Community harvest register quick tour

Welcome to the Window on your farm. Our Link is in the description. This is our navigation page.We are going register your farm. you only do this once. Let’s locate your farm.Search for it on the map. Found It!!! great. Click on the screen and a green marker will drop down. Click on the marker and the registration box appears. Only a few details to fill out and your registered. Don’t forget to Click on the save button and your done. Admin will text you your farmID. You need this whenever you submit a harvest. When you are ready come back to our navigation page. Link in the description. Time to submit your harvest. We recommend this is done well before harvesting. For the market to plan. Here we need your farmID, time your harvesting. If you are already harvesting,how you pack your harvest. Rate, how much you expect will be ready each day. THE MARKET CAN NOW VIEW HARVESTS Power of community harvest register.
“SEARCH” Market can “SEARCH” for type of produce “SEARCH” FOR rape. Result All farms with rape. Market can “SEARCH” FOR community area. “SEARCH” FOR makeni. Result All farms in makeni and their produce. Let’s Do What We Can With What We Have.

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