A Christmas Vlog // haircut, festive dinner, and a little rant

good morning everybody today is
Christmas Eve *woohoo* a lot of shit to do, we have some plans, okay I’m gonna go do my hair because it’s dehydrated and it grows out
so fast that it is actually pretty insane like during the summer it was up
to here I guess and I grew this much and like four months
crazy okay let’s go I’m actually living for this outfit so we got sweats
and sneakers and then a bag, a coat and just like a crop top kind of situation *ooh*
holy love it holy f*********s oh my god, this is so short I didn’t go in thinking that I was gonna get a haircut
but I did and I don’t know if you guys remember but it was like up to here in
my hair and now it’s up to my shoulders and I don’t know how to feel about it
but I kind of love it oh I’m excited to not get tangled hair all the time
because literally I would brush my hair and every ten minutes it would just get
tangled and more tangled to the point where I just had to like drench it in
conditioner in order for me to be able to run through my hair. um let’s go get
some coffee oh also by the way my mom didn’t know is
gonna cut him she got like a panic attack in the salon. New Year, new me, big d**k energy you know guys something exciting just happened I literally
cannot even contain myself but let me show you green spirits officially has GIFs oh my gawdddd oof I’m so excited please search for green spirits on the
instagrams GIF tab okay super excited but I gotta
calm down because I actually need to sit down and study before we go to dinner in
a while okay final outfit before we go out um just wearing the same shirt as I was wearing before, my mom’s blazer this Armed Angels, skirt, Swedish stockings tights
and then these long thigh high boots I’m feeling very business casual hi good morning
Merry Christmas I guess merry late Christmas today we’re having family over
and stuff I woke up family drama had already started
unfolding I guess it’s just like another tradition for the holidays um I’m
wearing my traditional Christmas sweater I’ve literally worn this for the past
like five years or something like that it’s just something that I’ve kept and I
love wearing every single year don’t leave I find normal ugly sweaters really
wasteful so before I even got into sustainability and veganism I bought
this and I’ve kept it ever since and I’m not planning on throwing it away anytime
soon so if you do find an ugly sweater that you like just keep it there’s no
need to buy ugly sweater every single year there’s just a little rant because
I watched Emma Dendler’s anti haul video Christmas anti-haul I will link it
down below it’s a really good video and she anti-hauled ugly sweaters and I totally
agree with her rant aside let’s go get some coffee
I haven’t ever gotten hot coffee in Greece so I don’t have a reusable cup
and I was like what like “oh I’ll just get a plastic one it’s a one-time thing it’s
fine” and I told myself no you’re gonna find a solution
zero waste doesn’t have to be perfect or low waste rather so I just brought
a super old reusable cup that I found wild for juicy yeah that was middle school Despina he was so sweet he keeps me company I
loved him so much anyway I actually managed to get some coffee hmm
it’s pretty good okay back home I’m trying to prolong my entrance back I don’t know the holidays always give me anxiety I don’t think a lot of people understand
how mentally challenging it can be to people that don’t have a good
relationship with food like okay nobody has a perfect relationship with food but
I don’t know especially the holidays is a very challenging time for me not in
terms of like the vegan aspect because my family is very mindful and I don’t
know I always get a lot of anxiety eating and even though I have gotten
good in the past years it says something I struggle with so I took off my makeup obviously and
now we are packing for tomorrow Christmas dinner obviously had a lot of
drama and a lot of crying um at least we finished on a good note and we’re
leaving tomorrow for Sofia so I guess I’m gonna end the vlog here and maybe
add some clips of packing or whatever I hope you guys like this video if you did
give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t done so already and I will see
you next time goodbye


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