ANA A380 Flying Honu Cabin Tour

– Thank you very much for coming! – We’re going to step inside a flying Honu! [Sam] Konichiwa! -[Ladies] Konichiwa. I am the first passenger to sit on this seat
here – 48D. This one has good leg room here, you know. Really, really good leg room. And also, it comes with a foot rest. I think that the A380 is a winner because,
in terms of passenger comfort in economy, nothing can beat the A380. And with the blue colour on the bulkhead here,
it feels like you’re on a cloud on the way to Hawaii. So, just in the middle section of economy
there’s actually a self-service bar here. Now, you can see that the economy passengers
get free drinks here – you can come and self-serve which is a very nice concept really. So, this is the rear section of the A380 where
they have the Couchii seats where the cushion actually comes up to form a bed. [Lady] Press the button… [Sam] Aha, press this button… [Lady] Yes. [Sam] Right, now they’re half… And then you lift. Wow. Oh, yes. Now the whole space has become flat and this
wide – much wider. It’s turned in to a proper bed. Enjoy sleeping on the flying Honu! There’s a special seatbelt here so there’s
no worry during turbulence with this seatbelt and there’s an ample amount of space – very
nice. – Where’s this concept of ANA Couchii come
from? – This Couchii is for many passengers who
are going to Hawaii. Not just businessmen but also families members
– and this is a good option for families. – Oh right, so it’s not just necessarily for one
person. It can be a family sitting together – they
can convert the seat. – For those families, business class is maybe
not good for them because… – Yeah. – …Taking care of children is a little bit
harder in business class. – Right, and business class has a lot of privacy
dividers… – So, it’s better to sit together in a Couchii
seat and have a good family time.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Sam] This is not a lavatory. Well, let’s check it out – what is inside? So, this is like a multipurpose room. There’s a chair here, there’s a washing basin
and a changing room. Now, walking up the stairs on this A380 – if
you’re familiar with the A380 then this may seem a bit unusual – this is a new design
because this is not a spiral staircase. This is more of a square shaped staircase
on the A380, coming from the lower deck to the upper deck. So, welcome to the ANA premium economy class. It’s actually in the rear on the upper deck. You know, because the seat is so new, it’s
still a little firm. There’s extra leg room, extra recline and,
if you’re familiar with the A380 window, an extra storage bin here. [Women speak foreign language] [Woman] Welcome to ANA! Flying Honu… [Speaks foreign language] Thank you so much
for showing me the Flying Honu! It is a great aeroplane – looking forward
next month to flying to Hawaii! Okay. See you, bye!


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