Artfest to set up in Port Aransas this weekend

welcome back everybody yeah this coming weekend and I’m in charge of bringing the winds down in Port Aransas there will be a wonderful Art Show an art exhibit how would we call it it’s an art festival it’s an art festival and I’m here with John Alvey he’s one of the artists that will be on display he’s also one of the best surfers in Texas used to be used to be yeah anyway it’s the 14th annual Art Fest this weekend and John tell us who’s gonna be there and what time we need to go we’ve got over 50 artists from all over the region Houston Dallas Austin San Antonio and it’s going to be at the Jerry McDonald Field which is on the main road in Port Aransas they’re going to have a lot of tents set up we’re gonna have shade entertainment all acoustic strolling musicians and the the show starts Saturday at 10 a.m. all right now we’re showing your work yes tell us about your work you’re very coastal I am totally coastal I I try to represent what I know and love in my heart there’s images of the beach but I am in a 3d category of mixed-media so I’m doing some different stuff this year you’ve got a little sand it’s a 3d thing I’ve got I’ve got a lot of sand a lot of quartz I’ve got resins and epoxies and you were telling me about the shell yes the seashell is a rather unique piece if you get that painting and hold it up to your ear you will hear the weather report I hope it’s mine this your weather report and you don’t have to get up at 5:00 you can listen to it at noon oh that you can undertake playback but as you can see very nicely how he uses sand and you also have used some mixed-media there that I’m familiar with yes on that one painting he’s zooming in on now I went out and actually used some recycled material from my street that’s a recycled pothole and I incorporated it into the whole concept of my arch so it’s one of the biggest art festivals of it yes in our area kicks off the summer season we’re very excited about it everything benefits for the Port Aransas Art Center and the admission is a $5 donation to the Art Center and I must say you have the most beautiful invitation poster I’ve ever seen yeah that’s it’s gorgeous so it’s the Art Center here’s one final piece of work that Don did literally it’s an old surfboard there’s an old surfboard that’s kind of what I have always been known for you give it a patina here right I’ve made this one look like copper this thing weighs 5 pounds but it looks like it’s 500 and it’s right John wish you a great weekend art festival people that’s where you want to be this coming weekend in Port Aransas we’ll be back with pine look to forecast coming up in a moment

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