DISASTER HOLIDAY! VR Vacation Simulator

– Hi, buddies. You guys are watching
Kawaii Kunicorn Gaming. So I am continuing my beach vacation in Vacation Simulator VR. And I think I’m gonna head up
to the grill station up here because it looks like a lot of these bots are ready for a lunch break and I think I am just the right person to create some delicious
burgers and hot dogs. So I did one of the tasks here before. I made a burger for SandcastleBot. But I still don’t have a lot of practice and there’s lots to learn. So I think I’m going to fire up the grill and we’re gonna get some hot dogs going ’cause it looks like, yeah, SportsBot is in the
mood for a delicious hot dog. So let’s grab some of these out. Just gonna melt them on the grill here and while those are cooking, oh my gosh, they’re cooking so fast. While those are cooking I’m gonna get my hot dog buns out. Oh my gosh, we’ve got three. Ooh, they all look ready. Ooh, hot hot hot hot hot hot hot! Okay. Ooh, alright, I’m gonna turn
off the grill for safety. So I have three hot dogs and I only actually have one
order here from SportsBot. But don’t tell anyone, I’m gonna keep these on the counter just in case someone else wants a hot dog. So let’s just grab a bit of ketchup and what else does he want? He wants some mustard. Ketchup and mustard for
our good friend, SportsBot. So with the burger that
I made for SandcastleBot, GrillBot actually made
me deliver it myself. But I’m gonna see if maybe, maybe he’ll just deliver
it this time for me. Here’s the delicious hot dog. – I’m more of a watch and learn bot. I need you to deliver the orders. – Cool, kinda thought that
was how it’s gonna be. I’ll just take this, don’t worry about it. Okay, let’s find SportsBot. Alright, SportsBot is, SportsBot, I think that must
be SportsBot over there. The one that I was playing
catch with the last time. So let’s head over. Oh my gosh, do I have to get in the water holding this hot dog? Okay, hold the hot dog
way out of the ocean, way out of the ocean. Ah! I think I’m holding it there. Okay, I’ve got a hot dog for you. But you’re kinda far away
and I’m not left-handed. So okay, let’s see if
I can get this to him. If it drops in the ocean
GrillBot’s gonna be so mad. Okay, here you go.
– Fist bump, that’s my diet. Thanks.
– Amazing! Cool. No problem. Wow, you ate that really really quickly. Alright, back to the grill. ♪ Doot doo doo doo ♪ And up to the grill. – Thanks for making all those orders, mate.
– Oh my gosh, no problem.
– Here’s a memory for your trouble.
– Thank you. Oh my god, I think GrillBot’s Australian. That’s so funny. What’s this? Beach orders! I’ve created a memory. Wow! Cool! Alright, food orders, intermediate. I wonder if I should do
some more food orders. Alright, so I’m gonna make a few more orders for GrillBot here because it looks like he’s
totally swamped with orders and obviously he’s very
busy doing lots over there. That’s fine. Alright, let’s get a few more things here. Oh my gosh, BurgerBot wants eight burgers. But they’re mystery burgers
which is pretty cool ’cause it lets me express
a bit of creativity to make a few different kinds of burgers. I get to design my own flavors
which is pretty exciting. So let me know in the comments section what you like to have on your burger and maybe I will make
it next time for you. Oh my gosh, they’re ready. Okay. Oof! How am I supposed to make eight burgers? There’s no room on this counter. Alright. So how do we get the top off? Okay, well this one’s a plain one. – This is not quite right, mate. – What?
– It does look like a burger but we can’t leave out any ingredients. Check the board to see which could be missing.
– Are you kidding? It says mystery ingredients. It’s like question mark times eight. So you gotta give clear instructions. Okay, how about I’ll go with a traditional ketchup and mayo burger like that. How do you feel? Oh no, oh no, no. You saw nothing, five-second rule. There we go. What about this one?
– Crikey, I hope that’s not for me. – Are you kidding?
– I totally definitely didn’t order that. Hey if it’s for another bot, you have to bring it to them yourself. – What did you just do with my burger? Wait, is this? Is this a pretzel? Okay, I’ll eat that for a
little bit of sustenance. Okay, well I’m gonna ignore
your eight mystery burgers or whatever it is that you want there. I’m going to make a nice
burger for SunTanBot who seems a lot more reasonable frankly. And I’ve actually got some hot dogs here that are not too old, maybe like five minutes old. That’s not bad. So let’s get some mustard, some mustard on this hot dog. There we go. Okay, it looks like SunTanBot wants some sort of delicious refreshment and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and I can’t see anything up here. So I’m thinking that maybe the
drinks are in the Dock Shop. So I’m gonna take this hot dog with me and let’s go down here and check out the Dock Shop. Alright. Cool. Hello. Oh yes! This is it! Yes, this is totally it. Hey, how’s it going? I’m actually here to pick up a
drink for one of my customers over at the grocery. You don’t care, that’s fine. Okay, we’re just gonna need sand dollars. Maybe, will it work? – If you’re hurting for cash you can find some sand dollars on the ground in shallow water. – Amazing, okay. Why do I have to buy the
drink for SunTanBot though? It kinda feels like that
SunTanBot should be paying. – Welcome to the Dock Shop!
– Hi! – Hey, you’re my first customer today. Let’s make a memory together.
– Okay. – Take a selfie and hand it to me so I can frame this moment.
– Okay, I’m kinda busy. – And don’t forget your
camera hovers, my human. It will let you strike a sweet pose. – Alright, cool. Well I mean I am a little
bit busy but that’s fine. I’ll just put down the hot dog. Let’s take a selfie. You’re clearly pretty excited about this. Here’s my camera. Let’s just pop this here, like this. There we go. A selfie! Yay! (camera shutter clicking) Look! Oh, it’s still going. Oh, here’s one. It’s still taking pictures. Stop! Oh, stop! Oh, put it away! Ah, picture’s everywhere! Look, here, so many selfies!
– If you wanna take a selfie, you can use the camera in your backpack.
– What? – It hovers.
– I totally did. Here look, I took a selfie. – Flip that camera around and take a selfie, human.
– I took a selfie. – Give me the photo when, ah! Awesome!
– Yay! – Nice selfie, human!
– Thanks. – I’ll put it on the wall so we can remember this moment forever.
– Oh my gosh. What a treasured memory.
– Oh, bytes. Here’s a memory for you. – Oh, a memory of when we took a selfie. That’s so nice. Oh my gosh, I level up to two memories. Okay, I’m just gonna put my
backpack back together here. This has been kind of an odd interaction but it’s still been pretty fun. How do I do this, there we go. Pop that in my backpack. And is it okay with you if I just leave this hot
dog here for a minute while I go try to find a sand dollar because I kinda need to get
this order out to SunTanBot. He’s gonna get really upset with me. This is cool. This is like a little security camera or something over there. – I heard that SandcastleBot’s
making some gnarly abodes. – Oh. Cool. Alright, I gotta go
find some sand dollars. Okay, if you see any sand dollars anywhere let me know in the comment section because this is turning
in to be quite the task. Okay, so they did say that there could be some in the water. (splashing) I think I’m just gonna go under. Oh I see some, I see some! Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! I have them! Yes! – Oh my, would you look around? There are so many butterflies on this beach.
– Oh my gosh. – Emotion, all of these tiny creatures.
– Uh-huh. – Would you be a kind human and fetch me three different types? They’re very shy, so move slowly. – Okay, cool. I mean I’m trying to do a lot for a lot of bots right now. This is meant to be my holiday and I’m actually working quite hard. So, hold that thought. I’ll be back in a minute. – Butterflies love sweetness.
– I gotta go. No no, I gotta go. Alright, let’s go back in here. I finally have a sand dollar. There’s pictures of me on the ground. Yes! – I hope you had an excellent time, vending.
– Uh-huh, okay cool. I gotta go. I gotta go. Alright, SunTanBot. SunTanBot. Oh, here you are. Oh my gosh, I’ve been
looking everywhere for you. You would not believe what I had to go through
to get you your order. So here you go. – Are you serious? This is not at all like the hot dog I asked for.
– What? – Go back and do it better next time or I’m gonna have to speak to your manager.
– No! No! He chucked it on the ground! What about this drink? I bought it with my own money! I bought it with my own. (electricity sparking) Money! Nope? Cool, I’ll just leave it there for you. Oh my gosh, this is a disaster! And my hot dogs disappeared. Oh you know what, this is a perfectly good hot dog. I’m going to eat it. It was delicious. Okay, if you think that SunTanBot is being a little bit picky, please give this video a thumbs up because I’m not feeling
especially supported in my role right now. Let’s head back up to the grill. Okay. So let’s have a look. He wanted, oh no, is it a pretzel bun? Oh, it is. Okay, so turns out I was wrong. SunTanBot actually did
ask for a pretzel bun. But, and now I need to
cook some more hot dogs. Alright. You know what, I am really sorry GrillBot. I am not doing my finest work today. (loud exhaling) Alright, wait for these
hot dogs to cook up and I’ll get one down to him right away. I’m just leaving those there. I’m just, I’m having a bit
of a rough time right now. Back down on the beach. Okay, I’ve got the drink. No, I forgot the mustard, no! Okay, we’re back. I need to get some mustard. Is there anything else that I’m missing? Nope. Cool. Just mustard. There we go. Don’t really mind if I get
it all over my workstation. Back down to the beach. Alright, for the last time I’ve got my hot dog. It’s a beautiful hot dog with
mustard in a pretzel bun. This cucumber drink that I
bought with my own sand dollars. Please, please. – Are you serious?
– What? – This is not at all like the hot dog I asked for.
– It’s exactly like it! – Go back and do it better next time, or I’m gonna have to
speak to your manager. – You are, oh my gosh, you threw it again! This is so rude! Okay. I am doing a terrible job. Okay, I need to sort this out. Back up to the grill. Okay. Hi GrillBot, how’s it goin’? Havin’ a bit of a rough day. So I mean, I don’t know what’s up with SunTanBot. I think that I gave him
exactly what he wanted. Wait a second. You don’t think that
he wants cucumber juice on his hot dog, do you? I think he wants cucumber
drink on his hot dog. Okay, I’m just gonna go
get that cucumber drink that I bought with my own sand dollars. Don’t worry about it. You’ll–
– I’ll promise to deliver anything the bot wanted. I’m too scared to show me screen. Listen, can you bring the bots the orders once again?
– Oh my gosh, I’m trying. I’m trying to do that right now. Okay, I gotta go. Alright. Oh my gosh, one of the hot dogs. Yes, yes, this is the perfect hot dog. It’s just missing this cucumber drink. Dare I? Okay, he’s not paying
attention to anything. I’m just gonna duck down here real quick. Just gonna take the lid off and a bit of this coolant
cucumber just on there. Wow, that’s a really weird color. That looks like toothpaste. It doesn’t look good at all. Alright, if SunTanBot
doesn’t like this hot dog I will eat my socks because I have tried absolutely everything to make this bot happy. I hope I get a good review. Okay, here you go. (bot laughing) – Yes, my favorite food!
– Great! Oh my gosh, that was way
harder than it needed to be. All right, do I have it in me to even do another order? I’ll do one more order and then I really need to relax because this is actually
a lot of work on vacation. Alright, GrillBot. That was a really really hard one. But I finally got there in the end. It looks like YogaBot is interested in–
– I told the bots I’ll hand in their orders
when they’re ready. Could you do that–
– Okay. – For me, mate?
– Yeah yeah, totally. I’m totally on it. Okay, so what does YogaBot want? YogaBot wants a plain bun. Awesome, finally an
order that I understand. Oh no, I think, I think YogaBot wants a whole grain bun, maybe it’s a pretzel bun. This looks great. I’m actually really really proud of this. So hey, YogaBot, how’s it going? I got a gluten free vegan burger for ya. – Thank you, this will really
nourish my operating system. – Wonderful. Finally, an easy one. Oh my goodness. Okay, I am exhausted. I think I wanna relax with maybe a bot that’s a little bit less demanding. So I did go hang out with
SandcastleBot a while ago in another beach video that I made and I was not very good
at making sandcastles. This bot wants me to find butterflies but I don’t know where they are. This SportsBot just
wants me to play games. I think I’m gonna head to the Dive Site. The Dive Site actually
looks like a lot of fun and I haven’t visited there yet. This spot’s kinda weird. I’m just gonna get outta here real quick. Oh, finally. Hello! – Oh, hi there! Are you also on vacation? – Yes, I–
– Great. My sibling bots and I couldn’t decide which vacation we wanted to go on. – Oh.
– So we each went with our favorite.
– Cool. – Now I have to prove to my siblings that each vacation is the greatest vacation.
– Okay. – Oh oh oh, hey. Could you help me out?
– I could try. – There are sketches of all
the best vacation moments on that stand. Take a photo that matches the image and place it right on
the top of the sketch. – Okay, cool. I mean I am also trying
to enjoy my own vacation and I’ve been working pretty
hard on the grill over there. But you seem like a nice bot, so yeah, no problem. Cool. So here’s what I’m gonna do for you. I’m gonna take a photo of you enjoying your vacation
with my beautiful camera. Okay, so ready, hold still. Okay, smile. Smile. Do you wanna smile? It’s fine, just fine. Don’t worry about it. Cool, you look great. Let’s just pop this here. Wow!
– Alright! – Right?
– Now my siblings will see how much fun I’m having! – You look like you’re having a great time.
– Oh and by the way. Human, you can replace
any photo on the stand as long as it matches the original sketch. – Oh!
– Aren’t updates great? I know, right? – Cool! Alright, so it looks like, this one looks like a picture of the grill that I was just working on. So maybe I’ll just put
my camera in my backpack. And I can then go take
a picture of the grill and see what happens when I put it in the photo memories, okay? And then I’m really
hoping that I get to go and actually do some relaxing
and go on the Dive Site. But let’s, let’s just see what happens. Head back out here. ♪ Pa pa ra pa rum ♪ Cool, look at that grill. Yeah, a couple of
partially cooked hot dogs. That’s a great memory. I wanna remember this forever. Beautiful. Okay, I’ll put my camera away, nice and safe. Now let’s take this photo
back over to the Dive Site. I said let’s take this photo
back over to the Dive Site. Cool. Alright, let’s see how this works. – [Bot] They say a picture
may be worth one kilobyte. But this one fails my quality checks. – What? Oh, is it because there needs
to be something on the grill? Okay, there’s a mystery, there were sausages on the grill. You know what, you’re
really hard to please, you know that? I’m gonna just go diving. I’ll come back to this later. But I just, I really wanna relax. Oh my gosh. Okay, VacationBot, can I just go on the Dive? Wait. Five memories? I need to make three more memories? I’ve got, only got two. Okay, I apparently need
five whole memories before I can go on the Dive Site and I am exhausted from
working at the grill. So you know what? I am just gonna go hang out on the beach. Alright, buddy, so I
definitely will come back and try out the Dive
Site in another video. But I’m just gonna hang out here on the beach for now. There’s some more videos
over here that you can watch. I’ll see you soon. Bye, ladies!

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