Beautiful double story home for 30 lakh with elegant interior | Home tour

Hi everyone welcome back to another home
tour today we have brought you a beautiful
double storey home built for 30 lakh with elegant interior the planning for
making this home is really appreciable all details about this home is provided
in video description now we can explore this beautiful home first on the front
area we see an open set out with enough spacing moving on we see the living and dining
area in right side also a courtyard is provided in left side near two main
Foyle area fall ceiling work is done in simple
work simple and elegant curtains are used here now we can check the living area where a
cushioned sofa is provided a TV unit is placed just opposite of the sofa set moving on to the dining hall we see a
wooden table with chairs the washing area is having a good basin
with a glass mirror and storage this is courtyard near to mean for area now we can check the bedrooms see the
bedroom arrangements a double coat and wardrobe are provided
here moving the second bedroom we see almost
same design as previous one moving to the kitchen we see the modular
kitchen with shelf and storage kitchen leads to work area checking with the first floor the stair
rail is made with wooden steel moving on we see the first bedroom on
right side checking with the bedrooms we see a
spacious one this bedroom has a balcony here we can
enjoy the best scenic view first floor end with the single bedroom
we hope you enjoyed the video feel free to comment in the box your feedback and
opinion about our videos


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