Do You Know What You Truly Desire? Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

Hi everybody,
this is Dr. Dain. Welcome to this installment
of the Tour of Consciousness. I am avoiding the rain,
I am truly in the jungle can you feel it? Whoo!!! You know there was something
I was going to talk to you about, at the last Tour of Consciousness
that I promised I would do on this one but guess what you’re
going to have to wait till the next one because there’s something
else that came up this morning that I really wanted you
to have in your awareness because I realized this
affects almost everybody. I was talking with a
really good friend of mine and she was talking about
how she’s kind of bored and you know feels like
things aren’t moving forward. and so she had somebody ask her
this question and the guy said to her, “So, do you know what you truly desire?” And she went,
“Oh my god, no!” And she got asked that question four
or five days ago and she was kind of stuck. Anytime somebody says something
to you and it doesn’t make you lighter or you keep thinking about it,
there’s some lie involved. You want to ask,
“What is the lie spoken or unspoken?” Okay, now that’s one great
piece of information on its own. Any time your attention
keeps going back to something, there’s some lie, you ask,
“What’s the lie spoken or unspoken?” and eventually you’ll get to
the awareness of what it was and then you’ll stop thinking about it. So, that’s first. So, she was asked,
“Do you know what you truly desire?” And she went,
“Oh my god, no!” And so I said, “Truth, do you
know what you truly desire?” And she went, “No”. Because that was the
answer she gave him before, she wasn’t really present
with the question. I went, “Wait a minute, I’m going to ask
you again. I want you to be really present.” “Truth, do you know
what you truly desire?” She went,
“Oh my god, yes!” Well, two things happen in that moment. Number one, she got really light. Number two, all the weird confusion that had
been going around for the last several days sort of started dissipating and I said, “So, why is it you think
you don’t know what you desire?” And she said, “Well, I can’t see
it and you know he suggested that I write down a list of the things
I desire but I can’t even create a list.” Guess what, here’s what I actually
wanted to tell you during the video, I didn’t realize I’d get so many
other wonderful things in beforehand. And that is that most of what
you actually desire is energetic and if you desire something beyond the
reality you currently know, guess what, that’s definitely energetic
and you can’t define it. The only thing you can do is
get the sense of the energy of it which is why when I talk
to people about creation the first place I start is get the
energy of what you would like, get the energy of the different reality you
know is possible that nobody else does. So, right now what about you? Will you get the energy of the
different reality you know is possible, that nobody else does, and the different reality you would
like to create and have actualize. Just get the energy and usually it’s
instantaneous, split-second, you’re like, “Oh!” Now, all you got to do is ask for it. But here’s the thing, what we
think is we need to do is go, “Oh no, what I would like
is 27.2% increase in income, I would like this house, I would
like to do this with this person…” And we try to define it all. Where it starts is with the energy and
if every day you’ll wake up and go, “Okay, I’m asking for this energy!” Get the energy and what will
happen is every day the energy will shift and open up and
get even bigger and change. But if you’ll ask, acknowledge
I’m asking for this as my life what happens is your
energetic capacity to create is what’s created all the
physical stuff that’s in your life, the people, the money, the cars,
the things, the job, all that sort of stuff. Your capacities, all that,
all that was originally created from your energetic capacities. So, we’re accessing
these energetic capacities and I’m sorry if the phone is getting
foggy it’s just because I got so much space that it can’t even focus on me. Actually that’ll be awesome, I think what’s happening
is the camera’s warming up and then the lens is fogging up
but I like my other explanation first. So, deal is you want to get the energy
of the different reality you’d like to create, realize you can’t define it,
you may not even be able to write it down. The only thing you will be able to write
down are things that point to the energy of it or maybe specific things you’d
like to have but even with that, see if those are lighter
when you write them down. So, here we go one more time, “What different reality would you desire that all you can do
is perceive the energy of and what if perceiving
the energy is not wrong. What if the fact you
can’t see it is not wrong because you can’t see it,
because it doesn’t exist yet. It hasn’t shown up yet,
how could you see it? And what if the fact that
you just have the energy is actually an even
greater way of creating? So, go with the
energy my beautiful friends and then go, “I will have that!” And, “Dear universe,
dear consciousness, I’m asking.” So, you acknowledged to you
and the world you’re asking and then ask for all to help you can, “Dear consciousness, please help.
Dear universe, please help, I will change anything, I will be anything,
I will do anything, I’ll create anything, I’ll do whatever the fuck it
takes to actually have this.” So, I hope this has
been a helpful contribution, I hope you get out of making
yourself wrong for all those times where you couldn’t define it. And I’m going to get out of the
rain and let Katarina rest her arms because she’s the one holding
the camera, poor Katarina. Thanks Katarina.
You’re awesome Katarina. What if you truly being you
are the gift, the change and the possibility this world requires? I very much look forward to
meeting you in person someday. Bye-bye! Tour of Consciousness
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