China Slow Trains |Part 2| – TRAVEL TREKKER

Jiaxing Next stop will arrive at 8:16 Station name is Jiaxing Station arrive at 8:16 and depart 8:28 It means we stop 12 minutes at next station after one station, will arrive at Hangzhou East Railway Station. It is last car, and the door is locked, outside view is amazing. (Speaking Chinese) Car attendant is going, and It is being reported that the station has arrived. Let’s get off The train time was 8:16 and now is 8:15 and train is arrived. Our drivers eat meal from get off train, and these drivers eating inside the train. We are leaving from Jiaxing railway station. Its time was 8:28 and now is 8:26 and train already left. Leg space of train seats are good, In slow trains, no first and business class seats, In this train categories, Hard seats Hard seats are lowest prices, Hard sleeper and soft sleeper available in berth, Hard sleeper is lowest price soft sleeper is highest price In china trains,…… It doesn’t have to be trash here, which is keep it in tray, And car attendant picks up the trash Hot drinking water is available in trains, you can make tea, You can make tea if you have tea stuff. OR refill your bottle if you have bottle and cool it, not plastic bottle, refill hot water, drink when cold. The railway website is strange, We are arrived at Hangzhou East Railway Station. Public are getting preparation for get off, Public makes a queue to get off. All public of this car are get off here. Arrived at East Hangzhou Railway station, Hangzhou dong railway station (in chinese) I am pronouncing sometimes Hangzhou or Hangchow I am pronouncing in Chinese, Urdu and in English Hangzhou (in chinese Hangchow) Hangzhou (Urdu, English) and this is a platform no 28 It means, it is very big railway station which has 28 platforms Infront a big screen, mentioned time This train will arrive 9:21 and depart 9:40 Arrived at Arrival North No. 5 and indicates Metro, Taxi, etc. Exit gate was same as Metro gates. Gate will open by inserting ticket, Some extra staff was their due to rush, we came from their by showing ticket to staff staff open side gate to reduce rush.


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