic outfits on offer to combine it with something else from your inventory. Right? Exactly, you can combine it with something you bought before. Agree. Because if you were this outfit as it is it doesn’t really say much to me. Oh Elo already made some changes, let’s see it. Exactly what I said, some long boots and on top a leather jacket, very basic complement If I’m not wrong it’s from COCCO Yes. This basic item from COCCO is super useful for any outfit. In a blink of an eye, Elocuencia changed the look of this outfit. Of course. This is giving people an example that they have many options You don’t need to wear an outfit exactly as the vendor shows it. All in one, like this is what you have to wear and that’s it. Yes, exactly. Furthermore, I didn’t seen to stylize the whole figure. Well girls, I leave you with Luka and Elocuencia They are good at this and hope we meet again. Kisses to all of you. Well, it was really a pleasure to be here again with all of you it was funny to meet Matthew doing the tour and let me wish you a good weekend or what’s left of it and a great start to the week. Bye.


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