Beyond American Girl Podcast Episode 1 | Meet Us, Holiday removal, 80s Speculation & more!

and welcome back to beyond American Girl
the unofficial American Girl podcast by fans for fans covering American girl and
beyond. As always I’m Julia this is Grace. Hi! And today’s main topic is on
introductions on how we personally got into American Girl but first let’s
quickly recap this week in American Girl news, Grace? [Grace speaking] This week in American Girl news we’ve been looking at the changes to the Illustrated guides to the
American girls they’ve been re-releasing the stories in omnibus
editions and they’ve added in new illustrations at the request of readers
however there’s been a bit of a controversy because in order to make way
for these new illustrations some stories were cut and often what was cut was the
holiday edition or the stories about Julie’s new year Rebecca’s Hanukkah
stories and fans are kind of upset about this because these stories were meant to
help sort of educate young girls about other cultures in America and other
holidays and the cutting out of these other cultures is particularly troubling
in today’s political climate and fans are still upset so we’re still going to
see whether or not there will be any further response from American Girl but
it’s something that has definitely caused a bit of a stink. [Julia speaking] and I’m sure will cover those eventually at some point okay so with that out of the way
we’re onto our main topic of today which is our introductions and our personal
experience with American girl and who we the hosts of the show, so as I said, as we established I’m Julia and this is Grace. Do you wanna tell us like your age
like anything about you that you’d like like how maybe you got
into American girl. [Grace speaking] Sure. I’m 18 years old and I’m a college student that has been
into American girl ever since I was very young when I was gifted a Samantha from
the pre Mattel era by my grandparents and ever since I’ve been hooked on it
I loved the stories I loved the dolls Felicity and Elizabeth were always my
favorite I watched the movies I started
collecting girls of the year so it’s just kind of been a lifelong thing to me
and I you know live near one of the places
where they had events and you know and at American girl place so it was always
very important to me [Julia speaking] That’s very interesting I didn’t
actually even know they have events that kind of thing. [Grace speaking] Yeah there were all sorts
of fun like events and such growing up it was really fun
like Julie’s party when they debuted her for the first time I got to attend that
party and you know meet Megan McDonald and hear about you know how they had
gone into making this new doll and it was just so much fun! How about you? [Julia Speaking] Um well I recently got into American Girl very recently actually only beginning of this
year I think. Um I actually really interesting enough I thought they were
always kind of creepy looking. It was the open mouths, I just I couldn’t
stand the open mouths with the little teeth. [Grace speaking] Oh yeah, yeah those can be a little creepy, I agree. [Julia speaking] I still can’t stand them on other kinds of dolls but but I don’t know. somehow they kept coming up on my dash on Tumblr and I got use of them and then I actually started looking into them and they
stopped being creepy to me and then I started being like oh well who are these and I found out that they had Mary Ellen so I was uh I looked at I
really liked Mary Ellen I really particularly like vintage fifties
sixties fashion and I really liked it so I thought Mary Ellen would be a really
great don’t have and and um fashion so I looked into trying to get one I found
out that I didn’t mention I’m I’m 23 uh-huh and I am living in Australia I’m
from Australia I mean and they don’t sell them in my country at all they, can’t import them, the website does not ship here if you want to ship from the
website you have to go through an intermediary like a person in between
who ships its to America first and then ships it to you which is way too
expensive and so I started looking in secondhand markets and I was thinking
when I was looking I was like I want to Mary Ellen but well look Kit, in Kit’s Beforever meet dress she looks very similar to a Mary Ellen in that style it
looks kind of 50s so I was thinking if I find a Kit then I’ll take a Kit but I I really prefer Mary Ellen but I ended up with my first doll was actually Ruthie which was the first one in my area that that I
actually could go get that wasn’t too far away and I was like “Oh
her hair, she looks kind of similar to me I might get a Ruthie.” so I went and got
Ruthie, found out she was a best friend of Kit, had no idea so I went and got
her and then I was like I wonder if I can get a Kit to match and weirdly enough
one day I’m like, I suddenly had the instinct let me see if I can go back onto
my buying website and see if I can find something else and weirdly there was a
Kit there and I ended up being able to get her. The coolest thing was that Ruthie
came with Kit’s accessories, her meet accessories so I have the full set for Kit, I have the hat and the and the purse and the coin the necklace, the
handkerchief. [Grace speaking] Oh wow that’s really cool just get all those accessories right
then and there that must have been really nice to get started. [Julia speaking] Before I had Kit so ya know I have to get Kit now don’t I? But yes, what really got me past just
like having a doll was that the history I really really ended up, like let me “Oh
well Ruthie and Kit are from the 1930s.” I never really been interested in 1930’s, I’ve been more interested in the 50s because I like the fashion but
the more I dug into the history the more really really ended up liking the
fashion and just like today I was researching the prices of record
players in 1930 because I was like I wonder if Kit could have possibly
afforded a record player at some point the answer is no, Ruthie may have been able
to though they weren’t that expensive but Kit’s father was
employed for most of the books so it was unlikely but Ruthie may have been able
to have one they were only $18.50 and minimum wage was between 12 to 15 dollars so if you were being paid minimum wage you would
be able to afford one in just over a week’s pay [Grace speaking] But that wasn’t really available. [Julia speaking] Yeah I wouldn’t work for Kit but it would have worked for Ruthie yeah yeah so I don’t I know that Ruthie’s, see this is it I need
to really look into like the stories is know I’ve never read the stories which
is something I really hate which we will eventually are we reading them for the first
time on the on the podcast so it’s my first exposure to them which is
interesting I could read them outside but I think I prefer reading them inside
so it like it’s a fresh eye and so as you can tell I talk a lot I do too if you leave me alone you on
topic no particular topic can I show them about I was knowing that
the hell out of my father today trying to talk about 1940 record plays because
nothing nothing would like whenever wage and did you know that minimum wage was
initiated in 1933 but it was brewed unconstitutional and that and so they
deployed it and really really put it in in 1936
yeah this is such an interesting part of our history and I mean I know that that
was a pretty big draw for me with American Girl as child was you know all
of the history it really got me interested in like the colonial era
especially and you know just studying all of it and seeing like what was going
on at that time it’s just I think the biggest draw to the doll company I think
what I really like is that I get you interesting period of time that you
wouldn’t traditionally think of like a lot of people are really like these days
anyway at least I feel this might might be my circles I’m running in but people
believe that galumphing onto the like 1980s and the 90s and and the 50s but
there’s not a lot of people like going back further like the 30s or the
colonial era or like people tend to sort of stole at the at the 70s which is
interesting oh yeah definitely I mean it’s just cool
like especially because they cover you know maybe periods of history like you
know Josephina they cover the citizens of America who would not have been
considered citizens by their borders of that day but definitely would be
considered American citizens now I’m kind of dealing with that dichotomy
especially because and I think that’s really like Josephina is like really
relevant to like today is climate in America oh wait what where are you like
what what constitutes an American citizen like and it but if you bring in
like kya or you bring in Kirsten like Kirsten is an immigrant and the Chi is a
native but like and but then you’ve got and he said you’ve got you’ve got
Josefina who wasn’t considered really native even though she was kind I think
she wasn’t it I don’t know it enough that but Josefina to comment but I think
I think now more than ever American girl history is like really relevant and it
gets people interested in social issues that they wouldn’t normally think of and
I and pacifically like children of course like girls the the younger
generation who need to people have said the if you don’t know history you’re
doomed repeated and me researching just just
the 1930s I’ve seen parallels that literal history is repeating itself and
it’s interesting how how you don’t really realize that until you start
digging into it and a great and American girl is a great way to get into history
yes definitely especially like that you mentioned Kirsten I think she’s also
super relevant right now especially with the immigration crisis in America of
well you know technically some might not consider her an American girl but she is
because she came here and you know how she’s treated in the books I think are
very educational for children right now dealing with the effects of this crisis
and how the adults talk about it in terms of our children to form their own
opinions by getting their own like information from characters who are
their age to sort of give a more humanizing perspective than what the
American media tends to give there is a there’s a tendency for media to other to
it’s me against them they’re the other people but when you get to know the
other people they stop being the other people and I stop being people you know
and it’s a it’s a psychological tribal thing I am a cycle it’s like a psych
major yeah it’s it’s about when people tribally we were always like my tribe
against their tribe and it’s just something we tend to do but when we when
we find out people’s stories and so we can do that through Kirsten and there’s
Athena and stuff and we they become our stories and and then we are able to
empathize with their position and their situations yeah definitely and I also
appreciate the American girl goes into female history because you know we don’t
discuss that a lot I can say as going through the American education system we
did not discuss the history of females or any minority group for that matter I
mean unless you’re talking about the Civil War and in that case where you’re
from will determine how much you talk about that and to what degree you might
be denying certain aspects of your history yes so this offers like
brand-new perspectives that in some ways just are not examined on a serious level
my actual historians that are not taught to kids and instead says here this is
what the story is you know and I think it’s helpful for modern-day minorities
too because we tend to deny that such minorities existed like particularly
with the lgbtq+ population and with the disability population we tend to deny
that those people existed back then or that people of racial minorities
encountered similar troubles to what they do now so I think that’s really
important that we give that sort of history information through these dolls
and that these dolls focus so much I’m giving you you know a wide range of
different minorities across the board although they could do better at that
and you know that Mary Ellen is disabled and it just I think that’s really
important and it’s kind of ties into why people are so upset about any editing
out of stories because these stories are already kind of edited out of most
history textbooks in America yeah and speaking as an Australian from a
different perspective I think it’s it’s a honey was that true here too I mean we
don’t like even our own native culture we don’t really learn much about it
except like the highlights so I read it was reading a thing on tumblr the other
day whether we’re I think it was does it dole ranch was talking about how it that
you look up online and you find people who are using like kya as teaching aids
for homeschool and she said it was good but that the problem was that they they
may have never really read the books and they’re making like you know the
headdresses and and like just taking the the surface level information off the
top of it I think it’s exactly the same way and just like normal history class
but we only have the top surface of the things we’re taught and so Aboriginal
culture we only really learned the things like stories you know like like
oh they native stories like fairy tales I guess would be the word and the
occasional like by the way they existed and that’s a and they’re not really a
thing anymore I think that’s as far as it goes
or we find like you know America has Columbus and like the fanning of America
oh we had yeah I know I know Columbus is wrong in many ways even like the Fanning
of America we have the founding of Australia and that’s basically it I mean
he cut history tends to leap a lot yeah when you but when you’re learning about
history also it tends to just be the big major man influences like this man did
this thing and that man did that thing and then but you never really find that
like even if it’s not just about girls that’s a thing but just everyday life
it’s something that history tends to just completely go over the top of and
you never really find out what it was like for someone who was average at the
time yeah I know that was I forget who it is but there is a of historical stuff
just in general like she covers a medieval Europe another place is just
general historical fiction and she talks about how you know history is
preoccupied with presidents and kings but not really what the little guy was
up to so it’s sad that in some ways that we have to sort of make that one
narrative of history because I think that leaves out so many aspects because
we’re trying to tell a story but the story isn’t all that there is yeah if
you’re talking contemporary fiction usually contemporary fiction said during
made during the period set during a period usually isn’t they think their
everyone thinks the day they’re living in is boring everyone always knows that
so they tend not to focus on everyday life they tend to think about fantasies
so Shakespeare which is I always compare Shakespeare to reality TV which
Shakespeare knew that the average person didn’t want to hear about the layperson
he they wanted to find out about the fancy rich person who’s doing all these
cool and wonderful things and modern-day celebrity do the exact same thing you
want to find out about Beyonce and Kanye you don’t want to find out about Dave
who lives down the street so because of that fiction set during periods of time
you watch old movies and stuff and you’ll find people in those movies are
all celebrities or rich people or exciting
adventures they’re never guys that live down the street unless unless it was
trying to be calming and and even then like trying to think of like a show but
like I’ll connect up as mr. Rogers sure welcome to my neighborhood come on
you’re my friend yeah but he was very revolutionary at the time because he was
focusing on everyday and it was for children so yeah yeah as I said um yeah but I also do you think it’s sad that
American girl only really has one Native American girl so far yeah I do think
it’s this thing you can use the dress lady definitely I mean I think it’s a
good start that they picked a tribe that’s not like the Cherokee where
there’s so much to cover there I think it was good that they picked a
lesser-known tribe to give more information about um you could go with
Native Alaskans that would be a good tribe to come my friend is in a of
Alaskan sir Wow yeah I mean it would be nice to also see like them I mean I
guess my Mia technically council though she’d be considered a Pacific Islander
by how America checks racial boxes but I think it’d be interesting to see you
know a girl at the era of when the boarding schools were happening and when
you know white people really started to you know come in and cause problems for
everyone I think it’d be really interesting to cover that and you know
the Iroquois and just so many others I think that would be like oh great next
step for American Girl would take the only thing I know about that particular
period of time is the invention of football which very obscure
football be like taught football today well that football might have been
baseball I think it was football though to Native Americans I taught it to them
you know in an effort to Americanize them yeah yeah
which actually similar something similar things happened in Australia I don’t
know if you’ve ever heard about it but the there’s a I think they did a similar
program in America but I’m completely fuzzy on it
where the idea was basically it’s a bit extreme but it was to breed out the
nativeness so the idea was to yes there’s been these white people as
possible so eventually they don’t kill them breed it out in Australia there was
a whole like someone signed a document to do that and they also took a lot of
native aboriginals from Australia from their parents and they put them in white
people families mm-hmm yeah you know if you google um the Lost Generation that’s
that’s the entire thing because it was good for some people it was bad for
other people because some people were literally like if they haven’t left them
there they would have died because they were in there in such poor conditions
but other people it was bad because they had taken them from their parents and
their tribes so it’s like a it’s like a weird mixed bag oh yeah really generally
people agree it was a bad idea there in general oh yeah I mean I don’t think we
called it that quite and I don’t think there was really as much emphasis on
intermarriage of any kind especially because you know America just does not
look well um you know even today we’re still kind of having problems with
racial in our marriage and how we handle that as a society but yeah we did have
something similar where we took kids away from their parents at a certain age
and we taught them basically to act like white people so that we could erase
their culture their heritage that’s why there’s several projects now like with
the Cherokee I believe to try to relearn those languages because they’re being
lost a lot of those cultural traditions are now lost and we’re trying to like
figure out what were they and bring more education back to the people who have
the right to to learn that specific culture yeah there’s so many different
ways that America could branch out and other ethnicities or other backgrounds I
know most of my heart just sort of Asian Americans um there was one I can think
of yeah I said you’ve got Alaska you’ve got um there are many other tribes but
they may not want to may not want to breed
use different tribes just yet because they have kya you might it might muddle
it a bit I have marketing marketing to up to okay
Aboriginal to Native Americans might be a little muddling for marketing
I’m sure unless they unless they retire kiya which I’ve heard rumors about I
completely like understand the need for why or why it wouldn’t be marketable
especially because I know that it takes a lot to create a doll of color
particularly with the committees that were used to create kya and Adi in the
first place and some of these diasporas like with the Cherokee are so wide and
the opinions would be so diverse that you might not really be able to please
anyone with what you do so I could see that being definitely a point of
contention in the American Girl doll boardroom and that they might feel like
it’s not worth it for what they might get in response yeah so I had rumor that
the eighties were coming which is which makes sense if they’re doing any
historical goal the next decade would be 80s I was thinking the AIDS crisis is in
1980 oh yes yeah that would be that’d be interesting even if the girl in question
is an LGBT because I don’t think they’re ever going to make an LGBT girl
canonically I think the idea I think I think my idea is that they’re going with
that the little girls were too young to ever think about that kind of thing so
they weren’t like explicitly say it but they might she might have relatives yeah
who or she might even just hear about like the crisis like or something she
could hear the effects of it on television and I couldn’t worry her I
said if she kept couldn’t have a relative an uncle or something yeah I
think I think an uncle would be the best way to handle it obviously it probably
wouldn’t be parents at that point because of just how it was back then
but if we really interesting if that is what they cover because the thing is
they don’t really teach that to American schoolchildren that’s something you find
out us an adult actually about so I’m really curious about the eight you talk
cuz again it’s it’s sort of a rumor at this point no one’s really ever
and that we are getting an eighties doll for American girl but like it’s just
interesting that that’s something that everybody’s kind of left on as an idea
and I’m really curious where they would go that and if they would in fact decide
to go with the AIDS crisis as their history that they revolve around yeah I
cuz I can’t really think of much that happened during 1980s in the boom of
technology and and more mother is going to work true but that’s kind of these
stories so yeah yeah this I can’t really think of much besides those things a lot
of the problems of the 80s were more for the adults um you know and a lot of them
are really count 70s was really more of the period and it was the late seventies
that had like a lot of the problems that might carry over in theaters but they
were things like gas problems and you know dealing with the beginnings of
terrorism but that’s not something really a small child to be interactive
but not on the level that the age crisis would maybe they would talk about the
drug act or you know the war on drugs because that might be something that
would be more relevant because kids were actually like advertised to you before
the speech friends of Reagan’s announcing it they were told to watch it
and watch it it’s family so I could see that being something they addressed
because little girls would have seen that speech and would have been aware of
the war on drugs yeah and like you could go to your local arcade and they’d have
him on the on the arcade machines no winners don’t do drugs
so it wasn’t surrounded you could have Nintendo consoles where the whole game
was an anti-drug ad I just recently watched a Angry Video Game Nerd episode
on one of those characters he was supposed to get you off drugs I mean I
could see that being the other direction but they take it but even that kind of
ties into the AIDS crisis because the war on drugs was meant to like reduce
the use of needle and based drugs which were also spreading aids and I think
that’s a part that’s often forgotten when we’re discussing the AIDS crisis I
mean we forget a lot of updates crisis
including that it exists in American schools but you know there’s so many
aspects to it but because you know we saw it as happening to people who are
society condemned as being bad for whatever reason I think we just don’t
know so much because we refused to document and we refused to talk about it
we refuse to really do anything so now we don’t have anything to really talk
about it with yeah I could dis I could totally say
like being something that the girl is concerned about um like especially if it
personally affected her in some way is it like an uncle who finds that yes aids
or something and just as a fun way to like sort of you know get to know more
about it show that what is your dream dolls it’s still Mary Ellen no I know I
actually completely got off Mary Ellen I actually a recent I really want to
Kirsten oh yeah I’ve been watching a Carson on my equivalent of Craigslist
for months he’s the seller wants to sell her for three hundred and fifty dollars she she has got her complete she’s good
she’s hair her hair still up in the the twisty things and she’s got her bonnet
and her outfit and she was coming for that with a parent other outfit and
everything so she’s all complete no meat accessories but he’s all complete
otherwise and no nothing I also recently really wanted to kya I haven’t seen them
in yeah yeah kinda hard to find I mean she also kind of solves the problem with
the teeth gap thing interesting up I actually really didn’t like the look of
kya because the the Native American features put me off a bit mm-hmm but
then I first off she has my birthday oh wow and that recently but did the
pitches on on the pitches on desert don’t ranch has just maybe like really
really love her oh yeah yeah I find the best if you’re looking at like dolls to
buy and this is my experience just across the board because I used to
collect like other types of dolls to is look at their pictures like outside of
the promo settings because the harsh lighting has no depth to it like it
always makes your doll look uglier than they actually are and it’s I always
think it’s best to look at pictures of them and like a real-life setting
whether they’re in an actual room especially if they’re outdoors it’s best
to look and see what they look like outdoors because it’s gonna give you the
idea of like how they actually look versus you know
the stock photo which is just the worst way to display it all in the opinion but
that’s what we’re doing so each do you collect other kinds of dolls what are
the kinds of dolls so back when ever after High Monster High were things I
did collect some of those but those were less of a serious one I have a thing for
Barbie of course you know like a lot of those are my main ones but you know I
also collect like Star Wars action figures um you know various stuffed
animals I’m kind of like the person that refuses to grab I collect a lot of you
know Disney Princess things as well so but yeah so dolls have kind of been in
my family for a while so I also have a collection that I will be inheriting
from my parents so I wasn’t around during the heyday I was too old for the
heyday of the forever hi and the monster titles I quote though oh yeah end of it
and it didn’t really click with me oh yeah but the tail end was all for both
of them yeah I I do have a couple of Barbies but
they’re left over for me I was little I do I have a bunch of Doctor Who action
figures tons of them I hold a whole shoebox full of them and I do quite
another thing but but my big collection things is I have like animatronic
storytelling bears Wow so I got teddy ruxpin TV Teddy and Uncle TJ Barry tells
I have those three so I have two TJ berry Tosca’s ones non-functioning and
and so I have those I bought a VHS player just to play TV Teddy tapes
because it requires one I don’t you’ve heard of tell your oxygen it’s called spinoza
and it has a tape recorder inside of eight like there’s a special pouch one
zip it has a tape recorder and then you put the tape in it’ll play it and it has
like you know volume buttons and stuff sort of hidden on it so is that kind of
what you’re talking about is it personal messages or is it something that comes
with the bear it comes with the bear like they’re they’re taped like stories
about the bear and his friends in the woods yeah that’s exactly Ruxpin was the
first in 1985 I think it was um so he’s a animatronic bear and his eyes open and
close his mouth opens and closes to the tape it’s a cassette tape like he played
music on and she stick it in his back and he responds to it and he’ll tell you
a story there’s a lot of them well I think it’s
funny the guy who voices Teddy Ruxpin also voices his companion grubby so here
hi I’m TV Teddy I know I’m grubby he actually the man who did that actually
he’s the only recurring character he only got who voices all through the tape
other characters come and go and times are played by different people but he’s
the one he is the whole thing and then I have a TV Teddy which was
like like his successor he doesn’t run on cassette tapes he runs on VHS tapes
you don’t put the tapes in him he put it in your VHS player and you use a pass
through which sends a signal to him so he knows what’s going on and he and so
he responds to what’s going on in your TV
so like I’m did you see that oh I can’t believe that just happened
Wow and one of the the novelties is that there’s a character who’s like hi dad TV
it’s like hi there Dave what’s going on not much going on and then I also have TJ Barrett health
he runs off cartridges there and he does the exact same thing I said it rocks at
Penn except he’s got more he can move his arms and his head so he’s got more
articulation I thing is that Teddy Ruxpin was already not that cuddly
TJ berry tail is not cuddly at all you cannot hug him yet
Teddy Ruxpin you can you could probably get away with it he definitely has a
cassette player in his belly and his head’s matted foam no but he does have
soft little legs and arms and you probably get away with hugging him TV’s
happy on the other hand is very huggable that’s good the idears like you hug him
when you’re watching the show yeah as I also have I like I do those regular ones
a lot of vintage technology I recently got into records mostly 80s stuff cuz I
went I went out my birthday and got a bunch of 45 I don’t have a record player Alex want for christmas you sander
anything but yeah I also have a reborn baby doll I think I’ve heard of those
yeah there are there are CH dolls they’re handmade hand-painted unique
things only produced like the blank faces they only produce a couple of
hundred of those and yeah you have to have them like hand
mine’s got hair on it mohair so it’s been hand routed oh wow that’s really
cool I will show you a picture let me see I
gonna find one but um yeah like as a little things look like that you collect those are all really cool things to
collect honestly and I I hope you get that record player and I hope that took
the Kirsten seller decides to drive down the price a little bit you know a more
reasonable standard it’s been sitting there for four months I don’t think it
will go down ever anytime soon you can give him a few years so people have
those weird ideas about how much things are worth like one time I tried to buy a
Furby umm and the person had it listed is like $50 that’s not his extreme I’ve
seen them I seen them run thousand dollars I have a ton of some I have
found though I hate it I’m pretty sure they reproduce if you leave them alone
they just you if you had a state look at my room you would you would agree with
that yes they do disappointed up for Christmas my dad handed me a massive box
of fur bees a massive box of surface all like 2012’s and and stuff but yes
massive amount so I just have them all over my room now that’s amazing do they
all talk to you all the time well then have batteries because I’m a good
electronics keep her and take all the battery down you don’t want leaking okay
yeah but yeah he said he did get pulled over the police when he
a standard thing when he had them and he didn’t they all had batteries in them
and he didn’t know how to turn them off so he had a box full of thirties all
chatting to each other when the police officer pulled them over for a routine
check it was pretty funny what are you creating that cat coming off the
drowning kittens in the lake but even getting too much trouble for it then Oh
No but their toys look Barbies causing you trouble since whenever they were
released the 1990 something 1990 something they’ve been causing you
trouble ever since but they’re cute say we keep them around
obviously like cuteness it’s the most important thing anything else you really want to share
with our you know Bergen inaudi ins our new viewers oh yes hopefully um I
think I put up dipa so for today um well we actually do have listener questions
to come up there so we actually will let’s go into listener questions we have
a couple of them sitting in the inbox right now okay um somebody asks I didn’t
know if you wanted to respond to this I said uh anonymous asks who is Grace I
recognized Julia’s name but I and I’m sorry for the podcast because I someone
previously asked because I who are you who’s Brian podcast and I gave them my
username a too old for toys and obviously no one recognizes grace do
you happen to have a toy related or in social media you want to give out
unfortunately no um as for who is grace maybe she is a state of being maybe she
is person that you’re waiting for she also is a reporter a journalist aspiring
to be not quite professionally it gonna be a kit your kit you’re aspiring to be
defined by a journalist hopefully get something in the Cincinnati newspaper
just like it did I’m definitely more I’m more of a
science journalist though so maybe wanna mix them huh
if Luciana with KITT was living in Lucy last time yes yes absolutely that would
be me right there another one anonymous arcs what inspired you just started your
own podcast I think we only other than what we covered about American girl
anything else do you think you’re an ad you what inspired us well I saw the same
post I don’t know if you saw just that’s awful American Girl podcast I haven’t
listened to them but I heard that you know they’re very divisive of the books
and you know how there needs to be more stuff made for fans I mean I also you
know since I don’t have a toy tumblr would love to you know be more involved
in the community and I noticed that you needed a veteran person who has been
here a while and I think heard I mean I’ve been here for so hopefully you know
I have good information and you know good controversy gossip I guess I hope I
had the good team essentially yeah asking me personally I am I originally
saw does a doll renter that mentioned their name so many times is it though
ran to the post about studying a podcast and then people mentioned the very bad
podcast the podcast whose name shall be mentioned and and people how people were
a derivative of it especially the when we resonated was the episode an episode
on fanfiction when they ripped it apart oh yeah apparently and apparently they
they were really mean and and someone mentioned that a lot of those fan
fictions are made by little girls and people come on like I’m sorry I start
out as a fanfiction artist and it’s like I don’t know I’ve learned my fandom
etiquette from there and I mean I kind of find Tumblr’s fandom etiquette kind
of horrendous in comparison to the live-and-let-live that I learned there
so I always think thought of it as a very welcoming space that you know you
do your thing you let others do their thing if you don’t like it just walk
away click the back and you know stay home
every long as it’s tagged you can write whatever you want exactly so
you know so it infuriates me when people make fun of fanfic for any reason
because it’s our space to do what we want and you know if you really have
that much of you know you should find something else to channel that energy
into that’s a little more positive such as me yeah I wrote the book the worst
fanfiction when I was young got like the insert yourself but you’re a powerful
fan fiction I really liked Stargate so it would be stuff like your stuff like
I’m a mystical alien for another planet who has the only information that can
save the team actually once wrote a Jurassic Park and Twilight crossover
where a half Raptor female took on vampires so you know think about that
for a minute interesting so yeah so I’ve seen and written some stuff but I’m sure
I will actually but still you know you just gotta wear pride honestly I think
it’d be really interesting to make a counter-argument one episode coming up
in the future where we read people’s fan fictions and you might laugh a little
bit because sometimes it might be a bit weird but well but well then we won’t
make fun of it we’re just that’s fine and maybe give a little bit of critic
criticism but like I don’t mean maybe explain like what we like about it you
know what yeah what they could do different but they could but but what uh
what we do like though and what they could expand on oh yeah yeah so that’d
be wonderful and finally anonymous arcs what are your
favorite books about toys I don’t have any really like specific
toys like my favorite I’m gonna have to skip out question I had the advantage of
knowing the questions beforehand I did quickly I was like I don’t remember any
books about toys I go and I and one of the options was Winnie the Pooh is a
book about toys that come to life yeah I actually read the 808 evening Milne
books when I was younger it’s literally like a book why not um there’s actually
when I put my collection of Winnie the Pooh books by a a mil come comes with
poetry of who as a bonus extra book at the end it’s just abstracts from the
books where who reads you had poetry like um what does it mean to be a cloud
floating in the blue oh how I wish to be a cloud weird ponderings or um him
talking about honey I’m used to the Americanized Disney version being where
you know we just call him we tend to drop the win either even though you know
Christopher really yeah we tend to talk win either we usually just say Pooh or
Pooh Bear but that tends to be what the Americans say when were referring to
Winnie the Pooh that’s pretty interesting I mean I used both like I
was bigger than I was a massive weenie the proof and when I was little I had
leave the pooh curtains and we need the food bedspread and I carried her Winnie
the Pooh toy around with me everywhere even took him to the hospital one time
but I had my team I had teeth out and so they had to like disinfect him and then
I got to take him through so yeah I think I interchange it’s winnie the pooh
pooh bear Pooh but I think when the Pooh sounds much better than Pooh because it
just sounds like who doesn’t it I think I think Americans just kind of
forget that part or really try to forget that part we will fully forget that
and finally we’ll get to the trivia today which is did you know a tradition
starting around 1870 ragamuffin day took place on Thanksgiving and involved the
practice of children going door-to-door asking to be given candy or money the
children often dressed in costumes you really imitating the daily wear of
New York City homeless people of the time that is baggy oversized for I
collect clothing and sometimes painting their faces black the day was eventually
replaced with ragamuffin parades in an attempt to end the begging practice to
the cash-strapped reality of 1930s depression these parades were similar
but did not involve the door-to-door begging the parade’s eventually led to
what most now know is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the
ragamuffin parades were all what phased out except in a few small parts of the
outer suburbs these parades are still observed today in places such as Bay
Ridge Park Ridge and Hoboken New Jersey as well as Pleasantville and Barak left
Menna Westchester County oh is that where it came from because I
actually heard a different origin story Wow that that’s really awesome I I
didn’t know that so that’s all for this episode we will be back next week with
another episode we don’t know the topic yet but you will find out soon enough
that’s it folks for this episode remember to hit that like button comment
below your thoughts on today’s episode and remember we accept listener
questions through our blog unofficial American go podcast
and remember well-behaved women rarely make history you

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