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Hello friends! Having already explored Christiania in the previous video, Today’s focus is going to be on other sightseeing spots around Copenhagen. That being said, let’s start the video! I say it with love that Copenhagen is a surprising City! It’s one of those cities with a small town like feel in its appearance But at the same time the buzz and vibrance that matches any major capital city across Europe It’s also a city where you can visit one of the oldest Luna parks in the world, ride the waves of its famous waterways and gorge on to the delicious food – all within one day As far as practical, I always prefer to explore a place on foot to get a lay of the land and have an overview of the city. The colorful waterside town houses, boats on the canals, amazing restaurants and the little mermaid, Copenhagen is famous for a lot of things but being a budget destination is not one of them! This pretty laid-back city is worth the splurge though. Speaking of which, I stayed at The Admiral hotel. Scandinavia has some of the world’s highest prices and Denmark is no different when it comes to that but at times it’s possible to experience Copenhagen’s high quality of life and designer style without spending big. The hotel is also ideal due to its close proximity to numerous important landmarks Thanks to the encouraging views. I set out to explore the area soon after checking in Public transport is easy, clean and accessible. Buses or fully automated driver less metros bring you close to each point of interest in the city. Depending on your interest & time available, You can opt for a City Pass or a Copenhagen card. The Copenhagen card is the more expensive of the two but gives you free transport throughout the region and free admission to 87 museums and attractions You can also check the official website to plan sightseeing, shopping etc and take a call on which of the two cards fits your requirements better. Note that on Sundays and Mondays many museums are either free or closed. Thus possibly making the card of less value on those days. Less than five minutes on foot from the hotel and we emerge in perhaps hat is the most photographed area in Copenhagen – the Nyhavn or the New Harbour? The love lock bridge is the favorite photo point for getting the best views on this location Nyhavn is a 17th century waterfront, canal and an entertainment district in Copenhagen which has fine dine arrangements and acts as a hub for all the age groups, most of who are tourists. The bar and the restaurants can be really expensive here but you can always buy takeaway drinks from a supermarket and sit along the pier for free and enjoy the same views. I always thought that the Danes and the Swedes have a bittersweet rivalry, but little did I know that the two countries were actually fierce rivals in the past and the canal was actually dug up by Swedish Prisoners of war from the Danish-Swedish war which happened in the 16th century. Present-day the canal harbors many historical wooden ships and is notorious for beers, sailors and gentlemen clubs, i.e prostitution, which by the way, is legal in Denmark. Real estate is extremely expensive in Denmark so, a lot of people also live here in boat houses. The place is flocked by tourists day and night alike and rightly so! Just a few minutes away on foot is the next spot and I reached there by taking a stroll along the waterfront behind the Admiral hotel. It’s really interesting to see all these old boats in such pristine condition We now emerge at Amalienhaven, that is the Amalien garden. It’s a small park located between Amalienborg Palace and the waterfront in the Fredericksstaden neighborhood of central Copenhagen. Established in 1983, This is a relatively new park which is a gift from the AP Moller and the Chasten McKinney Moller foundation to the people of Denmark Right next to the gardens, this is Amalienborg. It’s a huge octagonal shaped area which consists of four identical classical palaces. It is the home of the Danish royal family. Amalienborg actually was originally built for four noble families. However, when Christiansborg Palace burned down in the 1794, the royal family bought the palaces and moved in! Coming up next is an important fact, check out this kind interaction with this gentleman: Everybody is home now. You see? Sorry? Everybody is home, when the flag is there! The Queen is home, the Prince is home, everybody is home. Okay, so everybody’s here! That was great information! When the flag is there, they are home! Alright, thank you! The palace with five chimneys on the left is where the Queen resides, and as you just heard from the gentleman, since the flags are hoisted, so, it means the members of the royal family are here. Coincidentally, I also saw the Queen quite up-close when she was going for a sail later on this day. That will come later in the video as well. Right at the center of amalienborg square is the statue of King Frederick As you would have already guessed, Amalienborg is guarded day-and-night by the Royal Life Guards Their full dress uniforms is fairly similar to the one of the Foot Guard Regiment of the British Army. The guard marches from Rosenberg Castle at 11:30 a.m daily through the streets of Copenhagen and executes the changing of the guard in front of Amalienborg at noon Just two minutes away from this location comes the Frederick’s Church popularly known as the Marble Church for its rococo architecture. The church forms the focal point of the Fredericksstaden district and it has the fourth largest church dome in Europe. With the span of 31 meters, the copper green dome rests on the 12 columns and is inspired from probably the Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome. Oddly enough, the church is not marble, but limestone. It’s named the “marble church” because they longed to have one. But the construction was slow and the budgets were cut. The church was finally open to the public in 1894 If you notice, the Copenhagen Opera House, the fountain in Amalienhavn, the Amalienborg and the church all are the same axis. Quite cool, isn’t it? Speaking of the opera house, it’s a 10-minute walk across the bridge from Amalienhavn. As you would have already realized by now, central Copenhagen is fairly compact so it’s easy to walk around. The Copenhagen Opera House is notably one of the most expensive opera houses ever built with the construction cost to well over 500 million u.s. Dollars For culture on a budget you can get a standing seat here for 100 DKK and you can sometimes bag a seat if one’s free after the first act. After exploring this area, Christiana is where I’m headed next. It’s just a 10-minute walk away, all we have to do is keep heading towards the tall Church in the distance and we’ll get there. The Sun kept playing hide-and-seek all day, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the views along the way nonetheless Now Christiana is one of the most interesting parts of Copenhagen. Once a commercial center, it attracted artists and people who thought outside the box Present day, it’s a community for alternative thinkers with fairly relaxed rules. The beautiful apartments here were once warehouses. I’ve made a separate video to cover Christiana I will link it at the end of this video and also in the description box. Please do check it out after the video If you’re taking a bus tour, it will reach you right on the Main Street, from there you have about 100 meter walk towards Our Savior’s Church Its famed for its mesmerizing helix spire with an external winding staircase, which can be climbed for extensive views of the city One of the best ways to see Copenhagen is from the water. You will get a free boat trip if you have a Copenhagen card. These public barges run between the Royal Library on one end of the harbor to the Little Mermaid statue at the other, passing Christianshavn, Nyhavn and the Royal Opera House. There are several small monuments along the waterfront and overall, I think it’s a very pleasant walk. By the way, during a walk, I could hear the distinct sound of the Engine from the Royal boat (Engine Sound) And it was actually quite some distance away. So, I wonder if something was up? Moments later I learned that the Queen was on her way to the pier. The pick up boat arrived soon after and then came the Queen as well. No, Not in the limo, as I misunderstood! But in the Royal car along with her husband and sisters. By now the news had already spread and came also some crowd who had gathered. Check it out! I mean, what are the odds? A few moments ago I had just found out that the Queen was in town and now I was seeing the royal family right in front of my eyes! This was totally unexpected and definitely a big bonus! If you’ve been following my posts on Instagram, I think you already know that I work with Maersk, and their headquarters are right here So, there was no way that I was going to miss it! It’s always a pleasure and a thrill of some sort when I’m at this spot! Walking further along the waterfront you come across the Long Line garden. This also marks the beginning of the long line pier and promenade. The area is a popular destination for excursions and strolls in Copenhagen and most arriving cruise ships berth here too Also, this location is the home for the most photographed Danish citizen! Yes! the Little Mermaid! Besides being an iconic symbol of the city, the bronze statue depicting the mermaid becoming human, is a favorite for a point amongst tourists who visit here. Expect a lot of crowd when you at the spot, but it can also get slightly frustrating. Listen in: While in Copenhagen, one of the hot spots with the tourists is the little mermaid which is in the background there, along with some other tourists! I’ve been here for almost 20 minutes now and it’s incredible because, I mean the location is incredible, Yes! no doubts, but You will see a bunch of tourists, I guess they’re part of some group Most likely some kind of walking tour or probably one of these guided tours, and what is incredible is because I’ve been here 20 minutes, waiting to be at THAT location somewhere there, so I can get a close-up view, a photograph with a little mermaid, but it’s absolutely not possible! it’s It’s unbelievable how a group of tourists can just, you know, like reach a spot – hi jack it! And then not move at all! Without any due regards to other people who are also waiting, you know, these people are also waiting It’s incredible that they just don’t move. Anyway, so finally I decided to do this from a distance and hopefully in the next few minutes if there’s a opening I’d go there click a photo because it’s just not possible. Also, it says “Do not climb on the monument”, but I also saw some people trying to do that now! Unbelievable, but true! Alright so, the wait doesn’t seem to get over. That group in the distance is still there and there has a new group because every 15 minutes the sightseeing bus makes a round here. So, I guess I should just stop waiting and then jump in the right there * jump in right with the rest of people and hopefully get a shot of this. I crossed the garden again on the way to the Gefjon fountain. The fountain features a large-scale group of animals figures being driven by the Norse Goddess Gefjon! The fountain was donated to the city of Copenhagen by the Carlsberg foundation on the occasion of the bewery’s 50-year anniversary It was originally supposed to be located in the main town square outside the city hall But it was decided instead to install in its present location, that is, near the Citadel I think it looks quite good and complements the St. Albans Church, also known as the English church, which is right next to it As you can see the spot is quite popular and right on the sightseeing bus route Also guys helped me out a bit, I think I saw what looked like a newly wed couple in a red fire truck I tried to Google but I have no idea what was going on So if you know something about this tradition, please post the information as a comment. I am really curious about this While at the Fountain area, you can already see the Citadel’s southern entrance, called The Kings gate. It’s just a 10-minute walk on foot to there and the beautiful views stay by your side throughout the walk The Citadel is one of the best-preserved fortresses in northern Europe. It is constructed in the form of Pentagon with bastions at its corners. A number of buildings are located within the grounds of the Citadel including the Citadel Church as well as the windmill. The windmill here is the last to the 16 which is still working. It is said that in the olden days the Citadel could hold supplies for up to 1,800 soldiers along with the families for up to 4 years in case there was a siege! Present day, the area houses various military activities, but it’s mainly serving as a public park and a historic site! Copenhagen by night is an amazing experience in itself! Visiting Tivoli Gardens is actually a preferred thing after dark! Also, going shopping, exploring the neighborhood or just chilling by one of those benches at a square are some of the things that might interest you Oh! and just for the info, there are many 7-Eleven outlets in Copenhagen. They sell SIM cards if you need one and they also have free Wi-Fi in case you get lost and need to navigate somewhere. Also, there are many other cheaper food options if you don’t want to spend on fine dine. It’s impossible to cover everything, but I’m happy with the time I spent here and the things that I saw. Overall, I think Copenhagen is a fantastic city with a lovely balance between old in modern architecture. The city is really well set up for bicycles and the locals are really friendly. Speaking of locals, I ran into a group which was trying to spread awareness about diabetes. Despite being a new youtuber with little reach, I promised them that I’ll add their message in my Copenhagen video. Please support them. They meet monthly at a cafe called Cafe Suk and talk about diabetes awareness. Here they are: All right! So on that note I conclude this video. Give me some feedback – thumbs up or thumbs down depending on what you thought about it. And if you have a question, you can also post it as a comment If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing and as always, keep exploring, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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