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it’s time to leave the beaten path and have an adventure that’s truly your own welcome to MOkoTravels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten under-the-radar trips of 2020 are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to merge o travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking at uniquely compelling destinations that receive relatively fewer destinations than they should Uruguay when people think of traveling South America Brazil Argentina Chile and Colombia are the ones that most likely come to mind Uruguay not so much in this 68,000 and 37 square mile nation populated by approximately three and a half million people the pace is notably relaxed both in urban areas in the countryside from Colonia del Sacramento historic quarter a unesco world heritage site to the country’s beautiful and uncrowded beaches there’s much to appreciate about Uruguay ‘inna files will absolutely fall in love with the country’s similarly under the radar wine country where tannic grapes reign supreme of course if you’re looking for something a little more exciting the annual carnival won’t disappointment and the large waves of untarnished wilderness provide ample opportunity for trekking though few people know it Uruguay is a major beef exporter and you better believe they know how to cook it too the asado is to die and dine for Newfoundland Canada arguably Canada’s most overlooked province Newfoundland and Labrador has so much to offer and while the island of Newfoundland might not have the exotic appeal that some of the other entries on today’s list have we strongly urge you to give it a go after all over the last decade Iceland became the it destination because of its rugged natural splendor and though by no means an identical landscape you Finland boasts similarly rustic natural beauty that is sure to take your breath away they even have a few odd the islands rocky shoreline is characterized by dramatic cliffs and dotted with towering monoliths but it also has so much more to offer Newfoundland boasts a rich history and culture a traditional music folktales and seafood depending on the time of year you can also see the Northern Lights or spots various species of whales Pakistan this South Asian country is the sixth most populated in the world but since the vast majority of people live in the nation’s cities there’s still ample room for exploration and adventure Pakistan is often bypassed due to legitimate human rights concerns and ongoing conflicts but in reality much of the country is open to visitors though this nation is often painted in broad brushstrokes in the West it’s also an incredibly diverse country both in terms of cultures and landscapes and tourists are really beginning to take notice in 2018 CNN dubbed Pakistan adventure travels best-kept secret with its soaring mountains lush green spaces captivating deserts dense forests vibrant cities and historic sights Pakistan defies expectations semuc champey national park guatemala guatemala as a nation does fairly well for itself in terms of tourism it’s actually one of the main driving forces of the country’s economy with over two million people visiting every year Mayan ruins colonial architecture religious sites and beaches are some of the primary draws but Guatemala is also incredibly rich in terms of natural beauty and wildlife and now only a fraction of visitors put it on their itinerary semuc champey National Park is easily one of the country’s greatest treasures semuc champey means where the river hides under the stones and the park takes its name from its starring attraction this among champagne national monument a massive natural limestone bridge covering the Caban River the site is staggeringly beautiful with gorgeous turquoise pools of water the park isn’t easy to reach but it’s well worth the effort Armenia this nation is at a bit of a crossroads in terms of both geography and identity on one hand it’s very much steeped in history and feels largely unaffected by outside influence that being said as people increasingly seek out authentic travel experiences the tourism industry is beginning to pick up which makes now the perfect time to visit before tourist centric infrastructure colors the landscape and culture because right now pretty much everything you’ll experience in Armenia is authentic from the food and the accommodations to the exceedingly friendly locals there’s even an Armenian saying that translates to a guest is a gift from God the cuisine of the Caucasus region is quite distinct the Armenian countryside is staggeringly beautiful and the country is rich in historic sights what more could you want Sri Lanka Southeast Asia is an area of the world that is by no means lacking for international visitors in fact some of the most popular destinations like Indonesia and Thailand are struggling with issues of over tourism but the nation formerly known as salon is in South Asia and is a wondrous destination despite terrible terrorist attacks it suffered in 2019 from historic temples to amazing food affordable Sri Lanka has it all try a khutuwati tea lovers in particular are sure to be blown away by the seemingly endless tea plantations while the countryside offers ample opportunity for hiking if you’re the sort of traveler who prefers to take advantage of the tropical climate by surfing getting a tan or frolicking in the waves awesome beach towns like Marisa una hua tuna and bento de up bursting with appeal mongolia survey a hundred people and ask them for the top ten places on their bucket list chances are incredibly low that Mongolia is going to come up the 2020 is the year to change that even with Asia’s coronavirus concerns but travelers increasingly looking for authenticity when planning a trip mongolia is likely to see an increase in the number of international visitors it receives among this rugged land of adventure the locals continue to practice age-old traditions and are fiercely proud of their culture which they’re only too happy to share a trip to Mongolia usually involves a crash course in a nomadic way of life complete with a stay in a traditional yurt and observing local competitions and games for anyone looking to reconnect with nature and escape civilization with the option of returning to a bustling city or lambatos should you choose Mongolia is the perfect destination promising an utterly unique travel experience do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos [Music] you


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