Best Friend’s Leaving

[Priscilla] We’re not leaving,
Summer is gonna leave. [Asa] Who you waving to? Summer’s leaving. Okay? She’s gonna go home for a little while. [Priscilla] Yeah. [Asa] She’s going to
hang out with her family. Okay? Okay, she said okay. – Okay, for now. (Summer laughs) – [Asa] She’s leaving. – Yeah. [Asa And Priscilla] Aww. (laughing) (Summer laughs) – Just a second, I’m gonna hang out just a couple more minutes, is that okay? – This girl loves to go, she had a major tantrum turned into meltdown coming home. Huh, Ab? Had a rough time? – Yeah, she was worked up
since we got off the exit. – Yeah. You know where you live. Recognize areas like “No, no, wait! “I like traveling!” Yeah, so we’re home, home from Atlanta. Happy to be home. Oh, there’s a lot of laundry. Let’s leave. So I’ve seen some comments about
why we aren’t talking about (audio skips) and stuff. Because I don’t know, not
just the education factor and all that, that we try
to provide in the vlogs, but I feel like there’s an
entertainment value too, and we want there to be
an escape for you guys, from the real world. You see enough of it, I’m not
gonna share any information that you don’t see on the news, and– – Right, it’s not our place,
I mean there’s really nothing we can tell you guys that
you don’t already know or can’t find somewhere else. – Yeah, wash your hands. – Yeah, just that we’re
doing all the right things to not get sick or spread it. – Yeah, and someone made a good point, Priscilla saw the comment,
like I never realize how often I touch my face. Until they’re like “Don’t touch your face” and you’re like, ah. It’s terrible. Yeah, Summer’s going home. Not related to anything
going on in the world. Just– – It’s technically my spring
break, so I was going– – [Asa] It started Saturday? – Yeah, yeah. – Well, yeah, technically. – I was gonna go to New
York, but I canceled because of all the things going on, so I’m gonna go spend
some time with the family. (Abbie vocalizes) – We’ve had a ton of things canceled, Priscilla was supposed to go to Houston at the end of the month for
a make up university thing, the FamFest was canceled in California, so we’re not going to that now. Everything’s been canceled,
school’s been canceled, the kids are out for
at least another week. (Abbie vocalizes) So we’ll see, they may switch
over to online classes, but we don’t know yet, we don’t have any
information on it yet, so. I don’t know how you’re gonna
do online classes, Abbie. How is that gonna work? – [Priscilla] She’s like “It’s not.” – I don’t need school. We’ll have to set up a routine for Ab, and we’ll talk more about that later, we’ll probably start that this week, we’re gonna sit down, whiteboard, and figure out a routine for
her so she has a routine, or else she’s gonna get stir crazy, and it’s gonna be a rough week. – Well, and we already set up, she’s gonna have speech
therapy and ABA this week, so. – Yeah. (Abbie vocalizes) I wanna set up some kind of
routine of leaving the house though, going to the park for a walk, there’s very limited human
interaction there, so that’d be a safe place to go, all that. – Yeah. – Of course, thank you for all your help. Drive safe. – [Asa] It’s not funny! – Bye Summer. – [Asa] She’s leaving,
it’s – haha, she’s waving. – I love you! – [Asa] Better than crying. – Mwah! Bye. – [Asa] Bye. – [Priscilla] We’ll see you in a week. – Yup. Thank you for this– – [Asa] Drive safe. – My first Atlanta experience. – Yes, of course, thank you! Yeah, text me when you get there. – [Summer] I will. – Tell mom and dad we said hey. – [Summer] I will, I’ll
send you all the videos of the squirrels. – Okay. Your backpack’s down here still. – Oh, okay. – It was a little hectic. (Summer laughs) – [Asa] Pay attention to the road. Don’t shake hands with anyone. – Nope. – Oh, God, I wish I had a
travel size hand sanitizer, I’d send it with you. (Summer laughs) – [Summer] That’s okay. – Here, I have this one,
it’s no LimeLife, but. But it’s something. – (gasps) It’s cute,
I’ll put it in my bag. – Yeah. – Love you. – Love you.
– [Asa] Love you too, bye. – Drive safe. Have a good week. – [Summer] Thanks, you too! – Are you so happy to
be back in your room? You have torn it up in here, girl. Let some light in from the world, huh? Goodness sakes, where’d
all this stuff come from? You so happy to be back in your room? (Abbie laughs) I know, hotel beds suck, huh? (toy plays sounds) What? (cat meows) What’s wrong? (cat meows) I know. You happy to be home? Can you pull that curtain
out from behind you so you don’t pull it down? (Abbie vocalizes) Fix the curtain. (cat meows) The curtain. (Abbie vocalizes) No, that one. Put it back behind the couch. Thank you! Leave it there, okay? (Abbie vocalizes) Okay, do you want me to go? You need a break from me? You want me to leave you alone? You’re done, okay, I’ll go. (Abbie vocalizes) Where you going Abs, where you going? (Abbie vocalizes) All right! (toy plays sounds) That is a weird toy you got for Christmas. Priscilla ran to the grocery
store to get a few more things. Just stuff we needed. Little stocked up, but
just stuff we needed. How was grocery shopping? – Well, it was an experience. I bought things that I
probably shouldn’t have, but I kind of panicked
a little bit, because the shelves are so empty, so empty. Except for Lean Cuisine meals, if you want a Lean Cuisine meal. – Here I am, I’m like
“We’re not talking about the whole thing going on, because” and– – But this is why. – Okay, but the thing of it
is, it affects our family, and we put our daily life out there, so. – Right, so this is the
reason I panicked, okay, so I’m listening to the Publix employees. So typically, we prepare
for hurricane season. (Abbie vocalizes) And we’re like, okay, we run out of stuff, and they bring it in from another state. Well, Publix is like,
okay, we’re gonna restock in the morning, and I’m like “Awesome”, and they’re like “But you know, eventually we’re gonna run out of things.” And they can’t go to– – [Asa] Other states. – Georgia, or Washington
state to get their stuff, ’cause guess what? They’re all panicking too! So, at some point– – [Isaiah] Excuse me. – You’re gonna run out of things. – Excuse me. – [Asa] I see. Captain Crunch. You never know when we’re
gonna need Captain Crunch. – You never know. – [Asa] Wow, babe. You went good, I thought you
were getting a few things. – I mean, I did. This is the only creamer they have left. – [Asa] I don’t know if you’ve
ever bought dried apricots. – So that was my whole charcuterie, because there was fancy cheese left, I’m like “I could do a
charcuterie board for the– – [Asa] Oh my gosh. – “Thing.” So I got some chocolate covered– – [Asa] You’re kinda ridiculous. – Well, we’re prepared. – [Asa] A charcuterie board
just for our family, though. – Yeah. – Okay, yeah. ‘Cause you don’t want a
bunch of other people’s hands in your food. – Right, no. You know what they did have? – [Asa] Easy cheese, Priscilla’s
go-to guilty pleasure emergency panic food. Chicken on a biscuit and easy cheese. – In a biscuit. – Or in a biscuit, there
is zero chicken in this, and zero cheese in this, so. – So funny, right? – It’s disgusting, I
can’t do it, it’s gross. – Hey, do you remember this
from when we first got married? – [Asa] Yeah, we ate that a lot. – Yeah. – Before you could cook. Okay, so but the news is
very conflicting, though. Because USA Today, or
US News is talking about kids could be out of school
until the end of the year, and it’s a whole thing, they’re kinda– – Well my dad called– – [Asa] They’re putting all
the worst of the worst case scenarios into play, as
far as lockdown, and– – [Isaiah] Martial law. – [Asa] Not coming in
human – yeah, basically. – That’s what my dad was saying. – Not coming in human contact
for like 14 days with anyone, but then Trump is like “Stop
buying all the groceries.” So I don’t even know what to– – My dad said Seattle
is basically shut down. They’re don’t go back to
school till the end of April. They don’t have anything
scheduled in April. – [Asa] I think Minnesota,
I think is April, as well. – Oh, really? – [Asa] I think so. – Well my friend in Louisiana– – [Asa] Minnesota and California
are both pretty strict. – My friend in Louisiana
just said they’re April. – [Asa] Wow. – So. Abbie, turn the light on please. – [Asa] Power just went out, great. (Priscilla and Isaiah laugh) – So that was the other
thing, is I kept going “Okay, I need to get things
in case the power goes out”, I’m like “It’s not a hurricane, Priscilla! “It’s not a hurricane!” – [Asa] Hey, can I show ’em your arm? Can I see your arm? This one, turn it. So that’s what happens when you
bite, huh, when you get mad. So that’s, Abigail will,
when she gets really mad, she’ll start to bite herself. When she goes from that tantrum – I know I was talking about earlier started with a tantrum,
ended up with a meltdown. That’s totally possible. Some behaviorists might disagree with me, but I don’t care. I’ve had this conversation
before with our therapist, and because the behaviors are very similar between a tantrum and a meltdown, and behaviorists base their
data off of behaviors, rather than other factors. I don’t really know,
don’t quote me on that. But all I know is that the same behaviors are what is marked between the two, so they don’t differentiate
when it comes to the behaviors. The thing is though, I’m
not for treating behaviors, treat the cause, take
care of the cause of that to avoid a meltdown and a tantrum. The reason why it started as a meltdown is because if we did not come home, then the behaviors
likely would’ve changed, so that’s a tantrum. If you can change an environment, if you can change a
situation, if you can change, if you can give the child what
they are melting down about or tantruming about, then
that’s not a meltdown, that’s a tantrum. But Abigail will elevate to
the point in her tantrums where she no longer has control, and that’s when it becomes a meltdown. Where no matter what we do, the behavior’s gonna remain the same. And that’s just, you know. So that’s been our experience with it, and then she gets to that point where we do actually have to restrain her, or else she’s gonna hurt herself even more than leaving bruises. She actually has a rough patch
on her forearm right there, where she’s killed those skin cells from biting so frequently. (Abbie vocalizes) You said Forty Cure Cream
should fix that though, huh? – Yeah, I think so. – [Asa] Make it a lot better, anyway. – Yeah. – Hey, so would you say that
because we know Abigail, it’s a lot easier to
tell when it’s a tantrum versus a meltdown? Because I feel like I
know what kind of things might set her off for
different situations. And so when you’re saying
if you can give it to her, then it’s, and stop the situation, then it’s more of a tantrum, right? – [Asa] Yes. – So I know that not giving her food then, when she wants it constantly,
might turn into a tantrum. So I feel like knowing the kid makes it a lot easier to determine that. – I mean yeah, sort of,
but then at the same time you gotta look at the,
it’s really just the cause. What is the cause of it? When we’re coming home and she doesn’t wanna come
home, that’s a tantrum, then that tantrum leads
to a meltdown, sometimes. But then meltdowns can start without any association with a tantrum, and you’re like “What happened?”, and it could be sensory input. She doesn’t have a whole
lot of sensory meltdowns in that same form where she’s
just out of control like that, a lot of time, the ones that
we’ve talked about before have been like when we
went to the hockey game, and she had that sensory meltdown, and was just sobbing afterwards,
and just inconsolable. – [Isaiah] Turn the light on, please. – But we’re working on it, huh? Coping mechanisms to help you so that you don’t get
to that point, right? I want to say, I had this idea, like an original thought. But I’m not the only one, I actually just saw
Making Strides for Autism, they posted on Instagram
the schedule for being home. – Oh, gotcha. – Yeah. Lots of people are doing this. Which, lots of people do this
during the summers anyway. On breaks and stuff. Okay, so we have this
whiteboard that we purchased and never actually used for
our business side of things. ‘Cause we keep everything on our phones, but this’ll be good ’cause
whiteboards are good ’cause it’s visual, you walk
into a room and you see it, be like “Oh yeah, we
gotta do our schedule.” But this will definitely be
helpful in keeping Abigail from freaking out from
the loss of a schedule and keeping us from not doing things, because we have work to do,
and we can always do work, so. – Question. Can we still go the park? – [Asa] Yeah, we’re
going to the park, yeah. – [Priscilla] That’s part of the schedule. – [Asa] Isaiah’s organizing Monopoly, we’re gonna play Monopoly as a family, so. – Don’t worry guys, my hands are clean. (Asa and Priscilla laugh) – [Priscilla] Disinfect our hands. – [Asa] That’s the only
cash you should be handling. – That’s why I was like, I
know, I was like oh my gosh, we can’t exchange hands. – [Asa] They have Monopoly
with a credit thing. – Yeah, they do have
that, we should get that. – [Asa] Get that one. Okay, so, things we’re gonna do. – Pool. – [Asa] Oh, man. We ready for that? – I’m ready. – [Asa] Might want to put
that to the end of the week. – Oh, come on. – [Asa] Give it a few
more days to warm up. – Come on, 74, that’s good degrees. – [Asa] It’s not, though. Normal pool temperature’s like 82. – All right. – [Asa] Put that at the end
of the week, towards the – wow, you’re jumping right
in on Thursday, okay, that’s your end of the week. – Well we leave Friday. – [Asa] Okay, true, all right. Wait, what do we leave Friday for? – We have to go to Charleston. – [Asa] Oh, Charleston, yeah. – For a memorial. – [Asa] We haven’t talked about that. – Okay. – [Asa] Did you wanna? – Yeah, so… – [Asa] If you guys remember back. – Couple weeks ago, two weeks ago now, so I had two family members
pass away on the same day. Out of respect, I’m not gonna go into detail or anything, but. So we’re going to Charleston
for a memorial this weekend. For both of them, so, yeah. Tough times. – [Asa] Yep. – So she has speech
therapy at 2pm tomorrow. – [Asa] Perfect. What’s a morning thing? So obviously she wants
to wake up and chill, so late morning, we could
do an activity or something that would create some kind of routine. – What if– – [Asa] Maybe a chore, what about a chore? – I was gonna say I
have orders to package, she could package some orders with me. – And the thing of it is,
it doesn’t need to be hours, it could be a 10 minute activity. Just something to engage her
brain and get her doing things. Cool, package orders. – And then the park in the afternoon? – [Asa] Park in the afternoon. – Okay, so that’s enough to
plan a day, don’t you think? – [Asa] Yeah, I think let’s add on Monday, just outside time in the
morning, just out on the patio. So yeah, so that’s just the idea of it, we’re gonna have these
routines, which are important, and just implement this
throughout the week, and anything special that goes on, we’ll just kinda stick it in there. A good idea – with Abigail, we obviously wanna limit
unnecessary human contact as much as possible,
this has really blown up, you guys saw us go to Mexico, and then you saw us go to Atlanta. This blew up when we were in Atlanta. That’s when it really was like oh crap, okay, they’re doing stuff, so I know the vlogs are several days back from what you guys are seeing them, but that’s when this really hit, so we’re trying to plan according to that, according to what the CDC is recommending and stuff like that. So we may leave the
house, to go get a treat, but actually have that treat with us. Make sense? – Yeah, ’cause I bought
stuff that we could make, like cookies, and we
could take it somewhere, and give her a cookie, but it’s still– – [Asa] ‘Cause she wants
to leave the house, she wants to go to get a treat, we’ll take the cookies with us instead of buying them somewhere else. – Right. – And I think the park is
good, ’cause when we say park we don’t mean playground
necessarily, ’cause Abbie– – [Asa] Right, it’s just walking. – Yeah, we’re just
walking through the park. – Yeah, mom and I talked
about that earlier, it’s still pretty limited human contact, you might walk past
somebody and say hello, but that’s about it. So that’s the plan, that’s
what we’re gonna do this week, I’ll take you guys along with us, and we’re gonna go play Monopoly. See you guys tomorrow. – Bye guys.
– See you. – [Asa] Oh. Abs, say – oh, she’s all cuddled up. Abs, say bye! (Abbie vocalizes) Bye! (beep) Gosh, there goes a good
portio of our audience. Summer’s not gonna be
in the vlogs for a week. Then when Isaiah leaves, you guys might as well quit watching. (Priscilla laughs) Family’s gonna be totally different then. – Bye guys. Say bye bye. – [Asa] It’s not, it’s, this is not– – Do it. Do it. (cat meows) Clawed it. Just do it. Just– (laughs) She doesn’t– – [Asa] Here, whole paw. – Whole paw, you gotta put
your whole paw over it. Oh, or your face.


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