[CC] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Say Goodbye To The Holiday (Finnish)

Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve, everypony wishes Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve, oh, how lovely Stale and repetitive words full of an empty meaning I won’t take part in that because it’s all stupid Everypony loves this daft holiday But maybe it would be good to try a better life Well, now you will You shall forget this holiday With my magic, I’ll erase it Now everypony will get the greatest gift When I’ll make a donation to this community No more games ever again Now when soon you shall forget this holiday So goodbye, holiday, I did win now So goodbye, holiday, you are not needed anymore Finally the freedom’s been received from the useless holiday No more need to care about invitations The day shall just be removed from the calendar Will my magic be able to do it? I’ll see it soon enough You shall forget this holiday I’ll soon be free of doubts Also all the memories of the holiday shall have vanished It’s just healthy for our land You will no more hear anywhere: ”Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve” Ever again Never again

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