a weekend of someone with no social life

Hello everyone today is a Friday. I thought I would film a weekend in my life I haven’t done one of these in quite a long time the lighting in this bathroom was weird like you see those lines Anyway Is that better yeah, I don’t want to cut my bangs again I’m planning on growing them out I Also need to get a haircut, I’ve been cutting my own hair as you guys probably know and I Mean it it looks bad. It’s Super uneven towards the back so I’m gonna have to get my hair trimmed Professionally so that it looks even from the back. It doesn’t look that bad. Does it a Warning never crew your hair when your hair is still wet. My bangs are dry so I can tell my bangs But if you curl your hair when it’s wet It’s gonna burn Oh And yeah the Duster true you got that one together I’m planning on volunteering on a hospital and I went to the orientation yesterday. Apparently, it’s like a whole process and learn to volunteer I need to fill out these Forms and then make an appointment get a background check go to Training That’s right now I’m just gonna go ahead and fill in all these forms Hi, I am applying to be a new volunteer and wanted to make an appointment. Okay. Thank you Okay, Monday Monday to Hey guys, I’m just gonna do a short drugstore makeup haul first I bought some Twix I also got this protein shake drink Chai vanilla protein I bought this lipstick from NYX It’s just like a pretty brick red color Honestly, I haven’t washed it so it could be a completely different color Already have something on my lips. So I’m just gonna swatch it. Look at me in a beauty groove Oh, that’s darker than I thought that’s the color it’s a little bit darker than What’s in the package? I’d say it’s more I Also bought this from NYX, this is dark circle concealer I Have pretty bad under-eye circles, it’s kind of hard to conceal it with only Foundation and regular concealers so I bought this oh My gosh, it’s so tiny. It’s cute. Look at this I got this Rimmel. Stay matte powder You guys know that this is my favorite power I’ve got they’re like two or three of these already then I got this Maybelline fit me foundation This is one of my favorite foundations from the drugstore. This is in the shade 130 buff beige this is a little bit darker than my skin tone as you can see But I have a foundation that’s lighter than my skin tone. So I’m probably a mix these two. I think I planning on getting A spray tan like a fake tan during the summer. So this will be good for when I do get a tan And then last but not least. I got the fit me concealer And this one is in number 10 fair. That was my drugstore makeup haul I Spent a total of thirty thirty-six dollars Well, my dad bought a new I’ve had so he gave me his older one, this is an iPad air I believe So he just gave it to me so that I could take notes on it I’ve been wanting to switch to electronic notes for a long time. I downloaded this app called good notes to take notes on and There’s definitely a learning curve for taking notes electronically because it’s not as simple as just pen and paper But let me show you How do I do this I still don’t know how to Okay, hold up I’m Jimmy It took me so long to take these notes The thing I like about electronic notes is that you can just put images in and like oh my god No, the Apple pan is insanely expensive. So I just got this dupe I don’t know if it works as well, but it works you just charge it through Here and stop if you think your handwriting on paper is bad. Try taking notes electronically. It’s going to change your mind Pedometers is equal to didn’t grant seeking to see the freedom in there Was it all yeah It said I mean when we are of course in there it’s a third of us here I’m gonna make myself some instant ramen This is on the song Tong, yan spicy miso flavor And then I got two eggs Thanks for watching until the end of this video The Sun is coming up again Looking like it’s gonna be a problem cuz I’d be lying to you if I said This ain’t a thing and I’ve been looking for a noon. I’ll keep on waiting for the way a cat Gonna hit you up. They tell you that I won’t sure cuz I just wanna feel like this again


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