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South’s location is awesome because is only about 30 miles or so from the beach. So, its really not hard to make a quick weekend getaway. I love MobTown because I feel like I always find something new every time I go downtown. Whether is Mardi Gras or I’m just enjoying great food on a spring evening. South’s campus has a really awesome atmosphere because of how open it is. It really invites some of our natural surroundings that are so inherit to Alabama to be part of our campus life. When I visited South’s campus I loved everything about it especially the faculty. I think that was the biggest thing, because everyone was so friendly. I think what makes South special, is a very student centered atmosphere. Is that when you arrive to campus you already feel like part of the community. When I applied to South I was very pleased to see that I was in a university that offered me so many different opportunities and that is what really made me feel like I was in the right place. With all the scholarships on campus, the freshman leadership scholarships, they’re in classes together. You know you have a really close group of people that you know as soon as you get on campus. There are also a ton of other opportunities for different majors, pre-health majors anything that you are passionate about you can come to campus and probably find something were you can get rewarded for that passion. Being involved in a researched based university really gave me the confidence to pursue what I wanted. It enabled to feel like I could really applied what I learned to make a change and difference in society. South has definitely prepared me for the future. All the opportunities that I’ve had prepared me for, you know, getting the job, but also maintaining a strong work ethic. With South offering over 200 different student organizations you are bound to find your place. Whether is athletics, cultural event or organizations, career based organizations or even academic groups your are going to find your place here. There are so many different locations on campus that you can grab something to eat in between classes or a drink from Starbucks when you are studying. As a freshman living on campus it was very convenient. You know, you are right next to the dining hall, you are right next to all your friends. I loved how all the residence hall are right next to each other So you didn’t have to go far to visit a friend. Game day has such a vibrant, exciting energy to it. There is no way that you are going to sit there and be quite. and think you are just going to have a calm time with your friends. You are going to get up there, you are going to scream, everyone is screaming “GOJAGS” on game day, walking around campus, between class, you can feel it in the students here. Come see for yourself what South has to offer and become a Jag!

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