Daxton & Paisley’s Room Tour + GIVEAWAY!

-Hey everyone. I’m Mindy from cute
girl’s hairstyles. And today, I have Daxton
with me and Paisley. And they’re so
excited to show you guys their final
finalized room tour! So let’s go do it. Let’s go show them. So whose side is this
side of the room? -My side! -Daxton’s side. Do you love it? -Yes. -Yes. Can we all tell he’s so excited? So this bedding was
the bedding that I found that set the tone for the
entire room that we decorated. And the problem I ran into was
because it’s a shared room. It’s a boy and a girl–
finding something that was still masculine enough
for Dax and still feminie for Paisley. So this is what we came up with. I saw this bedding online and
not only loved the stripes on this one, but
also fell in love with the entire concept
of this bedding. So show them how it works Dax. There’s a zipper. And he unzips. And voila! He can climb in. And I will show you how it
works, because it’s so awesome. So the whole bed
is hooked together. Imagine a bed in a bag,
but all sewn together. So there’s a fitted sheet. It feels like a fitted sheet. But it’s the entire bedding. So you pull the
whole thing over. And that’s hooked to
the actual bed sheet, right here, which is hooked
to this awesome minky blanket, which is my kid’s
favorite, because they love the soft, silky,
cuddle-feel to it when they’re in bed. And then on top of that,
you have the comforter all sewn onto it, so the
kids can do this. Show them how you made
your bed in the morning. Zip, and he’s done. So it’s crazy easy,
quick, and simple. And then I don’t have
to make the beds, because even Paisley
can zip hers shut. And I love it, because Paisley
doesn’t kick her covers off at night. So it’s fantastic. So I got this bed at wayfair.com
and put this nice metal bed together with all
of his fun bedding. So we have this fun
truck pillow that Jenny from ShowMeCute actually came
down and painted for Dax, which I just love. And this one came with
the bedding, as well, and so did this one. And then we got this one
at just another bedding store here locally. I found these sconces,
which I thought would just help pop
this wall over here, and I got these from
Restoration Hardware. And show them how they work Dax. He loves these, because
he reads at night, and he can just pop
them on and read until he gets tired, and
then just shut it off. Dan-da-da. And we’ve got some little fun
gas tanks and a “d” for who? -Dax! -Daxton– and his little table
here for whatever he wants to have at night, which has some
little books on it right now. We have these crazy, tall
ceilings in this house. They’re 10 feet tall. So to help bring the
walls a little bit down, I added board and batten
on the walls right here and just had someone come
in and make this for me. And then I knew three big chunky
piece to help decorate it, and I found these so
cute– a Historic Route 66 sign and a Standard
Oil Company sign. And they’re both metal. And then this cute little
metal stop sign right here. And all of those were
from Hobby Lobby. So super easy to find,
and literally, just put up on the wall, which takes
no effort, so it’s fantastic. So on this side of the room, we
have another little gas tank. And I knew Dax
needed a little space to keep his toys, or maybe some
socks and underwear, something like that. So we got this fun
little locker cabinet. These drawers just open up. You can see Paisley has
Prince Eric hanging out in there right now. So we just found these
fun little lockers that are all numbered. And this was
actually Hobby Lobby. And this looks just like some
stuff on Restoration Hardware right now, but way, way cheaper. So great alternative. So to just help pull
in some extra colors, and because I’m seeing fun
pendants hanging everywhere in bedrooms right now, I went
ahead and got these triangle– they were just white cardboard
pendants at Hobby Lobby, and then took scrapbook
paper with letters on it. And we spelled
out Daxton’s name. So you can see,
it’s D-A-X-T-O-N. And we hung those off
the foot of his bed. And underneath the
bed, this was probably the thing that meshed
the room the very best, because Paisley’s
bed is actually red. And this rug right
here is made out of denim and little
strips of wool. And it pulled out both
the blues and the reds, and then also pops
the paint color with these little
bit lighter squares. And I got this on rugsusa.com. So that was a fantastic find,
and probably one of the hardest pieces was just
finding the right rug to mesh the two
beddings together. And this is perfect. So now, we enter Paisley’s
half of the room. This room was
shaped like strange, with this little
offshoot, off to one side. And we decided that it would
be the perfect little princess area back here. Do you love your sheepskin rug? It’s soft, huh? So what I did was when I
had the person who build the board and batten for me. I actually found a
picture of Pinterest and had him replicate
this fun bed. So it’s all built in. And under here, it’s
just a giant drawer where we can either do a
trundle bed, or toys, depending on what we want to use it for. So we added these
adorable sparkley knobs. So I knew once I had
the bed finished, that this bedding would also
be perfect for this space. And I went online and
found this amazing– it’s called “Retro Ruby” damask
print on beddys.com, as well. And again, it zips. So Paisley can just
unzip it, and climb in, and then zip it back up in
the morning when she’s done. And it’s all built in. And I love it, because
I don’t have to tuck the other side of the bedding. This space, because it’s
built in, and bunk beds would be the same way. They’re difficult to reach
all the way over and get on the other side,
which is awesome. And the pillows I mostly made. I make this one with just
some lace, and some fabric, and pom-poms. This one actually came
just like this fabric. It just had the stripes
already sewn onto it. Jenny and I sewed
the pillows together. And then she did this
cute, little glitter heart for Paisley. So it was a really fun way
to decorate the pillows. This red one came
with the bedding. So that was an easy find. It also came with a red
and white polka dot. So the bedding came
completed in a package with a sham, a pillow, a sheet,
a fitted sheet, a blanket, and a comforter all in one. So that was a great, easy
way to shop for bedding. When the twins saw this
bedding, they actually loved it so much
that we recently ordered them a set too. And I’m hoping that since
it’s so simple to make, my teenagers will
even make their beds. This love sign was
crazy easy to make. It’s just foam board that
we cut into the word, “love,” and a little heart,
and then just use scraobook paper with mod podge to
cover it so that it matched Daxton’s side of the room, so
it holds some of the denims back into her space. And then we did the same
thing with her little fabric swag and her little
“sweat pea” sign. We covered it in
denim, scrapbook paper, and used all of the same
colors in the fabric here. We used silver and
sparkles, so it’s still those really girlie, and
red, and blue, and white. But it just has a very feminine
touch, which I just love. I love, love, love her swag. And I also wanted to pull some
color to this side of the wall. So I painted these just
basic wooden frames that I got at Hobby Lobby red,
and that added a little pop on the walls. This crown, I found
at Hobby Lobby, but it was black and this
really shiny material. And so we just got some
silver glitter spray paint and spraypainted it so that it
would match all of her silver. And the “p” was just
a little wooden “p” we found at Hobby Lobby. And the flowers, same thing. And we just hot-glued
all of the flowers onto the shape of the “p,”
which added a really, really fun feminine touch. And she loves that thing. She keeps running around
the house, it’s my “p.” It’s my flower “p.” So this little lighted
heart that is so fun, I found at Restoration Hardware. So that was literally
a purchase and hang on the wall, which is great. To really make this side of the
room feel like it’s her space. And everything else, we got
these really fun polka-dot curtains. And we got these little–
they’re called swing arms. I had never seen these before. But they’re half arms, because
I didn’t want a curtain rod across the entire thing. And there’s no wall
to mount it on. So we got these little
swing arm curtain rods, and we just draped the curtains
down, bought some ribbon. And we even found these
so cute little crystals to tie to the end that
matched the crystals on her light fixture. So it pulls everything
in her room, in her little section
of the room together. So this is definitely
Princess Paisley’s area, and her little sheepskin rug
from Restoration Hardware too helps just make it feel
super girly, and feminine, and warm, and cozy–
and just really fun. Bathroom is Jack and Jill
bathroom onto Ryland’s. We found this cute little
tin at Hobby Lobby, as well, that’s a Chevrolet
Corvette sign, which helps pull the car theme together. Just a little “y” for Daxton’s
favorite football team. Now, when I was
designing their room, I knew we had a little
space over here. And I really wanted to have
a seating area of some sort where they could just
have some chill space, and some relaxation, an area. So we found these adorable
little lean back chairs. They’re little miniature
sized on Restoration Hardware. And I bought two of those. And then of course, accented
with homemade pillows, with just again,
the cars in them, and the little stuffed animals. And I found this pillow
actually at Target this had the little
tassels, so I thought it still felt feminine,
and found this little metal stool. And we used it just as a
table instead of a stool. So they have a little
spot for their books. And then also, a little box
where they can set their stuffed animals or any
little excess toys. On the wall, again, I
have really high ceilings, so I wanted something
pretty good sized. And I just looked into
finding these awesome– they are chalkboard metallic. They’re metal on the
outside, but then it was chalkboard
paint on the middle. And they were at Hobby Lobby. And I bought three of those. And then we just used
chalkboard paint and chalk to design them to
look like road signs so that it would match
the rest of the room and really accent Daxton’s
space and his car theme, but still tie the
entire room together. I also decided to paint–
the walls are called “sea salt” by Sherwin Williams. And I was not at all
sure about this color when somebody
recommend it to me, and it’s actually a green,
if you can believe it. It’s like in a
green tonal swatch. And I thought, oh my gosh. It’s green. It’s not blue. It’s not going to
paint well at all. And she kept telling me it
would go on fine, and it has. It’s been awesome, one of
my all-time-favorite colors, because it’s still
light, and airy, but it’s this beautiful blue,
calming color that just matched the entire room perfect. We got it all together. Give us a thumbs up if
you like this video. yay! Say, “thumbs up.” -Thumbs up. -Thumbs up. And if you are interested
in a beddys.com bedding, they have actually offered
us a fantastic coupon. You can get the link for it
in the description box below. It’s for $50 off, which is a
really, really good coupon. And it’s good for a month. So make sure you go use
that, because I wish I had had it when I bought mine. On top of that, we’re
doing a giveaway– yay, for three twin-size beddings. And all of the rules and
what you need to do to enter will be in the description box. But you must be 18 or older,
have your parent’s permission. It is open internationally. And it’s open for three weeks. So it ends on May 12th
at midnight our time. And we’ll let the winners
know when then have won. And yay! I think that’s it, right? Yay! Claps for mom. Yay! We’re finished. And we will see
you guys next week. Bye guys. -Bye bye. -Blow kisses. [SMOOCHING SOUNDS] You’re a funny girl. Ah! Ah! Tickles for you! Ah! [GIGGLING] You’re a funny girl. Look, you match
Daxton’s bedding. [GASPS] Where’s Paisley? I can’t see her anymore. She just blends in. Where’s Paisley? There she is! I see! I’m going to get you.


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