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Hello Friends! Welcome back to my
channel “SwagWithSwati” and I am Swati. If you are new to my
channel, then please subscribe to it and hit the bell icon
to get all updates about my new videos. And I upload videos every
Monday and Friday. Friends! Today’s video
is how to do Nude Eyes With
Bold Lipstick Makeup. So, let’s start today’s video! Friends! Start with
applying Primer on face. I am applying Catrice
“Goodbye Pores” Poreless Long Lasting Primer. Now apply green color
corrector in dotted fashion and spread it. Apply it to cover
any red spots. I am using Ingrid
Makeup Base corrector. After applying it
in dotted fashion, dab to spread it. which will hide
any red spots. We applied green
corrector, now we will apply Peach
color concealer under eyes and
along nose which will cover any
pigmented area. Dab to spread it. Now apply Foundation
on face. I am using Inglot
HD Perfect Cover. Apply it in dots and
then blend it. Blend it with
beauty blender. Give sufficient time
for blending to make sure
it is thorough. After applying Foundation,
now do Eyebrow Makeup. You can checkout the
ink in i-Button to see how to do
Eyebrow Makeup. After completing Eyebrow
Makeup, let’s start Makeup for eyes. Today’s video is for Nude
eyes with dark Lipstick. I am applying Ingrid
Light Shade Eyeshadow. After applying light
shade, now I will apply dark brown shade. Apply these shades
with blending brush and blend thoroughly. Now I will apply
Bronze colored light sparkle Eyeshadow
only on half eyelid. Apply it with
Sponge Brush. Spread it from inner
corner towards outside Again blend the
eye makeup. The Eye Makeup is complete. Next apply Eyeliner
and Mascara. After completing
upper eye makeup, now start makeup
for lower eye. Before that, apply light
color concealer. Then blend it properly. Now I will start
lower eye makeup. Use similar steps just
like for upper eyes. First light shade and
then dark one. And blend it properly. Now apply dark shade. Then use Bronze color
sparkle eye shadow in inner corners
and lower side. Now put some lose
powder under Eyes so that the makeup
is not spoiled. Now apply Mascara. Apply it in both upper
and lower eyelashes. Now remove the
powder with a brush. Now apply Kajal. Next, I will apply
blush from Ingrid. Apply on the jawline
to make it sharp and on cheekbones. Next, I will apply
highlighter on high tide areas. In the end, I will apply Inglot Makeup Fixer
to fix the Makeup. Friends! Today’s
Makeup look is for those who like
dark Lipstick. Please comment and
let me know how you liked it. Please give a thumbs up. You can follow me
on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. My handle is
“SwagWithSwati”. Bye Bye! Thank you!


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