Adobe Connect Meeting – a Guided Tour

Adobe Connect Meeting is web conferencing and it’s a great option for online classes. Your class can be live where you, your instructor, and fellow students are interacting in the same session and at the same time or, your instructor can pre-record a class for you to review. The Adobe Connect Meeting room looks like this, consisting of a tool bar along the top and an area underneath for display panels, called “pods”. Your instructor will use various types of pods to share content and provide ways for you and others to communicate within the session. Participants and Hosts present in a live session are listed in the Attendees pod. This is one of the ways we see each other. There are five different ways that we can communicate in a session: using the microphone, indicating our status with emoticons, sending Chat messages, broadcasting webcam video, and using the draw tools directly on the whiteboard or other content. You’ll have full tools and options when you attend by desktop or laptop computer however you can attend with a mobile device. Tablets have markup tools and more Status options than smartphones however both show webcam video and a variety of content. Your instructor will use different pods and layouts to show a variety of content and allow for interactivity. And, they can easily switch between layouts throughout the session. Share pods are used to share files, websites, software, and whiteboards. Other pods are also available for even more interactivity and content presentation. These are great examples of how to interact in an Adobe Connect Meeting session. When your instructor ends the session, they have the option to automatically bring you to a specific website for more resources or perhaps to a survey about the course. For more student information about Adobe Connect Meeting, please visit the Participant Help page at To see some of the features of Adobe Connect Meeting in a live session, click on the video below.

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