BE SAFE | Security Series: Digital Parenting Over the Summer Holidays

In this modern age, many children have
mobile devices. They’re a great way to stay connected but there are also a number
of potential dangers that can put your child at risk. Here’s a few ways you can
help keep your kids safe online. First, let’s start with the basics: Enforce
sensible screen time. Set ground rules early when giving a child a mobile
device and set limits for how much they can use it outside of school hours.
iPhones and Android now have inbuilt features to help you track this. Second,
stay connected within your child’s social network. Having a place within
your child’s social network can help you spot red flags like bullying and
potentially make difficult conversations easier. As awkward as it may be, it can be
a good idea to follow your child’s friends on social networks. Another
option is to have a group chat with the parents of your child’s friends where
you can share tips and strategies. Thirdly use parental controls. Remember
when your parents took away the TV remote to make sure you did your
homework? It can be really hard to make sure your child is following the rules
you’ve agreed to. Built-in parental controls can help you restrict access to
certain content, enforce time restrictions and lockouts. Fourth, choose
bedtime over screen time. The blue light emitted from phones and tablets can keep
your brain wired long after you switch them off. Restrict access to them well
ahead of bedtime so that it’s easier for your child to fall asleep. You can also
take advantage of the screen settings that can reduce the amount of blue light
emitted from the device at nighttime. At Belong we want to make sure that your
family safe online. Check out for more information

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