Community Business Weekend 2019 – FC United

FC United is a community club, a not-for-profit
club, borne out of the takeover of Old Trafford by the Glazers. It was formed to actually
work for the community. We’d had enough of the money taking in football and wanted a
better way. As a community business it is absolutely essential to this area. We need
it not necessarily for the football that goes on but need it because it’s a community hub.
It brings people together. This is paid for by working class people a pound at a time.
Unbelievable really. Unbelievable what a community can do when a community feels like it needs
to do it. We work with the disability team, we work with autism, we work with blind football,
we work with over 50s football. You name it, we’ve done it, and that’s proper community
impact. It goes right across the board, from teenagers on the streets, to elderly people
who need a little community contact, to the homeless that obviously need a little bit
of support, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s so diverse. It touches so many age groups.
It’s open armed, it invites everyone in. It’s our club. I belongs to everyone. Well I love
this club. It’s magnificent. I come here every home game and I meet all my friends, and a
good sing song and a few beers, and really it probably gets us out the house and it keeps
us going. You know, it might give me another ten years. I think the people who’ve done
this have done a remarkable job.

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