Camp Invention: A Summer Program Rooted in Innovation and STEM

(upbeat music) – Camp Invention is an
opportunity for kids and instructors to learn different things about science, that maybe they never thought of. – We learned how to make
dogs and build mansions. (squeaking) – Camp Invention is important because it’s a science based camp that allows kids to do
hands on activities. – Breaking the dogs apart,
to see how they work. – We just made little catapults. – Technology, engineering. – Biology, we got the anatomy. The job of the red blood cells? – To um, carry oxygen throughout the body. – We actually have to brainstorm
ideas and build stuff. – [Teacher] We’ve created these optibots where they can kinda personalize
it and make it their own. – Work together and we
learn to like cooperate with other people. Maybe we could try to
use some modeling clay. – You have a curriculum that can guides you through day by day. It gives you that ability to experiment, think, and create. – We are innovators. – [Teacher] Share with their
partners, share with their team and they have really gelled
into such successful groups that are able to collaborate. (upbeat music) – Camp Invention! – Campers who walk away from Camp Invention should
feel like they can do anything and that their ideas are important. (upbeat music)

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