Christmas 2018: Glasgow festive donors

I think it’s important to give blood
throughout the year and especially at this time of year, over the Christmas and New Year period. Well, I suppose you never really know what’s round the corner and either you, your friends, your family, it’s like anything could happen. They might need blood. Well, I’ve decided to give blood this Christmas just because it’s the festive season and it’s simple, and painless. I think you should try and make the effort to give blood because it can help a number of people with just one donation. You get a good cup of tea out of it as well. It’s important to give blood so if you have the facilities to give blood, it only takes about an hour of your time and it’s a worthwhile cause. Just come along, people are so nice it doesn’t even take an hour and, like, you get a Tunnock’s teacake at the end, so it’s quite a good thing to do. Well, if you were thinking
about it, I would just say it’s very simple, it doesn’t take long, it’s
painless, and the people in here are very, very nice. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! All the best for everyone for Christmas, and keep giving blood.

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