A Holiday Message from Dean Jack Knott

(holiday music) – To our students, alumni, parents, colleagues, friends
and community partners, we want to wish you a
very happy holiday season. We’d like to thank you
for all of your help and support over the past year. Time and time again you
have answered the call to help advance our mission of improving the quality of life for people and their communities here and abroad. The Price School is focused
on what matters most. Not only the work we do
to achieve our mission, but how we do it. As one of the top ranked
public policy schools in the nation, we recognize
the important role we play in advancing public discourse and putting our values into action. We have the profound privilege of shaping the next generation of leaders who can engage in productive
debate while demonstrating respect, fairness, and inclusion. Through our transformative
research and curriculum, the Price School is
working to solve issues related to governance, urban development, and social and healthcare policies. With your help, we are making an impact on today’s most pressing challenges and shaping our world for the better. This year, we brought
together global experts for conversations regarding global safety, energy, and environmental
policy, education and healthcare reform. Our research has connected data analytics with communities through the Neighborhood Data for Social Change program, a free online platform that provides citizens, community leaders,
and government officials with neighborhood data
needed to advocate for a better quality of life
within their communities. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of our master and real estate development program and the 20th anniversary
of the international public policy and management program. Two hallmark programs with the legacy of producing leaders in public service and private enterprise around the world. And lastly, we have celebrated the success of our redesigned
undergraduate curriculum, which has resulted in the largest student enrollment in our school’s history. There is so much to be thankful for. We hope you enjoy this
time with your loved ones and on behalf of all of
us at the Price School, we thank you and look
forward to seeing you again in the new year. Happy holidays. (soft music)

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