DIY Summer Haircut Hack | How To Balloon Hair and Confetti Balloons w/ Ava | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Hey guys welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. Today things are getting a little crazy! Hey guys, thanks so much for joining us today. I’m Ava, I’m Axel, and today we are joined by our cousin Kyle. He has his own youtube channel. Kyle’s Toys and Game. Go check out his channel after this video. Ohhhh Yeah! Our first summer craft with be confetti balloons. For this crafts we need clear balloons and confetti. First we’re going to blow up the balloon to stretch it out. Now what you want to do is put the confetti inside the balloon. Okay I think that’s enough confetti. A little bit more. Okay Now we just need to blow up our balloons so we can see the confetti inside. Whoa look at this guys! It’s like a tornado, watch! There we go! Let’s come back here guys. Wheee! Don’t let it touch the ground. I love balloons. This is the fun part, popping them, confetti goes everywhere! Three, two, one, GO! POP! [Cheering] Yeah! Confetti! Confetti! These balloons give me a great idea. Come with me guys. Alright boys I’ve been meaning to cut my hair for a while and these balloons are going to help me with my summer haircut. Do you guys want to help too? yeah! [magic bling] Whoa! Holy cow! Alright guys this is what you’re going to do. Thank you. You’re going to cut on the very very end. Okay? Okay, not all the way down here? Because to girls, hair is very very precious. I’m ready! You go first Kyle. Okay. Ha ha there goes your hair. Axel, it’s your turn. Ahhhhh! Three, two, one Go! Let’s do it again. Ready, set, go. Ready, set, go. Three, two, one, last one! Thanks for the haircut guys! You’re welcome. I’m just going to go style it up and see how it looks. Hey guys you like my new hairstyle? Yeah! That looks really good. Alright guys thanks so much for joining us today. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment below on what we should do next. And click right here to watch Kyle’s toys and games. Bye!

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