blair waldorf “gossip girl” hairstyles! ICONIC HOLIDAY HAIR

for today’s video and recreating it’s my
favorite iconic of Blair Waldorf look this one is so iconic Blair to me and if
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don’t miss any of my character looks I am in New York right now so that was
allowed feed beep and I don’t have a mic so I’m missing half of my stuff so
hopefully you guys still enjoyed this video and I’m so excited to be
partnering with og except for this I’m obsessed with their products especially
since they came out with these stylers last year so you guys have pretty much
seen every single style they have through my videos anyways and I just
love them their hair sprays are amazing and also I wanted to share my favorite
shampoo which I’ve already shared on Instagram a bunch but if you’re
wondering what I use on my hair I put the liquid pearl with shampoo and
conditioner from OGX and let me just read the last line and you guys will
understand why discover silky smooth strands that are illuminated with by
woodsy and reveal your inner mind so can’t get better than that
you smell amazing and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed these looks everything that
I use that will be listed down below and let me know if you’d like to see more
Blair styles and let’s get into it starting with my hair air-dried I
already have into brown eye contacts by the way and I love this super cute
striped top I have on and we’re gonna create a slightly off to the side part
and brush out your hair I’m going to use the OGX smoothing and Shay’s sleek
smooth style spray this protects strands against extreme heat for super smooth
style I love the smell it’s infused with shea butter and marula oil and I almost
never blow-dry my hair my hair is pretty straight as it is so this is awesome to
just spray through in the morning to dampen my hair and then run through with
a brush and it helps smooth it out if I’m just wearing it natural but also it
gives high heat thermal protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and we are about
to curl for this Blair bun girl about three sections on either side
as a part both away from the face we’re getting lots of shine here and AD hold
I’m using the OGX extra strength and honey hold hairspray
this is designed to keep your curls in place all day and it’s infused with
honey and amber extract one of my personal favorite scent combos and
you’ll see that I do this in most of the styles but I love to hold up the curl
and give it bursts with the hairspray upwards to coat within the curl to give
volume without having to tease and it really holds that curl up on your
favorite beau headband this one I did have to DIY I went to Claire’s called
ahead as if they had a red bow headband and they didn’t so I added a ribbon to a
black headband that I already had and if it looks a bit makeshift it’s because it
really is and this one had some padding and volume to it so I’m gonna make sure
the back of this style has enough volume to match that I’m gonna keep the
headband in as I’m working on it my hair doesn’t hold tease the best so spraying
in the honey hold mega hairspray again Oh Jack’s strongest hold hairspray ever
to the roots before lately teasing does wonders I’ll be describing each styler a
bit picking the right styler for whatever
type of look you’re doing really makes a difference and I love how clear the OGX
packaging is for different levels of hold and how everything is a different
color it’s really fun and easy to get the most out of your Styles so quickly
teasing in layers here coming back over and before tossing into a pony add a
couple curls that throughout the back section close up to the root now bring the hair into a low pony with
a small elastic and pull up the curls a bit for more volume and a pre texture
going into the button finally curl the ends of the pony tail of course you can
just curl your whole head but this way we’re using less heat and only adding
curls in sections that will show them off using the base of the pony for a
full bun and this bun is super easy l do it in slo-mo bring the pony it folded
under the elastic first loop the ends with the curls to the side and around to
the top of the elastic with bobby pins pin around the base of the bun and
position the curls to frame the top of the bun you really can’t go wrong with
this step it’ll look pretty no matter what you do and spritz one more time
locking in that bun and with a quick twist to bring the front sections we
curled the back and pan into the curls at the top of the bun I love how the
hair now sweeps over the headband leave some face-framing pieces if you prefer
to do that I definitely do and there’s the Polish that puts still undone bun I
love this hairspray because it doesn’t feel stiff I know the style will last
and this bun is super cute for the holidays with the bow and speaking of
holidays back home in Toronto Oh Jack’s put on the coolest event and I just have
to show you guys these clips we love pop culture on this channel and they
recreated Regina George’s bedroom what for a dream scene and it was everything
so be sure to check out my Instagram for more behind the scenes I’m so ready for
the holidays this year and at this event there was a burning love book treated as
a guest book or you could take a Polaroid and sign and I think that’s
just a really good idea for a holiday party like keeping the aesthetic of
iconic movies and characters but being nice like back to this tutorial I love
flare curls but I’m not about to go sabotage my friends anyway look number
two this was right after I washed and air dried my hair and I hope you guys
can guess from the dress that I’m recreating at the first Thanksgiving
episode a slightly off-center part again and this time about an inch back we’re
gonna comb at the crown backwards this is my all-time favorite hairspray
that I use I’ve gone through four cans this past year and it’s the Oh Jax
bamboo fiber a full big hairspray this one is meant for volume which I am
typically going for I love big hair and for this look we are going to spray
tease the base and then curl away from the face using that same wand hold the
curl and give it another spray and the bamboo fibers and plant collagen in this
hairspray make sure that you’re getting that fullness especially because we are
gonna pin these at curls up top to set and then picking up and curling section
by section lol at the trimming I added to this dress falling off I taped it
like a true DIY Queen I’m gonna hair not sewing and now curl from the back I’m
going towards the face once you like the look of your curls I’m shaking up the OG
acts of bamboo fiber a full sugar height also spray and I’m spraying into
separate elevate and define these curls this is added sugarcane extract with the
bamboo fibers to get that loose lift and look so I’m gonna add more texture to
the polished ringlets like my inspo photo a little more teasing never hurt
nobody and other side again you’re curling towards the face this time if
you’re accidentally curling towards your face when you’re meaning to go away I
know it can get confusing with wands like which way the curl is going
sometimes it really doesn’t make a huge difference if anything it adds volume
because the curls can’t come together if they’re going in different ways but I
did notice the back of the curls looked really nice flowing towards and then the
front pieces were really pretty sweeping backwards take down those curls and bam
they really add volume and polish off the look spray the bank section forward
with a little more hairspray and just for fun I pinned some of the longer
curls that I had up to a match of Blair’s length more and this was super
easy in this lace dress but completely optional rock whatever lank you’ve got
and if you have layers in your hair these curls will be even more bouncy in
full final style is from the iconic Paris
episode I had a ruffle top for this that did not come in the mail so I’m just
wearing a bodysuit but any red top or dress with a red lip is super bold and
this look is a great look for holiday parties
if glam and the hair really isn’t too hard to do starting with dry shampoo I’m
using the OGX silk blowout dry extend dry shampoo in a silk protein and Rose
extract and it does not leave white residue I have darker hair so that’s
essential in a dry shampoo for me and this absorbs oil and enhances softness I
don’t know if I’m alone in this but I never really read instructions on how to
use dry shampoos so for the longest time I’d always skip massaging through the
roots to absorb the excess oil it does make a big difference and then just
brush through and let style leaving out to large front sections that we will pin
back for the half-up half-down do tease the rest of the crown for big volume
this is more of a sleek style so I’m using the og X smoothing and chase sleek
humidity block and hairspray this one’s infused with shea butter and
marula oil for a lighter hold and with a bigger wand curl away from
the face and pin up the two curls nearest to the face and the rest were
just gonna simply loose curl the way I’m spraying in this hairspray is fluffing
the hair backwards for a windswept look like this in SPO photo them going off of bring the front sections into a twist
and pin up right before the nape of the neck use one bobby pin grabbing the hair
upwards and then straight back down to hide it and pull on the twist for added
volume you’re going to do this a couple times
until you like the look at the back I’m using a double mirror so I can see what
I’m doing adding some teasing to try to match the volume I do have a lot more
length but we’re still gonna try to get big hair and there’s the last quick and
easy romantic style set in place with the ojx smoothing and chase sleek
humidity blocking hairspray and let me know which out of these styles is your
favorite and also in the poll which Blair looks are most iconic in your eyes
for fall and winter style or spring summer looks thanks for watching I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and
subscribe for more pop culture videos every week thanks again at – oMG except
for sponsoring this video I love odx an event was so much fun
working with the brand I went to a puffball here in New York in the summer
and that was so much fun I actually reconnected with my novel boyfriend that
so I just I really loved the brand they brought me back with my first lover from
Belgium if you guys are like what are you talking about I do have a blog
channel where I talk more about my personal life sometimes but if you want
to check out that blog where I saw my boyfriend after 11 years but that is
over there reconnect with him right now so it could be so weird I mean I don’t
know but yeah I’m gonna go do that now why am I so nervous
as well as scuffle and you know we just love Jax on the channel
oh come here let me share some photos of you guys it from a different looks
you’ve recreated I love when you tagged me over on Instagram or where you might
merged you guys look amazing and it will see you in my next one


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