Cooples Dream Job – Das Finale der Freeride World Tour

I quickly want to take a look into my dream job.
I need to go to Verbier. I developed an expedition sense of packing. Technical mess, best friend and my skis. So we are in the gondola to Verbier right now.
Very exciting! Today is the day before D-Day,
where everything should be ready. On top of Bec des Rosses!
We’re waiting for the starting gate to be delivered. Hiking back to the “Bec”.
This is one of the best places to work! The most intimidating venue in sports,
the Bec des Rosses! This is the grand finale of
the Freeride World Tour! This is the Xtreme Verbier! You’re ready. Thank you! Keep going! It was just an awesome day on the Bec des Rosses! Super cool, super crazy, super sick! And now it’s time to party!

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