BACKYARD CAR WASH!! family weekend routine with water, inflatables on a river, and date night!

– Ah – Good job! Ah, hey! Hey, don’t, hey! Hey! (giggles) (music) – Oh, it’s so heavy! – [Man] Haha, good job! (upbeat techno) – Let me see, side by side! What does that say? – Car wash! – Are we doing a car wash? – Yeah! – Let’s go! – We need tape! – Yeah! – Tape! Purple tape. – Purple tape, good idea! – Let’s go set up the car wash! – Car wash time. Our pile of stuff. You hold the vlog, I’ll
grab all that stuff. – Um, how are you gonna carry it? – I got all of it! – Jeepers mister you’re really strong. – [Little Girl] RAWRRRR (screaming) – Whoa! (giggles) – Your car’s gonna be so clean! – Get all my toys out. – Yeah, we gotta get all your
toys out before we clean it. You have so many toys in your camper. – Where should be hang it Dad? – I don’t know, where
do you want to hang it? – I know. We’ll hang it on the wall. Ah, where’s my tape? (crickets chirping) – [Dad] Do you know how to use tape? – No! – [Dad] Here’s a piece of tape. (exclaims, paper falls) – [Dad] Struggle muffin Adley! Okay, tape it on. Good job. There we go. – Yes! That looks good! – [Dad] I love it! Ready? – Set. Go – [Dad] Cheers. (glasses clink) – [Dad] Let’s draw the path. Car comes over here, Then it comes this way. Parks right there. – My car’s gonna go, it’s going this way, – [Dad] Kay – It goes all the way over here. And then to here, and then here. Then it goes all the way
to here, to here, to here, to here! – [Dad] Then that’s where
we wash the cars, on the X. – So I’m gonna drive
with my flip flops on! – [Dad] Oh good idea, you need flip flops, where’s your other flip flop? Here it is! I think those are on the wrong feet. – No they’re not. – [Dad] I think they are. – No they’re not! – [Dad] Okay. – [Dad] Towels, what else do we need? – We need water! – [Dad] We do need water! Where could we get water? – From the hose! – [Dad] Good idea. – The hose is under here! – [Dad] The hose is in jail! Wait, there’s another hose, remember? Me and you went and bought a black hose! Can you hold that? Holy cow, you’re like the
toughest girl in the world! – It’s supposed to be by the water. – [Dad] Hmm, where is it? – It’s over there! – [Dad] I think those
are on the wrong feet. You okay? – Yeah. It’s over there! The hose is over here! – All right! We found it! Kay, we gotta stretch it. – There’s a knot Dad! – [Dad] Can you fix it? – Yes. – [Dad] How do we fix it? – We fix it with our feet. – [Dad] With our feet? – Yeah. – And how’s that working out for you? – I can’t do it. (laughs) – Dad it’s working! (screaming) – [Dad] I’ll turn it off! Ahh, saved it. Straight ahead, straight ahead. That’s the spot. All right, that should work! Test it? – Okay. – [Dad] Hey! – Whoa, look how far it’s going! – [Dad] Wow! (upbeat music) (quiet chatter) – Ah. – [Dad] Good job! Hey! (upbeat music) – [Dad] Good job. Are we done? – Nope not yet, we still
have to clean the back. Whoa, the sink, it has a drainer. – [Dad] A drainer? – My M&M’s are inside this! – [Dad] What! – I’m gonna spray my M&M’s. – [Dad] No! Ew! How do we get them out? – I don’t know. – [Dad] They’re stuck there forever! Can we be done with chores? I just wanna play now. – No we still have to clean it. – So today’s gonna be
a really awesome day. Me and Jenny have the
ultimate date night today, we’re gonna float down
a river, yeah like down the river with the rocks,
it’s like a tradition we do every year. – [Little Girl] Who’s gonna baby sit me? – [Dad] The dogs! – No. – [Dad] Uh, Niko? – No, he’s too little. – [Dad] Paul Chicken? – No! I’m spraying, spray, spray! – And then tonight we
are going with a bunch of Space Station homies to John Billion, one of me and Jenny’s
favorite people to listen to. It’s gonna be a really really really good best day ever, but first we
had to clean the Barbie camper. Cause we left it out and
it got so dirty yesterday. – Yeah, so we’re cleaning it. – [Dad] Yeah, that was such a good idea. Hey Adley. – What? – [Dad] Thanks for doin
your chores this morning, you’re a pretty good girl! Oh hi guys. (mumbles) Olive and Cooper. Hi, a little family check in here. Everyone doing good. Babe! Hi! – Hi. – [Dad] You ready for
our date night tonight? – Yes. Are we ready to go? – Yeah, me and Adley
already got our chores done. We washed her Barbie Camper. – Oh, you did. – Yeah, we told her to do that yesterday, and she was like Okay I will. So she’s been pretty excited
to do this chore for a while. – Did you wash your car? – [Little Girl] Yeah! I’m filling up a little pool. – Whoa, what are you doin? – I’m filling up a pool
for my little kitties. – [Dad] Oh, hi kitty kitty! Hi! What’s her name? – Um, Sweetie Pie. – [Dad] Sweetie Pie. – [Mom] I love it. – [Dad] Oh hi Sweetie Pie. You wanna say hi to Sweetie Pie? – Hi Sweetie Pie, should
we get a real kitty? – [Dad] No. She’s swimmin? – Yeah! – [Dad] Alright, Mom
just came to make sure you got your chores done. – I’m not all done doing my chores. – [Dad] You wanna keep doing them? – Yeah, but I want Mom
to help me do my chores. – [Dad] Kay. – Wanna see the most ultimate
fort you’ve ever seen that takes up our entire toy room? (knocking) – Hello! – Hi! – Hi! I want to come visit your fort. Holy cow I gotta go through here? – Yeah! – [Dad] All right, here we go. Keep goin’. – That’s her bedroom. – [Dad] Well that’s a cool bedroom. This is your bedroom? – Yeah. – And then this is the baby’s. – [Dad] That’s the baby’s area. What else? – And this is my play house. – [Dad] Kay, right here. – And this is where my baby sleeps. – [Dad] Got it. – And it has a gym and a slide. – [Dad] Ooo, is that the gym? – Yeah! – [Dad] And then what do
you guys do in the gym? – I can do this in the gym! – [Dad] Whoa! You freaked me out girl! Careful in the gym okay? – Wahoo! – [Dad] And then you could
jump over to the bear! – I can jump to the carpet, watch. Jumpy! Our little store. This is our ladder climbing. If you fall down, you get a ticket. – [Dad] Okay. Bye! Enjoy the fort! They made the entire room a fort, that’s pretty cool. Fun fact for you guys. I always make this face and squint my eyes when I use Q-tips and it’s like my favorite thing ever. – And I hate it so much. – And I like it so much. – It bugs me, I have to
leave the room sometimes. – It bugs Jenny so bad
when I clean my ears. And, I’ve been doing it for a long time, cause I learned in school that clean ears helps your balance, because you balance is in your ears. This is weird I’m talking to me. Balance is in your ears, so I used to clean my ears all the
time, so I’d be better at balancing and be a good skateboarder. – That is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. – It’s true. – It’s not true. – Thing number two, it is so important to go on dates and have lots of fun times. Our kids are cute and we
like spending time with them, but you need to have date time. So that’s what we’re doing now. We’re getting ready. We have a double date planned. We’ve got, have I actually
showed you guys this? Look at this. That’s pretty cool, huh? That’s ultra violet, I
don’t think we’ve ever put this on the vlog. – No, these are like the
best toothbrushes ever. So my head is in here. It’s already being sanitized. – [Dad] Her head is right here. Her toothbrush head’s right here. – It’s being sanitized, well it was. And then I just pull that off. – [Dad] So that’s like a UV light and it cleans like 99.9% of bacteria. – See, watch the light come on. See that? – [Dad] Cleaned. Space Station gaming! Jenny has a gold one,
and I have a silver one. And by our powers combined we are Space Station Gaming. – That’s true I didn’t
even think about that. – And it has a timer, so when I brush my teeth, I know how long to brush my teeth cause sometimes I just think about stuff
and brush it forever, and sometimes I brush
them for like ten seconds, and Jenny is like eww you
brushed for ten seconds? I’m sorry. – It’ll do the timer
for you, so that’s nice. – See that? That’s effective. – What brushing mode are you using? – I don’t know, there’s modes? Oh yeah! A clean, a soft, a whiten, and
you forgot there’s one more. – Oh, that’s for your tongue. – Oh, one more, massage,
it’s for your tongue. We’re goin on our dates now. Welcome to our toothbrush tutorial. Now our favorite toothbrushes
in the whole world. They got sent to us by, called, Elements Sonic Electric Toothbrush. I’ll put a link in the
description if you’re curious. I’ll put a code. And that will get you
75% off if you guys want to figure out more. Element Sonic Electric
Toothbrush, ten outta ten because of the UV lights, that’s mostly my favorite part. – Yeah, just think about
all the nasty bacteria in your bathroom. – Just don’t think about that. – You ready? – Well do and then put it in the UV light. – We’re goin on a date, bye! – We’re gonna float the river, and you’re comin with us. This is a tradition we go
every single year, huh babe. – Yep – Tradition done. – Yes. (funky music) – Jenny’s like home with the kids all week, every day, so it’s fun to get out and do stuff. – Have a weekend, yeah. – This is our weekend date. This is our whole date day. We’re doing this and then
tonight, another date. – Yes. – And then, you know, we’ll
hang out with kids tomorrow. Plenty of time for that stuff, tomorrow. – We’re loosing Totes. – Yes, I got it. – We’re all stickin’ together. This next corner, it’s an exciting corner. (yelling and laughing) – That was awesome! – That was scary and fun at the same time. Yay! – Remember when we saw the snake here? – Yeah! – I think it was eating a catfish. Yo, we saw a snake here eating a catfish. Random flashback. – Ready? (random chatter and laughing) – My eyes are closed. (screaming) – [Dad] This is so scary! Good job babe, keep drivin’. – Okay I will. (music and singing) (singing along) (upbeat music) – (singing) All clean and shiny! Make it clean and shiny. Clean clean clean.


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