7 SUMMER KITCHEN Hacks You Must Know | Kitchen Tips & Tricks | CookWithNisha

That kitchen problems never ends in a lady’s life even it get increased in summers So today I’ll bring for you amazing Kitchen Hacks which solves a lot of your problems today and if you find these hacks useful then hit LIKE & get this video to 50,000 Likes also Subscribe to my channel “CookWithNisha” this pot couldn’t make the water cool my moneys got wasted now I am just throwing it but tell me first from which clay its made from , either raw or baked clay how should I know about the clay if its from raw clay then its never cools the water listen to this sound this means this pot is made from baked clay even if don’t cool then I’ll tell you a hack I took this sand from your Garden now make a set up like this now fill water in it also wrap it with a wet cloth wow this hack really works Guest arrived am I get ready or should prepare juice for them lets do this for this situation you should prepare sugar syrup just pour water in a pan and add sugar and cook it well turn off the gas flame after cooling store it in a glass bottle you can store it in fridge for about 3 to 5 days and when needed use this sugar syrup I never found that thick curd at your place he want thick curd so thats have to be curdled in a clay pot as this clay pot soaks excess water to curdle milk keep it little lukewarm and add starter that starter should not be too sour now keep it aside for 5 to 6 hours and see how thick curd it this Gas get released on keeping soft drinks in fridge for long time and we feel it turns bad and you often throw it now I’ll tell what an amazing thing you can make from this pour this left over drink in a ice cream mould and keep it in a freezer for 5 to 6 hours likewise you can also make popsicles from any other juice and after keeping them in freezer for 5 to 6 hours we get this yummy popsicle ice cream from that left over cold drink oho this smell… lets check the fridge oho.. this spinach got spoiled veggies often get spoiled in summers especially that green vegetables so what we need to save these take a cotton cloth like this make it little wet keep veggies in it make folds and then keep it in fridge and to keep coriander spread a tissue paper in a small container and then keep coriander over this again spread tissue paper over and then close the lid and keep this in fridge this keep your veggies fresh long time if you love cold coffee and you don’t want to beat it for long so I’ll tell you this quick hack add 2 to 3 tsp of coffee in half cup of water mix well and then we’ll make ice cubes and whenever you want to have coffee add these cubes in milk if you like to make it sweet add that sugar syrup shake well and enjoy this yummy cold coffee if sweet things like juices, honey were left opened ant or flies comes there so what you need to do is place a silver foil over the container like this and secure it with a rubber band remove the foil or use a straw whenever you want to drink it


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