Butlins family holiday Vlog (Part 2)

By their guys went back again just The morning after so this is day 2 day 2 then yeah, we’ve got a lot of activities booked today, so Yeah, hope you enjoy the kids are all sleeping. So I’m gonna go wake them up first step Princess Amaya be my I think it’s best to leave and let us sleep because this kid is dangerous breath so Yes, go to swap my clothes for today Me Where I mean And now Come on guys, we got a fun date and go fun day today booked come on jump at action today All right guys come let’s get right here I love the room no All right guys Oh Jorge me hotties One eternity later him Yes, guys we Already come for breakfast now. Yeah last month you get approached him in and we’ll see you very soon Bodies good guys, trust me never been your family Damn son Where do we get the plates from where from here? We’ve got the whole you need Watching mr. Fumble Pretty mouthful be on the floor Oh Like all telling you is alright, so returning to reinsure Next activity were here at the driving school Where ACC? You gonna show us your driving skills? Wait a minute. Have you got your license? No, have you got your license no what their license all the t licenses please You left our home or call my lab to check on the database make sure that you love our license before you start driving around Code sweet let’s do this Yes, guys, this is the right This is the right. It’s the lineup Were in pole position? One pole position You can catch it come on come on, come on Guys we’re just walking around now trying to find the next activity Lot is climbing frame finger, Michigan, we’re gonna do that after To see we’d be the cause Let’s then shoot in the things in it Brad Alright guys we’ve Self-catering hotels, and you see behind me Self catering hotels off in the sparkly strong side. What was staying in the best? This is nice going, yep The balcony there, yeah, yeah This is a lava combination guys Are not they got the balcony This is the not accommodation These apartments So these are different apartments a reception Guys are playing football guys Football going on here this golf course machine 13 Those guys were playing hide and seek right now for fun who’s hiding ally is hyda, right? Sorry A organdy you came from all the way up there Other guys, we’re back right now. We’re gonna do the climb in thingamajiggy brown That’s a climbing frame thing. Yeah, so the girls are booked in Shows what? half twelve now We’ll booked in to do the climbing Yeah register in Carried you was your legs broke Brad VIP VIP treatment, yeah getting dragged off Brad One more step what Spider-man spider-man Yes, guys Leah one not climbing new kind of thing breath so Yep. All right. Now we’re gonna get some ice wall. We’re gonna get both of them by Leo gets a double one oh Yeah, we’re gonna do get that and then yeah Guys Yes guys were here at the ice cream place but to go get some ice cream yeah Yeah Yeah, maybe want some ice cream let’s go get the ice cream now, yeah Yes, we’re here at the ice cream place from cool designs what the ice cream cones Cut this guy’s In your hands, yeah Antibacterial and clean them seem very nice They’re like everywhere around the results all year. So you always have clean hands very important when you’re eating lots of food There While this mango flavor I’ll say I won Maybe Amaya Mr. Gold coin You see these law coming back in now they’re finished Next lot ready to go A hotel so no one would stay that was there that the best one? Why’d you play this game big one Come I know chaplain you love doodling On Maya oh Yeah Manga English language, you know the ganas, right? Long huge Because you know what it’s been a long time ever since I’ve been on these four varieties of gold run around I get like Hopefully, I won’t get sick. Oh, yeah Guys started Oh Listen guys never again gonna be school. Alright for me. I think if it was it I’m getting too old for this Right now we’re gonna go check out this load of What this place is saying in it the Banana He inhaled feed us your five a day, right? Where’s your legs the table with two legs Amazing CiCi’s, whoa, she’s got no legs It’s really weird In this round Are they racing together eating sweet? Galia for Linda bike for Linda Linda but a cylinder by That’s it go for it Go Traveling more hands between your professional. Yeah John Kerry on your crack around you Initiating docking sequence Engaging forward thrusters hasta LaVista, baby Amazing how what one I would love to have the robot. That is so sick Well back right now We’ve got with the Arctic install. I don’t think you can either walk but looking for the party Yeah, what’s waiting in the queue to go To go The control go Oh Whoa whoa, whoa Coming guys Aha you missed There they are guys moving in now All done, come on, let’s go grave go spider-girl spider Yes the restaurant right now Yes has no but favorite time of the day dinnertime Great day lots of stuff to do Today Cioppino souvenir come up later All these bears, you know corny the bear and also Well, uh Maya Maya want some souvenirs Are you seeing Ya oh you want this one you want this one? Okay, all right, so you want the mug instead the mug instead You got a sec That looks like that cheese finger, you know it was that cheese thing. You’re not eat that’s not round cheese I For that boy stop by a little diary I had this whole small brown, it’s nice Yes guys right now we’ll do some shopping 0 for the morning, but noodles is for like night time. You’re not a total class not hungry and all that Hand sanitizer everywhere just all over the place. What is good tsunami? Make sure everyone got clean hands Spike will show you the distance between the supermarket And Our hotel it is building right there that big building that’s our hotel That’s the supermarket Papa John’s of another restaurant diner More fish and chips. So yeah everything Everything rolling reach Yes, guys Hot eight now, we’re gonna go watch the wrestling Or about a half an hour late for it what? You know, hopefully we miss too much Yes. See you inside

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