College Dorm Tour 2018! (College State University)

Oh hey what’s up everyone, I’m here at
college state university and I’m gonna give you a tour of my place Lemme just unlock the door and we can head
on in here This usually works Okay now that we’ve unlocked the door its
time for you to see this place, welcome to my dorm I’ll give you a personal tour of the room,
c’mon here’s my bed, it’s where I sleep, as
you can see its lofted up pretty high and when you’re up there you get a great view
of the rest of the room, and this ladder is extremely easy to use, it’s a lot of fun
to go up and down, super convenient too yeah so here’s my bed, Its super comfortable, you can
kind of just hang out up here, ya know study, watch YouTube, honestly I could stay in this
bed all day Okay let’s move on to the other parts of
the dorm, why don’t you follow me over here, c’mon this… is the sink Now what I really love about this sink is
that it isn’t just a sink, you got the sink of course, but also a mirror and tons of storage
underneath to store all of your valuables alright let’s check out the rest of the
room So if we head back all the way over here,
we have my antique handcrafted desk. What I really like about his classy piece
of furniture is that I come here to get stuff done. It’s a great space to buckle down and learn. If I had one word to describe this desk, I would say knowlege Oh I almost forgot, I wanna introduce you guys to my roomate
I told you I didn’t wanna be in the video Looks like someone got up on the wrong side
of bed hahaha now I’ve got one more special feature to
show you, follow me! Normal bathrooms are a thing of the past,
so I’d like to introduce you to the community bathroom It honestly doesn’t get much better than
this, this facility never comes up short and is full of surprises and you get a choice
between multiple different toilets each with a unique personality Now I’ve got one more thing to show you,
follow me over here, I’ll show you something I think you’ll really like These are the showers, lemme give you a quick tour and show you some of their unique features First off look how much space there is, you
could easily fit like nine people in here, next you’ve got this great storage space,
to put shampoo and other such things that you bring into the shower, last of course
is the actual shower, the hot water may be inconsistent but sometimes the cold water
is just what you need to wake up in the morning so that’s all I have for you for the tour
of my place but before we’re done here today, I wanna tell you a few of
the other cool things you can do here at my dorm Like drinking… a lot of water to stay hydrated Waking up for 8am classes No air conditioning And making these YouTube videos instead of socializing Now that’s just a few of the many incredible
things you can do here, but that’s all I have for you today, see you all next time


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