Akis’ Food Tour – Olympos Episode 4

I am on Olympus. It’s not a coincidence
that the 12 gods called it home… because this place
has an incredible energy. I have been to the top many times… I have been all around the mountain
many times, I come every year… and every time I come
I feel like I am visiting some place new. This mountain gives you energy
but also demands energy from you. You have to find this energy… in key places on Olympus and in Pieria. These are the places
we are going to explore together. I begin my tour of Olympus from Litochoro, of course. Litochoro is the starting point of all hikers… and I will make a small stop
at my friend Nikos’ for a snack. I don’t know if it’s a good idea,
but I will dare it. Litochoro
Nikos Evgenis
Modern coffee shop owner. Welcome! -Hey, Nikos!
-We were waiting for you, you’re late. -How are you?
-All good, how are you? Good. We had a party last night, with music and djs. -Do you play the music?
-No. My wife, and we also had a guest. How did you decide to move here? That’s a long story… Thessaloniki, 2012,
Maritini was a dj and a graphic artist… -And you met her in a club?
-Yeah, I was on the dance floor. -And you would dance around her?
-Anywhere she played, I was there. That’s how our story started.
In 2014 we decided to drop everything… and go somewhere outside the city. How did you find this place? I grew up here so it would be either Chania or Litochoro. We decided on Litochoro… quiet, mountain and sea… So, this Cretan woman won you over
with her talents as a Dj… as well as her cooking talents right? -Of course.
-She cooks? Very well. Here I am!
Are you going to eat anything? -What did you bring?
-You have to tell me what to call you. Maritsa, Maritini or Cretan? Not Maritini. You can call me Daskalaki… or Maritsa, or Cretan, whatever you like. -What do they call you here?
-Daskalaki. You will try goat’s cheese
from Litochoro… Perfect. A cousin makes it.
He has his own animals. Green Fava… Red smoked tuna
from Kalymnos… And veal tongue,
roasted and lightly smoked. Perfect, cheers! -Is this from Chania?
-Yes. What does your mother think
about you coming to Litochoro? She is here as well. I brought them all over! Really? Yes. So you are having a wonderful time.
You have it all. It is really wonderful here. There is something magical
about this place. Olympus is a strong mountain.
It covers and protects us. It is a great quality of life.
The clean water and air… -I would not give it up.
-Did you try the cheese? It’s delicious. But you haven’t tried the fava yet,
and it’s very… Truth be told, it’s the greenest
fava I have ever seen. You must have added
very good olive oil, right? It’s fava from peas.
It is sweeter… -Oh, yeah.
-That’s why it’s green! You simply boil them
and puree them. -We also add a secret ingredient.
-I will find it. Let’s see… It’s a seasoning.
Either mountain oregano or thrumbi. Neither. Game over! -On to the next dish.
-What do you mean? -Not fair!
-Off camera. Ok, then.
I will be asked, but I won’t tell. -The feta is really intense.
-It’s goat’s cheese, not feta. Are you going to constantly correct me?
I only came here to eat! Cut it up. You don’t serve
traditional dishes from Olympus… beans… As a “coffee shop” we mainly serve
small dishes… and a good selection of ingredients… to make cold dishes. We simply serve things
that we would like to eat as well. That makes sense. With intense flavors… In other refuges they give you food
for energy to hike up the mountain… That’s different. If you give them
tsipouro, tongue and fava… -They won’t go up the mountain.
-They will go to sleep. Maybe coming here, drinking tsipouro
and hanging out with us… before going up the mountain
wasn’t a great idea. We shall see.
Will he go up or not? I think you stop here
on your way down… when you are done
and it’s time to rest and go to bed. I think you have found
the meaning of life. We are happy to see you,
It was great that you dropped by… it’s been a while… You sound like that song:
“It had been 2 years since I saw you last… and I met you again on a Sunday” He likes singing! “You offered ouzo and cognac
at the cafe… and you were wearing your Sunday best.” Cheers!
Until we meet again. Cheers! The Tsipouro and the food
with my friends in Litochoro was nice… but it time to bravely take the leap
and begin my assent to Olympus. Litochoro – Enipeas Gorge
Altitude: 1,100 m.
Raw energy balls with oats We are at an altitude of 1,100 m,
at Prionia. If you want to take a short cut,
and not start from Litochoro… you can drive up to this point. From this point on
you have to hike to get to the top. So, you need energy. You can get this energy
from the best snack you can eat. So, I will prepare my own
energy snack… very simply
and with very few ingredients. I have dates. I will slowly… take small quantities
of the dates… and chop them finely. I continue adding everything in here. The next thing I will add
is orange juice. I want to add the juice
to the dates… here… all the ingredients I have added
are rich in nutrients. We mix the dates and the juice. The dates have already
absorbed all the juice. As I press with the spoon
it turns into an incredible paste… without a mixer… It’s time to add
the other ingredients. Ground nuts… I am using walnuts,
but you can use any nut you like. Almonds or whatever else you like,
raw of course. Our next ingredient is oats. These oats are crumbled, see? This helps the mixture to set. I start mixing… and it’s time to add a little more
flavor to my mixture. I will add some tahini. About two tablespoons… is enough. Just enough, perfect. Now I want some seasoning.
I have cinnamon and cloves. You are probably wondering
why I didn’t add honey, everyone does. We could add some honey… but with the date and juice
paste I made earlier… I essentially created my own honey. Look at this.
The mixture has started to set… It is looking good. At this point I want you to taste it,
not that you can add anything… maybe some cinnamon or some tahini… or even some honey. Fantastic! We haven’t added any sugar. One choice I have
is to press down firmly… and cut up my bars… but that is hard to do
on the mountain… because as I am hiking
they will crumble. My second option is to form balls. Put it in your hands,
we want about 80-100 grams per piece. I will put the energy balls
in a bag… so all I have to do
is to take out the ball… try them and get energized
to keep hiking up the mountain. I will make the rest… exactly as before. I made six large balls… and whatever is left over, of course… It’s time to wash my hands! The water is so cold! You can’t feel your hands. The energy bars that were on my hands
went to the tadpoles. My goal is to reach that point. It’s not a coincidence that the 12 gods
came to live on Olympus. Not one, or two, but twelve. Look at this. Out of this world! You bought a green tractor,
to match the kiwis. -How much of this do you eat a day?
-If you stop every 10 minutes, all day. The energy snack I just made
is in my backpack…. along with the rest of my equipment
for the hike. And the journey to conquer the summit,
begins! We are at Prionia, at 1,100 meters. and we want to go to Zolotas… to the “Spilios Agapitos” refuge. The trail starts here,
as you can see there are a lot of people. It is quite easy and pleasant.
I will be up in about 1 1/2 – 2 hours. -Hello.
-Hi! Everything on the mountain
is replenished by the use of donkeys. They are the mountain’s
“transport company”. Without the donkeys
the refuges don’t have anything. After 2 hours
we reached the refuge. My goal is to reach that point. I am approaching Mitikas… the highest summit of Olympus. Here, at an altitude of 2,918m
there is absolutely no vegetation. The feeling of being so high up
is difficult to describe in words. Unfortunately,
the weather isn’t on our side, there are too many clouds… so we won’t be able to see
a view of Greece. You can see Chalkidiki, Larissa,
the entire Thessaly valley… you can even see Evia… but today the weather isn’t helping,
so I will show you the summit. I am so lucky to have
reached the top… and be completely by myself,
it’s incredible! It’s amazing, no one is here,
just me! This is the highest point in Greece. From here you can truly see everything. The only thing on my mind
on my way down… is the amazing bean soup
Nikos serves at the refuge in Prionia. Truly the best remedy
after a hike. Enipeas gorge – Prionia
Altitude: 1,100 meters
Dimitris “Takis” Kyritsis, Refuge tavern owner. Takis, I think I want the same thing
as everyone else… Bean soup is the go to dish on Olympus. It is the best.
Everyone ask for it. Do people come from Litochoro
just for the bean soup? Yes, they do. How long have you had this place? Thirteen years. In total, I have been on the mountain
for 27 years. I couldn’t live anywhere else. Do you go up at all? Every other year. -It’s not hard.
-No it’s not. I have to work, I can’t leave.
People come and ask for me. It would take you four hours
to go up and then back down. I go up in the winter,
with the guys from the refuges. Do you like it? Oh my god. You are tired. -I am not tired.
-Yes you are. Don’t think I got tired…. A lot of people come and compliment
on my bean soup… I tell them “you are just tired”. It isn’t anything special. It is incredible.
Sometimes it depends on the beans. I soak them the day before… -The day before?
-Yes. And I cook them with lots of onion,
lots of carrot… lots of leaf celery, as you can see. It has set, and thickened,
it’s amazing and warm. I always try… to serve the soup the next day. It thickens better. That is true. I don’t finish the soup the day
I make the beans. At night I put them in cold water. I imagine that life here
is much calmer. It is. Anyone who lives
on the mountain full time… does not have anxiety,
does not have stress. It’s not a coincidence that the 12 gods
came to live on Olympus. Not one, not two, but twelve! The next day finds me
at Exohi in Pieria… a few kilometers
from the city of Katerini. There is a farm here
in the shade of Olympus… which I absolutely want to visit. This area in addition to Olympus
also is of great culinary interest. I am on a farm,
in the outskirts of Katerini… where the Fotiadis family
farms black pigs… The black pig is considered to be
the first domestic pig in Europe. and dates back to 5500 BC. It is a omega-3 bomb,
it is very tasty… and I want you to see it. Prionia – Exohi, Pieria
Nikos Fotiadis
Black Pig farmer Nikos, what do you feed them? Now we are feeding them olives. -Just olives? No, we add olives to their diet. We do this because in Spain
where they have the renowned Iberico… have created
a very successful dietary model. They say that they feed
their pigs acorns. What we came up with, in collaboration
with the Aristotle University… and CERTH… is our national pig
fed with our national fruit… and raised on the foothills of Olympus. And the pigs benefit from this diet
and have better quality meat… -they have Omega-3…
-Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids… they have polyphenols
close to what virgin olive oil has… they have double the iron than normal… and this has to do with their diet… and the fact that they move freely
in their natural habitat. From their 4th-5th month,
they have happy lives… and it is very important for an animal
to live in a happy environment. It walks through the forest,
gets iron from the soil… it lives happily… The University of Athens
believes that through a study… they might be able to prove
the claim that this meat… is a super food. -A super food?
-Yes. An addition to farming,
you also process the meat, right? Yes. You make sausages, ham… -What else?
-Air dried salami… -Air dried salami?
-Yes, Incredible. -Air dried salami with Olympus tea.
-I want to try that. So you will give me a bit of everything
so I can make something… -because I have to cook…
-My pleasure. And it’s the first time
we are going to “pig out”… and we won’t feel guilty. Because our food will be
a lot healthier. -Exactly.
-A lot more nutritious, I should say. Nutritious and tasty. Exohi, Pieria Karitsa
Focaccia and Peinirli
with black pig ham In this incredible place,
with the wood oven… we will make
a focaccia with sausages… and peinirli using some of the sausage
Mr. Nikos gave us… and of course his amazing ham. The recipe for the dough is very simple… We use self rising flour
which has baking powder in it… I add the yogurt… strained yogurt… How many ingredients have I added?
Two. If I want to make it a bit more extreme,
I might add some salt… so, three ingredients. With this dough you can make anything.
Pizzas, Peinirli, Focaccia, bread… whatever you like.
The only thing you need is to mix. It’s the easiest dough
you can make. I will cut it in half, here… I will set one half aside
with some corn flour… and I will use the other half now. I have a pan here… I will add a little oil… Perfect! As you can see, I have not added
any oil to the dough…. That’s what I wanted,
not to use any oil. I will spread the dough with my hands
in the pan… We poke it with our fingers… and it’s time to use
this amazing sausage. I will slice it nicely. You can also
make the focaccia thicker… you can use more dough,
more like a pizza, thinner… it depends on what you want. As you can see
I have made it quite thin… I want it to bake quickly
in the oven. I will add some fresh oregano on top,
from Olympus… oh my god! The last thing I am going to add on top
is a little bit of parmesan. So simple… We set it to the side
until it goes in the oven. I have here the other half
of the dough… I will cut in the half
because I will make two peinirli… To roll them out
I will need some corn flour. Roll it out with the corn flour… So… I have a tomato… One, two, three, four… I will add a cheese mix… here… and because we are in Greece,
I will add some olive oil… instead of butter,
I know that usually we use butter… but I want to “Greekify” it a bit. and I will cut some ham… oh my god! I am better than a meat slicer! One slice… two slices,
some more cheese… Now we will fold the first peinirli. Seal the edges well here… Don’t add too much pressure… Here and here. The first one is ready… I will pour some oil in the pan. The first peinirli goes in the pan… Look at that. Once again, a little corn flour… I have the rest of the tomato,
three slices are enough. Cheese… You can use Kasseri, Gruyere,
any Greek cheese you like… olive oil… we want oil on the dough… ham… Some more cheese… Press down on the edges… transfer, here… add some oregano on top… I don’t want to add other herbs
on Olympus… we could add rosemary, thyme,
whatever we like… but I will stick with olive oil
and oregano. It’s time to put the focaccia
and the peinirli in the wood oven. My focaccia is ready! The peinirli is ready as well. The color from the wood oven
is unique. Look at this, oh my god! I will cut it into nice pieces… Fresh peinirli,
made in no time at all. Look at this… This is happiness! It’s blowing away.
Come back! Oh my god! I won’t do anything extra… except maybe cut some
cherry tomatoes on the focaccia. It will give it that freshness
we want, on the focaccia. I will pick some thyme
from back here… just to add some color. Either oregano or thyme,
a bit on top, here. Perfect. It’s time to enjoy… I think I didn’t tire myself out
making them… but it’s the result that matters. Look at this. It’s out of this world. We are in Dion. Dion is exactly next to Olympus… and this is the biggest
valley with kiwis. To understand how big it is… you just have to realize
that kiwis are becoming… the second most exportable product
in Greece, after feta cheese. Karitsa – Dion
Lefteris Tsarelas
Kiwi farmer Mr. President? Hello Akis! -How are you?
-Good, welcome. Are you drilling?
Turn it off so we can talk. You are the only farmer
that works in the shade. Indeed. That’s the one good thing
about Kiwis. How many tons do you produce? About 80-100. We start in October
and finish in November. -These grow to double the size, right?
-Yes. What has happened with kiwis? When I was little I thought
kiwis were an exotic fruit… that didn’t grow in Greece… and all of sudden it’s everywhere. Investments have been made,
especially here in Dion… where it is believed
that the kiwis are the best in Greece… People started investing in kiwis… on this fertile land… In total how many tons
does the are produce? about 4 million kilos. -This is good to hear.
-Yes. -Are we going to try a kiwi?
-I can’t offer you fruit… because they are not ripe yet. However I can take you to a tavern
nearby so you can try other things. -Is it good?
-Very good. Truth be told, I am a bit hungry. -We will remedy that there.
-Let’s go. At the “doctor of hunger”. -This is our ride?
-Hop on! -You want me to drive?
-Yes. -Let’s go.
-I got this! I think I got this,
It can’t be that hard. Let me look cool,
I will put on my shades. Yeah, to protect you from the sun. -So, clutch…
-Step on the clutch… Great. You got the tractor in green
to match the kiwis. The field work tired me out
but Lefteris told me that I can find… the best meat on a spit
here in Dion. The locals are masters
of roasted meat… and people from all over Pieria
come here for Kokoretsi and Kontosouvli. That was nice! Mr. President,
thank you so much for the ride. It was a bit tiring,
but you will be rewarded. Thank you very much.
There? Yes. Dion Archeological Park
Asterios Tsourekas
Tavern Owner Stergios? You must always take advantage
of the opportunity to enter… a place like this from the back door. -It’s the best. They say that the cook
will give you the best piece… if you enter through the back door,
is that true? -Yes, it is.
-So, what will you give me. It’s your lucky day! No! That’s too bad. Oh my god!
How much of this do you eat a day? If you stop every ten minutes,
you can eat all day. Just what the doctor ordered.
Frequent small meals. This in particular
is good for the heart. It’s hogget
and it doesn’t have a lot of fat. Oh my god!
How old is the hogget? From ten months
to a year and a half. It’s delicious.
And all you add is salt? -Salt and pepper.
-That’s it. Two ingredients. I am leaving with this
and I will wait for the rest. They will be there in two minutes. and some lamb please, as well. Bring whatever you have. Stergios has already served me
a Greek salad… and nice smoked eggplant… and I am waiting for
the meat variety. Things are about to get crazy. But these dishes,
are so simple and so tasty… they are the best way
to start you meal. You’re here. This is for two people. -No, for one.
-One? I need double this,
so this is ok for you. It’s so tender. Everyone in the area says
that when it comes to lamb… it has to be your tavern. The area is known for roasted meat
and meat on a spit… The climate of Olympus
is ideal for meat. -For the goats, the lambs…
-Yes. Do you have your own animals? We have some,
the hoggets are ours. Farm to table. The lambs aren’t ours
because we need too many. They are local though. How many goats and lambs
do you sell a week? During the high season,
about 45 a week. Because you have a lot of tourists. They visit Ancient Dion
and then come here to eat. I gather that the meat is so tasty
it only needs salt and pepper. Salt and pepper. Oregano, garlic? A bit of fresh oregano
on the hogget. Do you make everything yourself? It takes about an hour
to prepare the kokoretsi, right? Less.
We have our own butcher shop… so it works like clockwork.
You finish one and prepare the next. I am beating you.
I have eaten three times more than you. You are all talk. You are not living up to your weight. You need to be more active. -Well you can see my weight.
-Maybe it’s fake. -I don’t think so.
-No, it’s real. I have fought bravely. Take a piece… -Thanks.
-And I will take a piece… Let’s cheers to that. -Katerina, is this how he proposed?
-Exactly. -And you said yes, right.
-Of course! As you can see it is smocking.
Look! See this color?
It’s because we smoked it. In Pieria there are 500 acres of vines. The combination of Olympus’s microclimate
and the proximity to the sea.. helps grape cultivation. There are 13 wine producers
in the area. One of them
is Apostolos in Rachi. Dion – Rachi, Olympus
Apostolos Kourtis
Wine producer So, Apostolos… It’s good to be here. Welcome, Akis. You are a rocker. -I am that too.
-That too. Have you ever been in a band? -Yes we used to have one.
-What did you play? -Electric bass.
-You’re the bass player. The darker one. Somewhat. And you decided
to go into the wine business. My family was in the tobacco business. the whole area was too.
The best tobacco is from Katerini. What else would you say? But it’s true. Now the best grapes are from Katerini. Well, it is what it is. We should all come here then.
You have the best of everything. Greece has the best of everything. How did you get the know-how
to make wine from scratch? I knew the land. I planted the vines… but to produce a brand name
which can hold its own in the market… you have to have people
who know about wine. Do you export wine?
I gather, you have barrels… We have the winery and the cellar.
We renovated the old tobacco warehouses… now we have the barrels,
the visiting area… All of Europe and the Balkans
come to try your delicacies… and the wine you offer. So, Akis… We are going to taste
“Nyhta” (The night). It’s day time but… Is this because you worked
in nightclubs? -No.
-Why? Because cosmogonicaly,
the night is the beginning of all things. You are right. Nyhta is made of “Vidiano”
a Cretan variety… which came to Northern Greece
a few years ago. It’s an elegant wine… which pairs well
with the goat’s cheese… -Do you make the cheese here?
-Yes, it is homemade. What do you mean, at home? Yes, my father has four goats… he produces the milk,
and my mother makes the cheese. It’s fantastic. It’s amazing! -And some cheese.
-It’s soft. It’s buttery. This is incredible too. I am guessing I won’t try
the sausage with this wine. We will open the “son of Nyhta”. Oniros (dream) is a wine
made of four varieties. Two Greek
and two international. Xinomavro and Agiorgitiko,
Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. It ages in oak barrels separately
for a year… And after about 2,5 years… it’s ready for consumption. Our wines are all organic
as are the vines. We are certified by “Green Control”. Amazing… and you can taste the oak. Although it is a small winery
and our production is limited… we participate
in international competitions. Oniros has been on the market for 3 years,
this is the fourth… we just started Oniros 2011… -It has won 8 metals.
-Really? -I wish you more.
-Thank you. This is sausage.
You go first. You can’t let me eat alone. It pairs really well with this wine. Apostolis, it’s “dreamy”. The whole situation, is a dream. Akis it’s time for “Ios”,
the dawn. I really like the names
you have chosen… Did you come up with them? -Yes.
-Cheers. That’s what I wanted to say.
We have tried everything… -But no “Cheers”.
-Yes. The sense of hearing.
Nose, mouth, taste, sound. It has just the right sweetness. I don’t like very sweet wines. It is a pleasant wine
that can be enjoyed any time of day. it pairs well with any dish… Take a piece… -Thanks.
-I will take one too. Let’s cheers with this! The pie is amazing.
Out of this world. Your mother made the dough, right? Amazing. I would really like to sit over there
for an hour and relax, but I can’t… I have to up 1,000 meters
to meet Dimitris and pick oregano. -Dimitris Bratelas?
-Yes. Give him my regards
and tell him to come by tonight. -He knows what I’m talking about.
-He knows, ok. Well, I hope you work it out. Rachi
Dimitris Bratelas
Oregano farmer Dimitris and Katerina. -Welcome, Akis.
-Hello! Apostolos sent me to tell you
that he is expecting you tonight. Great. You are picking oregano.
That’s a lot of oregano. I have never held such
aromatic oregano in my hands. Oregano is one of the few herbs
that has a stronger aroma dried… that it does fresh. All other herbs lose their potency,
this one gets stronger. Knowing when to harvest
is very important… and so is proper drying. We always hang it upside down
and in the shade… with air so it can dry gradually. We are currently cultivating
about 2,5 acres. -Two and half acres.
-Yes. Are 2,5 acres of oregano
enough to support two people? Yes, they are. because we export as well. We pick the product by ourselves… and package it… and the added value
comes from the exports. So they buy it at a higher price abroad
because they appreciate it more. How did you get into this business? We wanted to change our lives. Dimitris had a Rock bar… in Katerini… and we wanted
to be closer to nature… so we decided to cultivate
this land. -You already owned the land.
-Yes we did. We are currently growing
Olympus tea and oregano. -You have tea as well.
-Yes. One more question.
You harvest in the summer, right? Three months, two, four,
how many? Tea is harvested in the end of June
beginning of July… and lasts for two – three days. Two – three days. -What about the oregano.
-The same Two, three, four days.
We do the work ourselves so… So in six days,
you harvest everything… and for the rest of the year
you just supply the market. Yes, we work on marketing
and finding new market opportunities. You are the most inventive farmer
I have ever seen. What a business you have created! I grab it from here… You gather a bunch in your palm… You don’t say… -That’s how it’s done.
-I’m an oregano picker now. Just like that. Are you going to start
the drying process today? Yes, we bundle them up,
we tie them… and we hang them upside down,
so their oils go down… That’s the proper drying process. Katerina, is this how he proposed?
Yes, exactly. -And you said yes, right?
-Of course! It’s a classic way to propose,
not to mention affordable. I think it’s the best way. I am wondering whether I am on Olympus
or in the Far West. Here the cows roam freely… and the shepherds are real cowboys… on their horses. Bara, Olympus
Smoked rib eye steak sandwich. I first have to light my burner. I will cut nice big slices… Oh my god! Some oil… some beautiful oregano, of course… that my friends gave me. And because it is still fresh… it is a bit spicy,
it has a distinct flavor… I will brown my bread a bit… Here and here… and I will set it aside for now. Why? Because it is time
to prepare our rib eye. I will add some oil… salt and pepper… and guess what else I will add. My beautiful Olympus oregano… this incredible oregano
and look at this. My steaks don’t need anything else. Some oil, salt, pepper
and some oregano. I put them in my pan… While they are cooking… I want to show you a way
to smoke things at home… by using a pot. I will take some tin foil… be generous… we will use quite a bit. I will take the tin foil
and carefully cover… the bottom of the pot. Why am I doing this? Because I will essentially burn
the contents of my pot… and if I don’t add tin foil… my pot will be ruined. I don’t want that. It’s time to turn over my steaks. One side, then the other. Look at this color. Unbelievable. They are amazing. I will put herbs on the bottom of the pot
to smoke my steaks. First I will add some brown sugar.. The sugar will caramelize
and will burn all my herbs… so they produce smoke
and smoke my meat. I want some rosemary… I have this beautiful oregano… I will be very generous. I will put it in,
on top of the sugar. And of course, the mountain tea. Tea, oregano, rosemary… are the herbs I need… to smoke my meat beautifully. I will add some extra seasoning. I have some star anise… some cardamom,
and some pepper. We add them in. I have a small grill. And it’s time to put the steaks
in the pot. Look at this. The steaks are rare.
Almost raw. Because they will cook
in the pot… we don’t cook them to 100%,
we cook them a bit less. I will remove the pan… I will put the pot on the burner… and soon the sugar
the begin to caramelize. As soon as it caramelizes
it will burn the herbs and seasoning. The herbs start smoking… and the smoke is confined… because I will put the meat on top. Perfect. I seal it and put the lid on. While the meat is smoking… we will prepare our bread. I will spread some
whole grain mustard. it’s the ideal mustard to use
for this recipe. Oh my god! As you can see it is smoking. This smoke is smoking the meat. I want a few pickles… One… two… three pickles. Here. I will cut them into thin slices… and I will put them on the mustard. Pickles and mustard
are the meat’s best friends. I will put some mayonnaise
on the top slice… Perfect. It’s time to see
how our meat is doing. Oh my god! Look at this. This brown color the meat has
is because we smoked it. Homemade, smoked steak. The first steak
on the first piece of bread… The second steak goes on
the next slice… This is a smaller slice
so I will add the last pieces. One… two… three. Look. Awesome! This is what it looks like inside. It is the most delicious sandwich
ever made. It is absolutely balanced.
It is smoked just right… and the combination of the mayonnaise,
the pickles and the crunchy bread… It is incredible! It’s the tastiest sandwich
you have ever tried. The aromas, the energy
and the aura of Olympus… will be with me for a life time. Even if you don’t like hiking… you absolutely must visit Pieria. I feel very lucky
that for yet another year… I was able to visit Pieria
and my favorite mountain… Olympus. This time I not only
conquered the top… but I also met incredible people… I tried amazing food… and I definitely charged
my batteries. This combination of the aromas,
the aura and Olympus’s unique energy… will give me strength
for a long time to come.

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