Do This Now: Drop in on Your Clients This Holiday Season

So what I used to do during the holidays
was I handed out poinsettias For a certain amount of time. My mom worked at the college. The college ordered tons and tons of poinsettias for decoration. College gets out early for break and guess what? Tyler went in and got the free poinsettias. And I used to hand out forty of them to clients. Now, as the years went on I changed it up from poinsettias to sparkling cider. Very simple. I’d go to Trader Joe’s. I’d buy two to three dollar bottles of sparkling cider and I’d hand them out. Let me give you guys a couple tips. Right now, the holiday season is the best time to drop in a client’s office, go by their house, see them, interact. It’s the best time. And I always say, never go empty-handed so what I would encourage you to do… …is I used to do 20 to 40, guys. I’m telling you to go five. This week I want you to go out and buy five bottles (or five poinsettias) of sparkling cider You’re gonna go buy and you gonna stop by five of your favorite people’s houses to see, ya know? The houses that you sold, the clients that you represented, the people who actually give you business. And you’re gonna stop by and say, hey, I just wanna say, how’s it going? Happy holidays. I left the car running so I can’t stay but I want to give you this. Just want to say the house looks great. Love the perm. Love the hair. Done. And you’re out. It’s that simple. I want you to do five. That’s your goal this week. To
do five. It’s just a little encouragement. to get out during the holidays. Good luck.

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