Are Holiday Shopping Deals Worth It?! Holiday Haul

– What’s Christmas without
break dancing Jesus? – Break dancing Jesus. (gasps) – Wow, that’s beautiful. – That’s going to drive me crazy! (bells jingling)
(upbeat music) – What’s up, you guys? Welcome back to Clevver style and happy holidays! – Happy holidays! It’s the most magical time of year, but today’s a very
magical day for us because we get to unbox everything
we’ve been able to buy during this like pre-holiday
sale extravaganza! – We’re going to tell you guys if it’s worth it or not worth it, and what sales are still going on because this is just the
best time of the year because of family. And also sales. – It really is. Go watch that Cyber Monday video ’cause I could not have done it alone. Anyone else have the sweats? It’s nerveracking! – No, I am sweaty. I’m actually sweaty. – Also, if you guys are waiting
on buying things for people, do it now. In the description below. – You have time, but not much. – So, hurry up. – I’m a size medium. (beep) – We are unboxing Black Friday. We’re unboxing Cyber Monday, and general sales that are still going on. – But you guys don’t get it twisted, this is not a holiday gift guide, that’s a different video, go watch it. I’m sure it’s popping up
somewhere above my head. – Do we get started? I’m so excited you guys! – Let’s do it. – Let’s open presents. – All right, this has actually truly been on my list for a while. It’s the only thing I got during this holiday
sale that wasn’t for me. But, these are from Express. (sighs) – Oh my gosh.
– Wow. – So, my husband and I like to match, I don’t know if you’ve heard. – You do?!
– I know. – You? Shawn? (beep) – He was really sad that I got these really
soft pair of slippers and didn’t get him a matching pair. So, Express was having like a crazy 50% off sale for Black Friday. This is originally 100. God, it’s so soft. – I wish you guys could feel
this through the screen. It is insane. – It was originally 70 and we got it for 30. – That’s a really good deal. – At Express, never pay full price. Never.
– No. – They always have a sale, whether it’s 25 off 100 or whatever, you can always find a sale. Even if this sale is ending, I’m sure there will be another one. – This is so nice. Wow, it’s cute too. – This is so, this is awesome. I’m so glad I waited to like buy it and now I get to match with my husband. – Wow, I love it.
– Did you tell him? – He doesn’t know yet. – Oh good, I like a surprise. – This would not be any
type of holiday unboxing gift guide/party without ugly sweaters! We have some from Amazon
that were all 30% off. You can go on there right
now you can get your own! Mine has titties on it. – Mine lights up, dude. – Yours is actually cute.
– That’s fun. But, I think what annoys
me about this sweater is that it’s not sweater material. – No it’s not.
– Same. – I’m well versed in ugly sweaters and the prices and everything. $16 for a sweater, in general,
whatever is on it is great. And this one is battery operated. Drew’s and mine, this is
like tee-shirt material and some sort of mesh, so it looks like your arms are tatted up. – Yeah.
– [Sinead] Oh that’s funny. – I’d pay $16 for Sinead’s, not $16 for mine or Drew’s. – Yeah, I wouldn’t pay $16 for this. – I’m definitely keeping this, it’s got Jesus, he’s break dancing, it says it’s his birthday. – What’s Christmas without
a break dancing Jesus? (beep) – I took this opportunity for, on Cyber Monday
during our live event, to really like push for this Robo Vac. I have a Dyson so I really truly like, I’m now all completely set, because this is the type of thing when you have a four-year-old
that spills everything and when you have a German Shepard that sheds like four
pounds of hair every hour, this is the type of thing you want. – But Sinead, have you seen Terminator: Rise of the Machines? This thing is going to eat you one day. (beep) – It’s just I think it’s really cool. You can connect it to like an app and it’s just, it’s one of
those things that I feel like is also a really good gift, you know? Roombas are like, I’m not even kidding, it could get up to close to $1,000. So this is not a Roomba, this is a Eufy and it was originally 240 on Amazon, but we ended up getting it for 160. And, this is also still on sale, you guys. So like, it is a really good gift. This is the type of thing that I feel like I’ll
end up giving to my mom, to be honest with you. – [Loryn and Drew] Awe! – Really, truly, just because– – After you use it a little bit? – No, maybe I would
just take it for a spin. (beep) – Okay you guys, so I got a
cell phone dashboard holder. It was originally $25
and we got it for 15. I’m really excited about this because you can turn it any which way and you can drive safely
and look at your GPS. I just want this to
film in my car (laughs). (beep) – Moving along with our Cyber
Monday Amazon Blowout Sale. So I wanted to get my boyfriend
a new portable speaker, So we got this JBL. I did a little bit of research, there was a lot of good reviews, but I actually ended up getting this one for half-off on Cyber Monday. It was originally 40, I got it for 20. Which I thought was really good. – [Drew] Wow.
– [Loryn] That’s a good deal. – And right now if you
wanted to buy it still it is still $10 off. So not as good, but still
pretty, pretty good. And it was the Red Dot
Award Winner of 2018. Whatever that is. [Loryn and Drew] Red Dot! (beep) – All right, so this is
the Haus Laboratories. It’s the Lady Gaga’s exclusive brand. She only sells it on
Amazon which is amazing. It was 35% off, which is crazy! I think this is for your eyelids. Liquid shimmer powder. – [Drew] So pretty. It looks good on your hand. – Can I see? It’s really nice.
– Yeah. Wow, and 35% off, man. – It’s always just crazy to me that Gaga has an exclusive
Amazon beauty brand. Like, I think it’s so random,
but I think it’s dope. – It’s dope.
– Yeah cool. – I like the packaging. – This was the best. Ulta, man, when they have
a sale they really go in. This is a cult favorite. The Shape Tape from Tarte. It’s a concealer. It was $19, it’s usually 27. Ulta is having a 20% off sale right now if you get the coupon in the mail, or search for it online. – This was a really good deal for me because I used Shape Tape once. I think I got it in like a
gift bag or something like that and I loved it so much but I was like, 30 bucks for a concealer? No, thank you. And I just never bought it again. But, once you use something so good you just really miss it, you know? – I understand why this
one has so many reviews. It doesn’t cake-up under your eye. – No, not at all. – It’s my favorite, I’ve
been using it for two years. I won’t use anything else. This is the Colorpop
glittery nude palette. I got this palette it
was a Cyber Monday deal. It was 30% off at Colorpop. That sale is not going on anymore, but you can get this at Ulta
any use the coupon there. (exhaling sharply) – [Sinead] Wow, that’s beautiful. – Oh my god, that slapped me
in the face how pretty it was. – That’s so nice. – You just never know
what you’re gonna get. When you see it online if
you don’t go into the store it could be hit or miss, and this is– – That’s definitely a
palette made for you. – I don’t mind swatching this. I know Sinead has issues with things not being nice and neat. – You swatch like a psychopath. – People were really mad. Can I do the purple? Yeah, go for it. Go soft!
– Oh, wow, okay. – Swatch your favorite one–
– [Drew] What! – [Sinead] Oh, that’s pretty. – It’s not a lot of color underneath, it’s just pure glitter flecks. I do wish this had a mirror, but I guess that’s how
they keep cost down. ‘Cause I would really like
to put this on right now. – What you have on looks
like it’s in this palette. – Put it right there in the
corner, yeah you got it. – [Drew] Loryn, just going rogue. – Did it come off?
– Yeah. – It did, that’s pretty. You’re being real–
– Other side. – Am I not on the other side? – Look to the right, look to the right. Look to the left and close your eye. – Take it back now y’all. (beep) Yeah.
– Oh yeah, cool. – [Drew] That’s pretty. – You’ll definitely have to
blend it in a little bit, but it still looks really pretty. – [Loryn] Okay, yay! – Wow, that’s really nice.
– [Loryn] I’m so excited. – Okay you guys, I need to talk about this handy-dandy Forio. – Hey, what’s it Forio? – I’ll tell you, Loryn (laughs) (beep) Oh my god, it’s so soft. – I’ve never seen one of these. I don’t know anything about this thing. – OK, so what you do is you turn it on. It’s vibrating, it’s for your face. (beep) When you put your cleanser on a wet face you then take this and massage it in. Kinda like a Clarisonic, but like a little palm-pilot version. – It’s exfoliating but it’s
nice because this is like, it’s not rough, you know? – It’s like rubber bristles.
– Oh, wow. It looks like I would be rough. – It’s not at all. – It measures skin moisture. Reveals skin age, customizes
cleansing routine, app records progress. – Yeah, ’cause you should be
able to hold this to your skin it should be able to measure
the moisture in your skin. – That’s like a new feature
’cause mine doesn’t have that. OK, so usually these things are like $89, but through the Ulta sale
we got it for like 60. – [Sinead] Yeah.
– [Drew] Which is insane. – It’s really good too, like honestly if you guys have
sensitive skin, which I did, I love exfoliating, but my
skin was getting so dry. This is the best option. – I will not wash my
face without this thing. I use it every single day and night. – All right, so if you guys remember when Drew and I took over Ulta we fell in love with their candles. – I didn’t even know Ulta had candles. – Dude, the Ulta–
– The best candles! – Not even kidding, I abused the candle that I ended up getting from that shoot. I burned it all day every single day. I have nothing left of it. It actually started smelling like the glass was on fire the other day. (Drew laughing) And I was like I need to stop this. But, they had an amazing sale. The way it burns it fills
up your entire house, like it’s amazing. – Like, that’s an understatement. It literally, you light it for two seconds and your whole apartment, your whole house will just be engulfed. – If you had to go to the bathroom and then you come back
into the living room and you’re like “whoa!” Like, what happened in here? – It’s strong.
– It’s amazing. We got this on Cyber Monday. It was so cheap, I think they
were selling them for like five bucks a candle. – [Loryn] That’s amazing. – Yeah, these are regularly 22.50. – That’s a steal!
– That is a frickin’ steal. – Why did we only get one? – Gingerbread-whatever one is my favorite, it smells like straight up cookies. – OK, so that was our Ulta sale. Get on the internet and check to see what coupons you can get ’cause they always have one
and it’s still he holiday. – Get to tip-tap tapping
away on them keys. – Plus, they just have
everything, you know? – They really do. – Ulta’s my favorite. – All right what’s next?! – OK you guys, I’m really excited because now we’re in the Best Buy section and I was really wanting one of these Instamax Mini Polaroid cameras and also a projector for my
room ’cause I don’t have a TV in my room. And I just want something to lay in my bed and plug my phone in and
watch it on the ceiling. – I got a Polaroid for
Christmas a couple years ago and it’s been like one
of my favorite things because you don’t use it all the time but it’s perfect for anything
with friends or photo albums. – And hanging them up. And also things you just don’t
want documented on a Cloud. (beep) This beautiful little
baby originally retailed for about $69, of course. But, we got it for $59. This is so cute! – So cute, so cute. – This is fun. – And it came with film. You usually have to buy these separately, the film and the camera, but it was a sale so
you got them together. You guys, I am so excited
about this projector. So this little puppy originally $98, we got it for 76. I don’t know if it’s
still currently on sale but if you poke around
maybe you’ll find something. – Oh, cute remote. – Can we talk about how
cute and petite it is? I wasn’t expecting it to
be that small and compact. And people always make fun of me when they come into my room they’re like, you don’t
have a TV in your room? And I’m like, no, sorry I like to reflect. – I don’t have a TV in my room. – Thank you! – But, now I do. – Because Nils won’t like me, not because I don’t want one. (beep) – I’m taking this (mumbling)
(laughing) OK you guys, we need to
talk about Nordstrom. This, I have to give all credit to Loryn. – [Sinead] You really came through. – ‘Cause you would’ve paid full price. – I almost did. There’s these shoes that I
really wanted from Steve Madden and Loryn found them at Nordstrom and they’re originally
$102, we got them for 60… – Two!
(laughing) (beep) – We found these puppies during
our Cyber Monday live stream it’s still up if you
guys wanna go watch it. – Let me do a quick search for you. – Oh my God, oh my God, they’re 40% off! – I did it! – Oh my God, Loryn, I’m
gonna kiss you in the face. – That was one of the ones
that you had on your wishlist. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And they weren’t on
sale at Steve Madden. I didn’t think that I was
gonna be able to find them. – Oh wow!
– Aren’t they pretty? – These were 40% off when
we shopped on Cyber Monday and they’re still 40% off. – Very cute.
– Right? – You should totally
wear this with the sock. (beep) – OK, I am oddly excited about this. How many quarts is that one?
– How many quarts? (laughs) – 2.5, yes! So, this is a triple Crock Pot because I like to host parties and I hate having all
these like an Instant Pot and a Crock Pot and an Air Fryer and then it makes a mess. This has a lid holder and a spoon holder. So we got this at Khol’s. It was on sale for us,
but it’s on sale still plus you can stack a 25% off coupon. So, basically it’s free. – My mom had one of these
out on Thanksgiving. I do think that this is
really good for hosting. – Can we call it a thrupple? There’s a pot for each of us. – [Sinead] So pretty!
– [Drew] Be careful. – [Loryn] Oh, it’s perfect. – And these are like really good pots. – Ceramic or something, easy to clean. – God, this makes me wanna eat food. – So, this is definitely worth it and I feel like you can get
it cheaper than we got it. So, let me know if you end up buying this. – This is a great holiday gift. – This is. – I don’t know about you guys but I am very happy with my purchases. – You did a good job. That never happens that
you like everything that you got online. – No, that’s very true.
– Right? – I also think you guys
did a really good job just getting sales. And, you guys, they’re gonna continue with these deals pretty
much up until Christmas. – Never pay full price! – Don’t do it! – And if you have a favorite sale that you feel like we should know about, or the world should know about it, then just drop it in the comments. – [Loryn and Drew] Let us know. – OK guys, well that’s it here. We have to go enjoy all of our presents but please make sure that
you subscribe to our channel because we’re always here doing, you know, really fun, crazy, and a
little bit weird things. But, we do it for you. – We shop online for you!
(laughing) – So hit the bell because
you need to be notified every time we make a video– – It’s Christmas! – And Happy freakin’ Holidays! Love you guys, w’ll see you next time. – [Together] Bye! (upbeat Christmas music)


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