A Normal Sled Weekend For Us

Yeah, but it it was fine then… Yeah right.. it it was fine… This is supposed to be straight This is how the rear suspension sounds like Is that the rear suspension The rear suspension was not even attached to the sled But, yeah Nothing wrong with that There’s nothing happening here… Special The clutch is gone I have some tube pressure The wheel bearing Should last you one more year What have you done here? Painted? I used a marker to get rid of the red You think it’s possible to bend this? Holy shit Forgot the protection pouch This is not going to end well… What are you doing on the trail? We need to jump over this They have placed the trail so weird Spray in your mouth Are you going to take off from there? You are not going all the way up? What have you written? John It’s the letter ”J” No ”J” When people are going to jump They are gonna look down and get confused I’m going to start with freestyle Guess who’s got a new brake reservoir IDK Me Now this guy is coming back Do you know that guy? Is there anyone knowing that guy? James Water Did you have breaking fluied with you?

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