Does PSATS Have Talent? – 2019 PSATS Holiday Message (2:10)

Is this where the auditions are? Yep. PSATS Christmas auditions take one. You mean now? Yeah right now. Four score and seven years ago. Dave.. uhh the memo said
Christmas not President’s Day. I want a Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range
model air rifle oooh. Son of a nutcracker! Four score and seven years ago and 35 pounds. Oh my gosh. And take 27. Did I make it? How am I doing? We elves try to the four major food groups candy
candy canes candy corns and syrup CUUUUUT! Son of a nutcracker! What part of Christmas don’t you understand?
You know I didn’t get any of this grief in Gettysburg. Sooooon of a nuuuuutcraaaaaacker CUUUUUUUT!!! how’s this? Did I make it? Craft services around here somewhere? OH (beep) It’s fudge, moron. Idiot. Now? Yeah. Merry Christmas everyone
four score and seven years ago. Oh my g… Get off the set. right now. Next? Yes lucky for you
we’re talented where it counts in serving townships thanks to all of you
for your hard work and continued support of PSATS. Our members, you’re the best
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone.

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