[Co-Vacation: Xiumin & Daniel] Xiumin Looks Hypnopompic In The Morning 20170904

[He finally wakes up] [Rolling over] [Getting up slowly] [His hair is a mess] [Where am I… Who am I…] confused.avi [Ah… I’m on vacation] [One more time rolls over] [Gets up from seat] [Last night] [He brought his clothes folded neatly] [How does he tidy his bed?] [Smoothes the edges of the bed] [Finished!] [It looks like a bed in a hotel room] [He plays music through a Bluetooth loudspeaker] [Bobs head] [Red Flavor by Red Velvet] [Brushed teeth in a cheerful rhythm] [After washing his face Wipes his face with a cotton swab dipped in toner] [Then he rubs the lotion using his body heat] [Puts the eye cream on his ring finger] [Sprays moisture on his face] [That’s very different from what Daniel did on his skin] [Quickly] [He has no plans today] [He is so happy to hum] [Cleaned the room according to instinct…] [Should I get out now?] [Whose hat is this?] [Daniel put it there] [I have to leave it here]


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