Cicadas (せみ) – The Sound of Summer in Japan

Hello world. Where I’m from in Japan this is the sound of summer. Okay, welcome to the semi quiz show! Yay! Our contestant is Aiko! Yay… Yay? You’re very excited. It sounds like. Yeah. {whispering} Yeah Yeah! All right, the first question is what’s the English name for a semi? Is it: A Enchilada B Mufasa, or three, cicada? (C) What is the answer? emmm, C? That is right, it is cicada! Yay! [cicadas chirping] Who sings the songs? Is that the boys or the girls? Or the males or the females? So answer A is males and answer B is females. So they song like a sound? -Yeah. -Who makes the sound. -Who makes the loud sound? I think A because boys are rough. Boys are rough? I mean, they just have big voices and Girls like quiet. -Like you’re quiet right now? -Yeah. You’re right. It’s the boys who are the loud ones. Yay. Because you’re loud. The semi’s have a part of their body called a timbo, kind of sounds like thimble that makes the noise. Part of their bodies hollow kind of like a drum or a guitar. Males can even turn off their ability to hear while singing so they don’t damage their version of ears. Which is called the tinpana, so even the guys think their songs are really loud. So, umm… are the cicadas gonna do something bad? How loud are Semis? Is it A: loud like a lawnmower? B: loud like a motorcycle C: loud like a rock concert or D: loud like a hammer drill C. Like a rock concert? There they can be louder than a rock concert even, they maybe loud like a hammer drill. And hammer drill is about 114 decibels and Semis can go up to 120 decibels. You put it closer to your ear like this. -Oh. You can even lose your hearing if you put it really close to your ear? It can damage your hearing. So it’s…what? Oh, the answer is D, hammer drill. Oh. That’s Shin on the swings. He’s just playing. Sometimes they’re not so loud, but get lots of them can get pretty loud, right? Do people normally eat semis in Japan? Is it yes or no? -Well, I don’t know if it in Japan… -Well the answer is in Japan. Do japanese people normally eat semis? I don’t think they normally… No. No, that is correct. people don’t normally eat semis in Japan -Of course. -Well then why of course you were thinking about it! In other countries they do eat semis though. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah, mhm. Okay. Yeah, Japanese people don’t eat Cicadas usually, but many people do such as in China, Malaysia, Burma, Latin America, and the congo. Also females are preferred because they have more meat. Just walking and something bad can happen. Not that bad, just Shin. (Not fully sure what Aiko said there) Aiko, how many eyes does a semi have? Is it A: 2 B: 3 C: 4 or D: 5 Alright. D? -How many eyes is that? -5 -Yes, the semi has five eyes. -Oh There’s two on the outside, and there’s like three in the middle. Oh, I remember that. Yeah. So semis have two compound eyes both the two big eyes on either side and there’s three oculi and oculi means a little eye in latin. And it’s believe that those little eyes those three eyes, they’re used to detect light and darkness. So whether it’s bright, or whether it’s dark. Uh oh. They’re fighting, who’s gonna be the winner? The winner, he’s putting his hand up. Aiko, in Latin. What’s the meaning of cicada? Is it A: loud fly B: Tree Bird C: tree cricket or D: annoying bug emmmm, D? No, it is not an annoying bug even though it is an annoying bug. It is C. -Tree cricket -I was gonna do that I just… I just but -I really want’s gonna do this. -sure sure sure -That’s a semi (?) -What does that mean in English? I don’t know but it’s semi’s clothes. It’s a skin, you mean? Yeah, and And it can stick on your T-shirts. It’s not alive. It’s just too much. They have too much- (?) is too strong so it just sticks. Nymph is the name of a baby semi. So it’s Nymph skin. He’s crushing it with some rocks! Awww. And he’a gonna say budda budda? And budda budda means all everywhere. But you can kill those guys easily. Yeah he really died. Bye! He just said bye. Oh. Well we can see him again. So the Semi crawls out of the middle or top and just comes out. Okay, what do you think of this? No, it’s just disgusting. Eww! Aiko, what do the baby semi’s feed on? And by the way babies are called nips, I bet you didn’t know that. Oh. Now okay, so do they feed on A. bugs B. Tree Sap Or C. Berries. B, tree sap. Yes, the answer is tree sap. It’s solid sacks which is from the roots of trees with the heat on. Oh. So when the baby semis (the nymphs) they hatch in our nest way up high in the trees. They actually drop to the ground and burrow down into the Earth. And then they find a nice juicy tree root. They use their straw like mouth to tap into it. And once they’re done feeding they dig a tunnel out of the ground so you may notice holes in the ground close to trees. Oh he found one. Oh! Eww! Disgusting! A little leaf went inside the nymph. It’s holding on to him. Heh. Oh disgusting. In Japan do kids normally hunt for semis and their skins or is Shin just crazy? Umm… Is it yes or no? Well, I-I know boys and somebody love getting those. So yes. Bing bing bing!The answer is yes. Yay. Shin was crazy. Mhm. Oh he didnt battle. He died. Ahhhh! Oh no. I think he’s dead. He’s dead okay. Thanks for being on the quiz show. Thank you daddy. It’s over. See you next time. Bye! disgusted Scotto’s Can we see it? Dont touch it. Don’t touch it leave it. Oh. Oh no his leg got stuck! Look, it broke. (Inaudible) Bye!

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