Alfonso Cuarón Gives Tour of Roma, Mexico | THR

(slow cinematic music) – This is the Kindersa Condesa, this is the kindergarten where I came when I was a child. My siblings came here and my cousins came here as well. – Libo or Cleo in the
movie would bring you here and pick you up everyday.
– Everyday yeah. The funny thing is always this, even if eventually I had to cross the street because
my house was over there. – Yeah.
– The walk was always in this side of the street but now I see why. I never thought about that. Because that sides in shade.
– Yeah. (slow cinematic music) – A sensation I remember going back there is feeling hungry. – Feeling hungry. – Yeah always talking about what’s going to be good, what’s going to be there for lunch. – And what would be something
that you’d look forward to? Like El Libo would make? – El Libo would make us yes ah fideo soup. Like a broth with tomato, tomato broth with pasta, with thin pasta.
– So she would make that for you.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was like an all time favorite. – A staple.
– Yeah. (slow cinematic music) – I wanted to honor the space you know and made mostly
one shot and stuff. I would look for one angle that would honor the space. And this is the one so what we did it for the film that we cheated
is we build the bar here this is where they are sitting here. (slow cinematic music) – Buenos noches Cleo. – Buenos noches. (kids yelling) (slow cinematic music) – At the beginning I
had long conversations with Alfonso about who she was and how he remembered her. And then he said, “Like now that I’ve said this, “trust that you have it
within you and just flow. “Don’t be thinking about
a lot about what I said “but trust that somehow Sophia “it’s within you.” And I also worked a lot
with my own memories. And with my mom how I remembered her she was also a mom in the 70s. So I was really inspired by her and what she went through. (slow cinematic music) Now that we’re here I’ve
been remembering again and again the scene where Antonio leaves and where she like tries to walk behind the car when it’s leaving. And that was a very very emotional scene. It connected me with the
day my own father left. I mean I don’t remember the day, but I remember the emotions. And I think it was also special for Alfonso. (slow cinematic music)


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